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Gene symbolGene name
21ur-515321U-RNA 5153
aaim-1Antibacterial and Aids Invasion by Microsporidia 1
aakb-1AMP-Activated Kinase Beta subunit 1
aap-1phosphoinositide kinase AdAPter subunit 1
aars-1Alanyl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase 1
aass-1AminoAdipate-Semialdehyde Synthase homolog 1
aat-1Amino Acid Transporter 1
aatf-1AATF homolog 1
abc-1Anaphase Bridging of Chromatin 1
abf-1AntiBacterial Factor related 1
abhd-11.1ABHydrolase Domain containing homolog 11.1
abi-1ABl Interactor homolog 1
abl-1related to oncogene ABL 1
abt-1ABC Transporter family 1
abts-1Anion/Bicarbonate TranSporter family 1
abu-1Activated in Blocked Unfolded protein response 1
AC3.5Aminopeptidase-like protein AC3.5
AC7.3Poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate) polymerase subunit PhaE
AC8.3MULE transposase domain-containing protein
acaa-2ACetyl-CoA Acyltransferase 2 homolog 2
acc-2Acetylcholine-gated Chloride Channel 2
acd-3ACid-sensitive Degenerin 3
acdh-13Acyl CoA DeHydrogenase 13
acds-10ACaD (ACAD, acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase) Sequence homolog 10
ace-1abnormal AcetylCholinEsterase 1
acer-1ACEtyl-CoA Regulator 1
acin-1ACINus (mammalian Apoptotic Chromatin condensation Inducer in the Nucleus) homolog 1
acl-3ACyLtransferase-like 3
acn-1ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme)-like Non-peptidase 1
aco-1ACOnitase 1
acox-1.5Acyl-Coenzyme A OXidase 1.5
acp-3ACid Phosphatase family 3
acr-2AcetylCholine Receptor 2
acsd-1AminoCarboxymuconate Semialdehyde Decarboxylase 1
act-1ACTin 1
actl-1ACT1-Like 1
acy-1Adenylyl CYclase 1
ada-2ADA (histone acetyltransferase complex) subunit 2
adbp-1ADR-2 Binding Protein 1
add-1ADDucin 1
adh-1alcohol dehydrogenase homolog 1
adk-1ADenosine Kinase homolog 1
adm-2ADAM (disintegrin plus metalloprotease) family 2
ador-1ADenOsine Receptor homolog 1
adp-1sensory ADaPtation abnormal 1
adpr-1ADiPose (Drosophila obesity gene) Related 1
adr-1Adenosine Deaminase acting on RNA 1
ads-1Alkyl-Dihydroxyacetonephosphate Synthase 1
adsl-1ADenyloSuccinate Lyase homologue 1
adt-1ADAMTS family 1
aex-1ABoc, EXpulsion (defecation) defective 1
aexr-1AEX-2 related neuropeptide Receptor 1
afd-1AFaDin (actin filament binding protein) homolog 1
aff-1Anchor cell Fusion Failure 1
affl-1AFF-Like homolog 1
afmd-2ArylForMamiDase 2
age-1AGEing alteration 1
agef-1Arf-1 Guanine nucleotide Exchange Factor homolog 1
agl-1AGL (Amylo-1,6-GLucosidase, 4-alpha-glucanotransferase) glycogen debranching enzyme 1
agmo-1AlkylGlycerol MonoOxygenase 1
agr-1AGRin (synaptic protein) homolog 1
ags-3Activator of G protein Signalling 3
agt-1AlkylGuanine DNA alkylTransferase 1
agxt-1Alanine-GlyoXylate aminoTransferase 1
AH10.2Transmembrane domain-containing protein
AH10.4Ovule protein
AH6.17PP_kinase_C domain-containing protein
aha-1Aryl Hydrocarbon receptor Associated protein 1
ahcy-1S-AdenosylhomoCysteine HYdrolase homolog 1
ain-2ALG-1 INteracting protein 2
aip-1Arsenite Inducible Protein 1
aipl-1AIP1 (Actin Interacting Protein 1) Like 1
air-1Aurora/Ipl1 Related kinase 1
ajm-1Apical Junction Molecule 1
aka-1A Kinase Anchor protein 1
akap-1A-Kinase Anchor Protein, mitochondrial homolog 1
akir-1AKIRin (conserved nuclear protein family) homolog 1
akt-1AKT kinase family 1
aldo-1ALDOlase (fructose bisphosphate aldolase) 1
ale-1Abnormal Lin-26 Expression 1
alfa-1ALS/FTD Associated gene homolog 1
alg-1Argonaute (plant)-Like Gene 1
algn-10Asparagine Linked Glycosylation (ALG) homolog, Nematode 10
alh-1ALdehyde deHydrogenase 1
ali-1lateral ALae Inconspicuous 1
alkb-8ALKylated DNA repair protein AlkB homolog 8
allo-1ALLOphagy-defective 1
alp-1ALP/Enigma encoding 1
alr-1AristaLess (Drosophila homeodomain) Related 1
alx-1ALIX (Apoptosis-linked gene 2 interacting protein X) homolog 1
aly-1Ref/ALY RNA export adaptor family 1
ama-1AMAnitin resistant 1
aman-2Alpha MANnosidase 2
amdh-1AMiDoHydrolase domain containing 1
amph-1AMPHiphysin homolog 1
amt-1AMmonium Transporter homolog 1
amx-1AMine oXidase family 1
anat-1AANAT (Arylalkylamine N-AcetylTransferase) homolog 1
angl-1ANGeL-like deadenylase 1
ani-3ANIllin (actin binding protein) 3
anmt-3Amine N-MethylTransferase 3
anoh-1ANOctamin (calcium-activated chloride channel) Homolog 1
anp-1AlaNyl aminoPeptidase homolog 1
anr-14Antisense Non-coding RNA 14
ant-1.1Adenine Nucleotide Translocator 1.1
apb-1Adaptor related Protein complex 1 subunit Beta 1 related 1
ape-1APoptosis Enhancer 1
aph-1Anterior PHarynx defective 1
apl-1Amyloid Precursor-Like 1
apm-1AdaPtin, Mu/medium chain (clathrin associated complex) 1
apn-1APurinic/apyrimidinic endoNuclease 1
app-1AminoPeptidase P 1
appg-2Abu/Pqn Paralog Group 2
apr-1APC Related 1
apt-9AdaPTin or adaptin-related protein 9
aptf-4AP-2 Transcription Factor family 4
apy-1APYrase 1
aqp-1AQuaPorin or aquaglyceroporin related 1
arc-1ARF-related in C-term (ARD family) 1
arch-1ARCHease related 1
arcp-1Ankyrin Repeat Containing Protein 1
ard-1Alcohol/Ribitol Dehydrogenase family 1
arf-1ADP-Ribosylation Factor homolog 1
arg-1Apex-Related Genes 1
argk-1ARGinine Kinase 1
argn-1ARGiNase Homolog 1
ari-1.4ARI (ubiquitin ligase Ariadne) homolog 1.4
arl-1ARF-Like 1
arle-14Adp (ADP) Ribosylation factor Like gtpase (GTPase) 14 Effector protein homolog 14
arp-6Actin-Related Proteins 6
arr-1ARRestin family 1
art-1steroid Alpha ReducTase family 1
arv-1ARV1 homolog 1
arx-1ARp2/3 compleX component 1
asah-2AcylSphingosine AmidoHydrolase 2
asb-1ATP Synthase B homolog 1
ascc-1activating signal cointegrator 1 complex subunit 1 homolog 1
asd-2Alternative Splicing Defective 2
asfl-1ASF-Like 1
ash-2ASH histone methyltransferase complex subunit (Drosophila absent, small or homeotic discs) 2
asic-2Acid-sensing/Amiloride-Sensitive Ion Channel family 2
asm-1Acid SphingoMyelinase 1
asna-1ArSeNite-translocating ATPase family 1
asns-1ASparagiNe Synthetase 1
asp-1ASpartyl Protease 1
asps-1ASPScr1 (ASPSCR1) homolog 1
ast-1Axon STeering defect 1
atad-3ATAD (ATPase with AAA Domain) homolog 3
ate-1ArginylTransferasE 1 homolog 1
atf-2ATF (cAMP-dependent transcription factor) family 2
atg-10AuTophaGy (yeast Atg homolog) 10
atgl-1Adipose TriGlyceride Lipase 1
athp-1AT Hook plus PHD finger transcription factor 1
atic-15-Aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide ribonucleotide formylTransferase/IMP Cyclohydrolase homolog 1
atl-1ATM (ataxia telangectasia mutated)-Like 1
atln-2ATLastiN (endoplasmic reticulum GTPase) related 2
atn-1AcTiniN 1
atrn-1ATtRactiN like homolog 1
atx-2human ATX (ataxin) related 2
ave-1AVEugle (Drosophila eye differentiation) homolog 1
avr-14altered AVeRmectin sensitivity 14
axl-1AXin-Like 1
B0001.3DUF4210 domain-containing protein
B0001.4Probable uridine-cytidine kinase
B0001.5MABP domain-containing protein
B0001.7Movement protein
B0019.2SPK domain-containing protein
B0024.11Putative pseudouridine synthase B0024.11
B0024.13Polyprenol reductase
B0024.3CX domain-containing protein
B0024.4CUB_2 domain-containing protein
B0025.5DUF4044 domain-containing protein
B0034.7PBCV-specific basic adaptor domain-containing protein
B0035.13Fungal lipase-like domain-containing protein
B0035.3Macro domain-containing protein
B0041.5EamA domain-containing protein
B0041.8Plus3 domain-containing protein
B0205.12YtxH domain-containing protein
B0205.8TFG domain-containing protein
B0207.5SUEL-type lectin domain-containing protein
B0207.6GPN-loop GTPase 2
B0228.7S-methyl-5'-thioadenosine phosphorylase
B0238.15Cbb3-type cytochrome oxidase assembly protein CcoS
B0250.7DUF4258 domain-containing protein
B0250.8SEP domain-containing protein
B0252.11ResB domain-containing protein
B0261.6DUF4015 domain-containing protein
B0261.7Zf-tcix domain-containing protein
B0261.9DUF4377 domain-containing protein
B0273.1PapD_N domain-containing protein
B0284.3RRM domain-containing protein
B0285.6Uncharacterized transporter B0285.6
B0334.4PRELI/MSF1 domain-containing protein
B0334.5Phytoene synthase
B0353.1ASD2 domain-containing protein
B0379.2RanBD1 domain-containing protein
B0391.14VOC domain-containing protein
B0393.4Maelstrom domain-containing protein
B0393.7EGF-like domain-containing protein
B0395.3Choline/carnitine acyltransferase domain-containing protein
B0403.6DUF5658 domain-containing protein
B0410.1Nodule Cysteine-Rich (NCR) secreted peptide
B0432.10Lant_dehydr_C domain-containing protein
B0454.6Cationic amino acid transporter C-terminal domain-containing protein
B0457.2Glycine-rich protein
B0457.4CxC3 domain-containing protein
B0457.6Expressed conserved protein
B0462.4CDT1-like protein a, chloroplastic
B0507.2BRO1 domain-containing protein BROX homolog
B0507.4DUF4455 domain-containing protein
B0511.11DEK_C domain-containing protein
B0511.12Pecanex-like protein
B0511.17DUF4283 domain-containing protein
B0511.7FHA domain-containing protein
B0564.2Fe2OG dioxygenase domain-containing protein
bac-1Big Anchor Cell 1
baf-1Barrier to Autointegration Factor 1
bag-1BAG1 (human) homolog 1
bah-1Biofilm Absent on Head (after Yersinia exposure) 1
bam-2Branching AbnorMal 2
bar-1Beta-catenin/Armadillo Related 1
bas-1Biogenic Amine Synthesis related 1
basl-1BAS-Like 1
baz-2Bromodomain Adjacent to Zinc finger domain, 2A/2B, homolog 2
bbln-1Bulges Budding from the intestinal LumeN 1
bbs-1BBS (Bardet-Biedl Syndrome) protein 1
bca-1Beta Carbonic Anhydrase 1
bcas-2BCAS splicing factor homolog 2
bcat-1Branched Chain AminoTransferase 1
bcc-1BiCaudal C (Drosophila) homolog 1
bcf-1bacterial colonization factor 1
bcmo-1Beta-Carotene 15,15'-MonoOxygenase 1
bcs-1BCS1 (mitochondrial chaperone) homolog 1
BE0003N10.1polyribonucleotide nucleotidyltransferase
BE10.1RING-type domain-containing protein
BE10.3FTH domain-containing protein
BE10.4DUF148 domain-containing protein
BE10.5Autism susceptibility gene 2 protein-like
bec-1BEClin (human autophagy) homolog 1
bed-3BED-type zinc finger putative transcription factor 3
ben-1BENzimidazole resistant 1
best-1BESTrophin (chloride channel) homolog 1
bet-2BET (two bromodomains) family protein 2
bgnt-1.8B3GNT1, Beta-1,3-N-acetylGucosamiNylTransferase 1, homolog 1.8
bicd-1BICaudal D (Drosophila) homolog 1
bigr-1BIGuanide Resistant 1
bir-1BIR (baculovirus inhibitory repeat) family 1
bkip-1BK channel Interacting Protein 1
bli-1BLIstered cuticle 1
blmp-1Blimp1 (B Lymphocyte-induced Maturation Protein-1) homolog 1
blos-9BLOC (Biogenesis of Lysosome-related Organelles Complex) and Related complexes subunit homolog 9
bmk-1BiMC related Kinase 1
bmy-1Boca/MESD chaperone for YWTD beta-propeller-EGF 1
bnc-1BasoNuClin-1 zinc finger protein homolog 1
bpl-1Biotin Protein Ligase 1
bpnt-13'(2'), 5'-BisPhosphate NucleoTidase 1 homolog 1
bpr-1BisPhenol-A Resistant 1
bra-1BMP Receptor Associated protein family 1
brap-2BRCA1 Associated Protein homolog 2
brc-1BRCa homolog (tumor suppressor gene Brca1) 1
brd-1BaRD homolog (tumor suppressor gene Bard1) 1
bre-1BT (Bacillus thuringiensis) toxin REsistant 1
brf-1BRF (transcription factor) homolog 1
bris-1BRag/Iqsec/Schizo related Arf GEF family member 1
bro-1BROther (Drosophila tx factor partner) homolog 1
brp-1Bypass of Response to Pheromone in yeast 1
btb-1BTB (Broad/complex/Tramtrack/Bric a brac) domain protein 1
btbd-10BTB/POZ Domain-containing protein homolog 10
btf-1BTAF (TBP-associated factor) homolog 1
bub-1yeast BUB homolog 1
bud-31BUD morphology abnormal gene homolog 31
bus-12Bacterially Un-Swollen (M. nematophilum resistant) 12
byn-1mammalian BYstiN (adhesion protein) related 1
C01A2.4Charged multivesicular body protein 2b
C01A2.6WWE domain-containing protein
C01B10.11Acetyltransf_18 domain-containing protein
C01B10.3Endonuclease/exonuclease/phosphatase family protein
C01B4.6Aldose 1-epimerase
C01B9.1DUF38 domain-containing protein
C01C10.2MYM-type domain-containing protein
C01G10.1BRCT domain-containing protein
C01G10.4FIP (Fungus-Induced Protein) Related
C01G10.7HpcH/HpaI aldolase/citrate lyase domain-containing protein
C01G10.9Methylthioribose-1-phosphate isomerase
C01G12.7G_PROTEIN_RECEP_F1_2 domain-containing protein
C01G6.9Golgi apparatus protein 1
C01H6.8Sensitive to high expression protein 9, mitochondrial
C02B4.3Phage_int_SAM_5 domain-containing protein
C02B8.12Cpw-wpc domain-containing protein
C03A3.3Metallo-beta-lactamase domain-containing protein
C03B1.14CHANNEL_COLICIN domain-containing protein
C03H12.1Thioredoxin domain-containing protein
C03H5.3SRF-dependent transcription regulation-associated protein
C04A11.5Oligoendopeptidase F
C04B4.1DUF4708 domain-containing protein
C04B4.2EF-hand domain-containing protein
C04B4.4Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 1
C04B4.6Ubiquitin-like domain-containing protein
C04E6.7HAD family phosphatase
C04F12.12Retrovirus-related Pol polyprotein from transposon TNT 1-94
C04F12.5Activin_recp domain-containing protein
C04F12.7Membrane-associated protein
C04H5.1Multifunctional methyltransferase subunit TRM112-like protein
C05C8.7mannose-6-phosphate isomerase
C05C9.1BPI2 domain-containing protein
C05C9.3ULP_PROTEASE domain-containing protein
C05D11.13Vicilin-like seed storage protein At2g18540
C05D11.8FHIP family protein C05D11.8
C05D12.4Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 172
C05D2.8DUF3598 domain-containing protein
C05D9.9WG repeat-containing protein
C05G5.1MFS domain-containing protein
C05G5.2WASH complex subunit FAM21
C05G5.3Matrix-remodeling-associated protein 7
C05G5.5Metalloprotease TIKI homolog
C06A12.3GSKIP domain-containing protein
C06A12.8RxLR effector protein
C06A5.12LEM-like domain-containing protein
C06A8.8PITH domain-containing protein
C06B3.6DUF3444 domain-containing protein
C06B8.2Alpha-1,6-mannosyl-glycoprotein 6-beta-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase
C06B8.7SRCR domain-containing protein
C06C3.12FBD domain-containing protein
C06C3.3Doublecortin domain-containing protein
C06C3.4Secreted protein
C06C3.7Upf2 domain-containing protein
C06C6.7Domain of unknown function WSN domain-containing protein
C06E2.1GYF domain-containing protein
C06E8.5Lipid-binding serum glycoprotein C-terminal domain-containing protein
C06H2.2START domain-containing protein
C06H5.8Cucumopine_C domain-containing protein
C07A12.7TOM1-like protein 2
C07B5.2PRESAN domain-containing protein
C07B5.4PH domain-containing protein
C07B5.6FLYWCH-type domain-containing protein
C07D10.5PAP-associated domain-containing protein
C07E3.4Tyrosine-protein phosphatase domain-containing protein
C07E3.8DUF223 domain-containing protein
C07E3.9Phospholipase A2
C07H4.1MARVEL domain-containing protein
C08A9.3SID1 transmembrane family member 1
C08B6.10Proline-rich proteoglycan 2-like
C08B6.2DUF19 domain-containing protein
C08B6.3Glycosyltransferase family 92 protein
C08B6.5PBPe domain-containing protein
C08D8.7DUF3951 domain-containing protein
C08E8.1LITAF domain-containing protein
C08E8.2Strictosidine synthase conserved region domain-containing protein
C08E8.4NADAR domain-containing protein
C08F11.1DUF4919 domain-containing protein
C08F11.10BAR domain-containing protein
C08F11.12UPF0375 protein C08F11.12
C08F11.13Dolichol kinase
C08F1.6DUF1624 domain-containing protein
C08F8.2ATP-dependent RNA helicase SUV3 homolog, mitochondrial
C08G5.67TM_GPCR_Srx domain-containing protein
C09B8.8DUF1430 domain-containing protein
C09D4.2DUF4773 domain-containing protein
C09D4.4DUF676 domain-containing protein
C09F12.3G-protein coupled receptors family 1 profile domain-containing protein
C09G1.2KRAP_IP3R_bind domain-containing protein
C09G9.1Rhomboid domain-containing protein
C09G9.3C6 domain-containing protein
C09H10.9YqaJ domain-containing protein
C10A4.3DUF975 family protein
C10C5.3N-acyl-aliphatic-L-amino acid amidohydrolase
C10C6.3PH-15 domain-containing protein
C10F3.7DUF4789 domain-containing protein
C10G8.8HABP4_PAI-RBP1 domain-containing protein
C11D2.3BLOC-1-related complex subunit 5
C11D2.4Queuosine salvage protein
C11D2.7PUA domain-containing protein
C11E4.6ANK_REP_REGION domain-containing protein
C11E4.7PID domain-containing protein
C11G10.1BRICHOS domain-containing protein
C11H1.7DUF3456 domain-containing protein
C12D12.1IgGFc_binding domain-containing protein
C12D12.3BI1-like protein
C12D8.9DUF3501 family protein
C13A10.1WSC domain-containing protein
C13B4.1DOMON domain-containing protein
C13C4.4Phospholysine phosphohistidine inorganic pyrophosphate phosphatase
C13C4.7PLAT domain-containing protein
C13C4.8EpsG family protein
C13F10.150S ribosomal protein L6
C13F10.5SAYSvFN domain-containing protein
C14A11.5Death domain-containing protein
C14A11.9DASH complex subunit DAM1
C14A4.12Phosphatidylinositol-glycan biosynthesis class W protein
C14A6.12Septation ring formation regulator EzrA
C14A6.13STP1 protein
C14A6.5FH2 domain-containing protein
C14A6.6Pre-mRNA-splicing regulator WTAP
C14A6.7DUF5107 domain-containing protein
C14B1.12Spliceosome-associated protein CWC15 homolog
C14B1.8FGFR1 oncogene partner 2 homolog
C14B4.2Fmp27_GFWDK domain-containing protein
C14C10.1Phosphate carrier protein, mitochondrial
C14C10.2ERAP1_C domain-containing protein
C14E2.1Fibrous sheath-interacting protein 1
C14E2.3Vegetative cell wall protein gp1-like
C14F11.4AIP3 domain-containing protein
C14H10.2JAKMIP_CC3 domain-containing protein
C14H10.3Pyridoxal-dependent decarboxylase domain-containing protein 1
C15B12.4Autotransporter domain-containing protein
C15B12.8sarcosine oxidasee (formaldehyde-forming)
C15C6.3YTH domain-containing protein
C15C8.4Alpha-2-macroglobulin RAP C-terminal domain-containing protein
C15H9.37TM GPCR serpentine receptor class x (Srx) domain-containing protein
C16A11.5PX domain-containing protein
C16A3.2Dual specificity protein phosphatase
C16B8.3Annexin A7
C16C10.13Rab3 GTPase-activating protein catalytic subunit
C16C2.4BSD domain-containing protein
C16C8.12SKA2 domain-containing protein
C16C8.7Dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase subunit 2
C16C8.9DUF3828 domain-containing protein
C16D2.1Skp1-related protein
C16E9.2DUF2045 domain containing protein
C16H3.3INCENP_ARK-bind domain-containing protein
C17B7.10Peptidase_M13_N domain-containing protein
C17D12.3PAW domain-containing protein
C17D12.5UBC core domain-containing protein
C17E4.1THUMP domain-containing protein
C17E4.10PRKC apoptosis WT1 regulator protein
C17E4.2Cilia- and flagella-associated protein 157
C17F4.11DUF488 family protein
C17F4.3Aromatic peroxygenase
C17F4.7MD-2-related lipid-recognition domain-containing protein
C17G10.1uS12 prolyl 3-hydroxylase
C17H11.2CNDH2_C domain-containing protein
C17H11.6RBR-type E3 ubiquitin transferase
C17H1.2Chemotaxis protein
C17H12.10Ion_trans_2 domain-containing protein
C17H12.11UPF0506 domain-containing protein
C18A11.3DUF4309 domain-containing protein
C18A3.7Der GTPase-activating protein YihI
C18B2.4GRAM domain-containing protein
C18D11.3Fcf2 domain-containing protein
C18D11.6Glycine rich superfamily member
C18E9.2Translocation protein SEC62
C18E9.7Fibronectin type-III domain-containing protein
C23G10.2RutC family protein C23G10.2
C23H3.2DUF3810 domain-containing protein
C23H3.5Nucleolus and neural progenitor protein-like N-terminal domain-containing protein
C23H4.6Rad50/SbcC-type AAA domain-containing protein
C23H5.8Reelin domain-containing protein
C24A3.2Neuropeptide-like peptide 36
C24A3.4Alpha-methylacyl-CoA racemase
C24B5.4DUF1907 domain-containing protein
C24H11.1Serine/threonine-protein phosphatase
C24H11.5Gem-associated protein 7
C25A1.1FAM192A/Fyv6 N-terminal domain-containing protein
C25D7.10TPT domain-containing protein
C25D7.9Transcriptional regulator
C25F6.1Condensin-2 complex subunit H2
C25F9.2DNA-directed DNA polymerase
C25F9.4SNF2 N-terminal domain-containing protein
C25F9.6Rubis-subs-bind domain-containing protein
C25F9.8CW domain-containing protein
C25F9.9AAA_lid_7 domain-containing protein
C25G4.2Esterase C25G4.2
C25G4.3Ribosome-binding factor A
C25H3.11Ricin B-type lectin domain-containing protein
C25H3.17PET117 cytochrome c oxidase chaperone
C25H3.3Thioesterase domain-containing protein
C25H3.7GST_C_6 domain-containing protein
C26C6.4Nucleotide-diphospho-sugar transferase domain-containing protein
C26C6.9GOLD domain-containing protein
C26D10.3Pyridine nucleotide-disulfide oxidoreductase domain-containing protein 1
C26D10.4GHMP kinase N-terminal domain-containing protein
C26E1.1YkgJ family cysteine cluster protein
C26E1.2Homeobox domain-containing protein
C26E6.12OBG-type G domain-containing protein
C26G2.2Hyphal_reg_CWP domain-containing protein
C27A7.3Ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase C27A7.3
C27A7.8Thrombospondin type 1 domain protein
C27A7.9ShKT domain-containing protein
C27B7.2Phospholipid scramblase
C27B7.5CCHC-type domain-containing protein
C27B7.7Ig-like and fibronectin type-III domain-containing protein C27B7.7
C27C12.1E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase LIN-1
C27C12.4UNC93-like protein MFSD11
C27C7.1SRP40_C domain-containing protein
C27D8.2BACK domain-containing protein
C27D8.4NAD-dependent epimerase/dehydratase domain-containing protein
C27F2.10PCI domain-containing protein 2 homolog
C27H6.8MYG1 protein C27H6.8
C28A5.2REJ domain-containing protein
C28D4.4DUF1248 domain-containing protein
C29A12.6VWFA domain-containing protein
C29E4.11DUF1752 domain-containing protein
C29E4.15DUF2189 domain-containing protein
C29E4.17Spiroplasma plectrovirus-related protein
C29F3.3DUF2807 domain-containing protein
C29F3.7CUB-like domain-containing protein
C29F7.1CHK kinase-like domain-containing protein
C29F7.3UMP-CMP kinase 1
C29G2.3DUF5683 domain-containing protein
C30F12.5AbLIM_anchor domain-containing protein
C30G4.4TSC22 domain family protein 1-like
C30H6.5Apple domain-containing protein
C30H6.9Altered inheritance of mitochondria protein 36, mitochondrial
C31A11.13Orphan protein
C31C9.6WH1 domain-containing protein
C31G12.1PRA1 family protein
C31G12.4CW-type domain-containing protein
C31H5.1AB hydrolase-1 domain-containing protein
C31H5.6BAAT/acyl-CoA thioester hydrolase protein
C31H5.7DUF4440 domain-containing protein
C32B5.6Resolvase/invertase-type recombinase catalytic domain-containing protein
C32C4.3Recep_L_domain domain-containing protein
C32D5.123-beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/isomerase domain-containing protein
C32D5.14DUF2934 domain-containing protein
C32F10.8alanine transaminase
C32H11.11SXP/RAL-2 family protein Ani s 5-like cation-binding domain-containing protein
C33A11.2Aa_trans domain-containing protein
C33A12.3UPF0462 protein C4orf33 homolog
C33B4.2HEME_HALOPEROXIDASE domain-containing protein
C33C12.12SAG-related sequence SRS10
C33C12.7AMP-binding_C domain-containing protein
C33D3.3GATA-type domain-containing protein
C33F10.14Semialdehyde dehydrogenase NAD-binding domain-containing protein
C33F10.4Alpha_adaptinC2 domain-containing protein
C33G3.5Dentin sialophosphoprotein-like
C34B4.2Fork-head domain-containing protein
C34B4.4UPAR/Ly6 domain-containing protein
C34C12.1Autophagy-related protein 14
C34C12.6CRAL-TRIO domain-containing protein C34C12.6
C34C12.8GrpE protein homolog, mitochondrial
C34D10.5Truncated env protein
C34D1.4Alpha/beta hydrolase
C34D4.10CHASE2 domain-containing protein
C34E10.10rRNA-processing protein UTP23 homolog
C34E11.2MH2 domain-containing protein
C34E11.4DUF4864 domain-containing protein
C34F6.1BPTI/Kunitz inhibitor domain-containing protein
C34F6.5NR LBD domain-containing protein
C34F6.9USP domain-containing protein
C35B1.2SWIM-type domain-containing protein
C35B8.3T-cell activation inhibitor, mitochondrial
C35C5.8Saposin B-type domain-containing protein
C35C5.9Group-specific protein
C35D10.10Thioredoxin-related transmembrane protein 2 homolog
C35D10.17COX assembly mitochondrial protein 2 homolog
C35D10.5Ubiquinol-cytochrome c chaperone domain-containing protein
C35D6.3PAZ domain-containing protein
C35D6.4C3H1-type domain-containing protein
C35E7.6CABIT domain-containing protein
C36B1.6Candidate tumor suppressor protein
C36B7.1dual-specificity kinase
C36C5.12UPF0376 protein C36C5.12
C36C9.5JmjC domain-containing protein
C36E6.2Next to BRCA1 central domain-containing protein
C37A2.6Electron transfer flavoprotein beta subunit lysine methyltransferase homolog
C37A5.7SAM-dependent MTase TRM10-type domain-containing protein
C37C3.10SLBB domain-containing protein
C37C3.11DUF2975 domain-containing protein
C37C3.12Pituitary tumor-transforming gene 1 protein-interacting protein
C38C3.337S ribosomal protein S25, mitochondrial
C38C5.1SAP30_Sin3_bdg domain-containing protein
C38D4.10WRKY transcription factor 14
C38H2.2Glycoprotein-N-acetylgalactosamine 3-beta-galactosyltransferase 1
C39B10.3RAB6-interacting golgin
C39B10.5Biogenesis of lysosome-related organelles complex 1 subunit BLS1
C39B5.10GRANULINS domain-containing protein
C39D10.5'chromo' domain containing protein
C39E6.2DUF5319 domain-containing protein
C39E9.12SAP domain-containing protein
C41D11.3Cysteine/serine-rich nuclear protein N-terminal domain-containing protein
C41H7.2AT-rich interactive domain-containing protein 2
C42C1.12PAP2_C domain-containing protein
C42C1.13Protein-lysine methyltransferase C42C1.13
C42D8.9CUPID domain-containing protein
C43C3.4Penicillin-binding protein
C43D7.4GATA zinc finger domain-containing protein 14-like
C44B11.1Fas apoptotic inhibitory molecule 1
C44B12.38 kDa glycoprotein
C44B12.6Clip domain-containing protein
C44B9.2Lgl_C domain-containing protein
C44B9.3CUB domain-containing protein
C44C10.11Rhoptry protein
C44C10.5DUF4456 domain-containing protein
C44E4.5NudC domain-containing protein 1
C44H4.4Chorein N-terminal domain-containing protein
C44H9.4DNA2/NAM7 helicase-like C-terminal domain-containing protein
C45B2.6phospholipase A2
C45H4.14F_actin_bund_C domain-containing protein
C46C11.3Integral membrane protein
C47A10.16Conjugal transfer protein TraR
C47A4.1Mariner Mos1 transposase
C47A4.5RNA-binding protein
C47B2.2Uracil phosphoribosyltransferase homolog
C47E12.13DUF1874 domain-containing protein
C47E12.2ADP/ATP translocase
C48D1.9VHS domain-containing protein
C48D5.3TIL domain-containing protein
C49A9.1Telo_bind domain-containing protein
C49A9.10Oxidoreductase-like domain-containing protein
C49A9.4Cadherin domain-containing protein
C49C3.15DUF4515 domain-containing protein
C49F5.5histone acetyltransferase
C49F5.8MSP domain-containing protein
C49F8.1Miff domain-containing protein
C49H3.3UPF0642 protein YBL028C
C49H3.6Cortactin-binding protein-2 N-terminal domain-containing protein
C50B6.1DUF4817 domain-containing protein
C50B6.3DUF3452 domain-containing protein
C50B6.9Serine aminopeptidase S33 domain-containing protein
C50B8.4t-SNARE coiled-coil homology domain-containing protein
C50C3.19FBA_3 domain-containing protein
C50E10.1Dof-type domain-containing protein
C50E3.13Similar to
C50E3.5SpoU_methylase domain-containing protein
C50F2.7Sialomucin core protein 24
C50F4.12Transcription termination factor 3, mitochondrial
C50F4.16Nudix hydrolase domain-containing protein
C50F4.4COMM domain-containing protein
C50F4.6Cold-shock protein
C50F4.8CPG4 domain-containing protein
C50F4.9Cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript protein
C50F7.5Basic proline-rich protein
C50F7.6PEHE domain-containing protein
C50F7.9Poly-N-acetyllactosamine extension enzyme
C50H2.5HEPN domain-containing protein
C51E3.10DUF3149 domain-containing protein
C51E3.6Solute carrier family 23 member 2
C51E3.9Methyltransf_11 domain-containing protein
C52B11.5NF-kappa-B inhibitor-interacting Ras-like protein 1
C52D10.3DUF4140 domain-containing protein
C52G5.2THAP4-like heme-binding beta-barrel domain-containing protein
C53A5.11Kelch-like protein 10
C53A5.2Venom protein
C53A5.9Kelch repeat protein
C53B4.2DUF4776 domain-containing protein
C53D5.1FAM69 protein-kinase domain-containing protein
C53D6.6HAT C-terminal dimerisation domain-containing protein
C53H9.2CP-type G domain-containing protein
C54C6.11PALP domain-containing protein
C54D10.4RDS/peripherin-like protein xRDS35
C54D1.7Antimicrobial peptide
C54F6.17Hypotheticial protein
C54F6.6Cys-rich protein
C54G4.2Bromo domain-containing protein
C54G4.3Methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein
C54G4.4Sushi, von Willebrand factor type A, EGF and pentraxin domain-containing protein 1
C54G6.2TBCC domain-containing protein 1
C54G6.3L-serine-phosphatidylethanolamine phosphatidyltransferase
C55A6.10NARG2_C domain-containing protein
C55B6.1Glycerol kinase
C55B6.4TDP43_N domain-containing protein
C55C2.4DUF1073 domain-containing protein
C56A3.8Phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase type 2
C56C10.945 kDa calcium-binding protein
C56E6.2Ras-related protein Rab-21
cab-1C-terminus-of-AEX-Binding protein 1
cacn-1CACtiN (Drosophila cactus interacting protein) homolog 1
cah-1Carbonic AnHydrase 1
cal-1CALmodulin related genes 1
calf-1CAlcium channel Localization Factor 1
calm-1CALMyrin (Calcium and Integrin Binding protein) homolog 1
calu-2CALUmenin (calcium-binding protein) homolog 2
cam-1CAN cell Migration defective 1
camt-1CAMTA (CAlModulin-binding Transcriptional activator) 1
cand-1CAND1 (Cullin-Associated NEDD8-Dissociated protein 1) homolog 1
cap-1CAP-z protein 1
capa-1CAPA (insect neuropeptide) related 1
capg-1CAP-G condensin subunit 1
car-1Cytokinesis, Apoptosis, RNA-associated 1
cars-1Cysteinyl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase 1
cas-1Cyclase ASsociated protein homolog 1
casc-3CASC3 exon junction complex subunit 3
cash-1CKA And Striatin Homolog 1
casy-1CAlSYntenin/Alcadein homolog 1
cav-1CAVeolin 1
cbd-1Chitin-Binding Domain protein 1
cbl-1Cystathionine Beta Lyase 1
cblc-1CoBaLamin deficiency, C complementation group (human) homolog 1
cbp-1CBP/p300 homolog 1
cca-1Calcium Channel, Alpha subunit 1
ccar-1CCAR1 homolog 1
ccch-1CCCH-type zinc finger putative transcription factor 1
ccct-1Coiled-Coil and C Two (C2) domain containing homolog 1
ccdc-55CCDC (human Coiled Coil Domain Containing) homolog 55
ccg-1Conserved Cysteine/Glycine domain protein 1
ccm-3CCM (Cerebral Cavernous Malformation) gene homolog 3
ccnk-1CyCliN K 1
ccpp-6Cytosolic CarboxyPePtidase family 6
ccr-4CCR (yeast CCR4/NOT complex component) homolog 4
cct-1Chaperonin Containing TCP-1 1
cdap-2CD2AP homolog 2
cdc-6Cell Division Cycle related 6
cdd-1CytiDine Deaminase 1
cdf-1Cation Diffusion Facilitator family 1
cdgs-1Cdp-DaG Synthetase 1
cdh-3CaDHerin family 3
cdk-1Cyclin-Dependent Kinase family 1
cdkr-3CDK5 Regulation associated protein 3
cdr-1CaDmium Responsive 1
cdt-1CDT (S. pombe CDC10 Dependent Transcript) homolog 1
cebp-2C/EBP (CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein) homolog 2
cec-1C.Elegans Chromodomain protein 1
ced-1CEll Death abnormality 1
ceh-1C. Elegans Homeobox 1
cel-1mRNA Capping Enzyme Like 1
ceph-41CEntrosomal Protein Homolog 41
cept-1Choline/EthanolaminePhosphoTransferase 1
cerk-1CERamide Kinase related 1
cest-8Carboxyl ESTerase domain containing 8
cex-1CalEXcitin 1
cfap-36Cilia and Flagella Associated Protein homolog 36
cfh-1CFH related 1
cfi-1CEM Fate Inhibitor 1
cfp-1CFP1 (CpG-binding protein, CXXC Finger Protein 1) homolog 1
cft-1Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane conductance regulator homolog 1
cfz-2Caenorhabditis FriZzled homolog 2
cgef-1CDC-42 Guanine nucleotide Exchange Factor 1
chaf-1CHromatin Assembly Factor 1
chat-1CHAperonin of TAT-1 1
chc-1Clathrin Heavy Chain 1
chca-1Ctr1 Homolog required for Copper Accumulation 1
chch-3Coiled coil Helix Coiled coiled Helix domain 3
chd-3Chromodomain and Helicase Domain protein 3
chdh-1choline dehydrogenase 1
chdp-1Calponin Homology Domain containing Protein 1
chep-2CHEmosensory Preference abnormal 2
chhy-1CHondroitin HYdrolase 1
chil-1CHItinase-Like 1
chin-1CHImaeriN (Rac-GTPase-activating protein) homolog 1
chk-1CHeckpoint Kinase 1
chl-1CHL (yeast CHromosome Loss) homolog 1
chn-1C-term of Hsp70-iNteracting protein (CHIP family) 1
cho-1CHOline transporter 1
chp-1CHORD Protein 1
chs-1CHitin Synthase 1
chst-1CarboHydrate SulfoTransferase 1
cht-1CHiTinase 1
chtb-1CHiTin Binding domain (ChtBD2) containing 1
chtl-1CHoline Transporter-Like 1
chts-1CHiTosan Synthase 1
chup-1CHolesterol UPtake associated 1
chw-1CHp/Wrch Rho-like protein homolog 1
ciao-2Bcytosolic iron-sulfur assembly component 2B
cib-1Changed Identity of Blastomeres 1
cic-1CyclIn C 1
cid-1Caffeine Induced Death (S. pombe Cid) homolog 1
cids-2pol II C-terminal Interaction Domain Suppressor 2
cif-1COP9/Signalosome and eIF3 complex shared subunit 1
cil-7CILiary localization 7
cima-1CIrcuit MAintenance abnormal 1
cir-1CIR (transcription factor CBF1 Interacting coRepressor) homolog 1
cisd-3.1CDGSH Iron Sulfur Domain protein homolog 3.1
citk-1Citron rho-InteracTing serine/threonine Kinase 1
cka-1Choline Kinase A 1
cki-1CKI family (Cyclin-dependent Kinase Inhibitor) 1
ckk-1CaM Kinase Kinase 1
ckr-1CholecystoKinin Receptor homolog 1
cks-1Cyclin-dependent protein Kinase (CDC28) regulatory Subunit 1
cky-1CKY homolog 1
cla-1CLArinet, functional homolog of cytomatrix at the active zone proteins piccolo and fife 1
clc-1CLaudin-like in Caenorhabditis 1
cld-9Cub (CUB) Like Domain containing protein 9
cle-1CoLlagen with Endostatin domain 1
clec-225C-type LECtin 225
clh-1CLC-type chloride cHannel 1
clhm-1CaLcium Homeostasis Modulator 1
clik-2CaLponIn-liKe proteins 2
clip-1CLIP-GLY domain containing linker protein homolog 1
clk-1CLocK (biological timing) abnormality 1
clp-1CaLPain family 1
clpf-1CLeavage/Polyadenylation Factor Ia subunit 1
clpp-1CLP Protease family 1
clr-1CLeaR 1
cls-2CLASP family of microtubule-binding proteins 2
clsp-1CLaSPin homolog 1
cmd-1CalMoDulin 1
cmt-1p31CoMeT related 1
cmtr-1Cap MethylTRansferase homolog 1
cnb-1CalciNeurin B 1
cnc-1CaeNaCin (Caenorhabditis bacteriocin) 1
cnep-1CTD Nuclear Envelope Phosphatase 1
cng-1Cyclic Nucleotide Gated channel 1
cni-1CorNIchon (trafficking protein) homolog 1
cnk-1Connector/eNhancer of KSR 1
cnt-1CeNTaurin 1
cnx-1CalNeXin 1
cod-1COpulation Defective 1
coel-1tubulin folding COfactor E-Like protein 1
cof-2COlmedin (collagen plus olFactomedin) family 2
cog-1Connection Of Gonad defective 1
coh-1COHesin family 1
col-2COLlagen 2
com-1Completion Of Meiotic recombination (budding yeast Com) related 1
comp-1sperm COMPetition 1
comt-2Catechol-O-MethylTransferase family 2
cone-1CASP homolog of nematodes 1
copb-2COP (COat Protomer) Beta subunit 2
cope-1COat Protein complex 1, Epsilon subunit 1
coq-1COenzyme Q (ubiquinone) biosynthesis 1
cor-1CORonin 1
cosa-1CrossOver Site Associated 1
cow-1COntractile Waves in embryo 1
cox-5BCytochrome OXidase assembly protein 5B
cpar-1Centromeric Protein A Related 1
cpb-1CPEB polyA binding family 1
cpd-2CarboxyPeptidase D family 2
cpf-1Cleavage and Polyadenylation Factor 1
cpg-1Chondroitin ProteoGlycan 1
cpi-2Cysteine Protease Inhibitor 2
cpin-1CyPIN (guanine aminohydrolase) homolog 1
cpl-1CathePsin L family 1
cpn-1CalPoNin 1
cpna-4CoPiNe domain protein, Atypical 4
cps-6CED-3 Protease Suppressor 6
cpt-5Carnitine Palmitoyl Transferase 5
cpx-2ComPleXin (synaptic protein) homolog 2
cra-1Central Region Assembly in meiosis abnormal 1
crb-1Drosophila CRumBs homolog 1
crh-1CREB Homolog 1
crls-1CaRdioLipin Synthetase homolog 1
crm-1CRiM (Cysteine Rich motor neuron protein) homolog 1
crml-1CARMIL (Capping, ARp2/3, Myosin I Linker protein) homolog 1
crn-1Cell-death-Related Nuclease 1
crp-1Cdc-42 Related Protein 1
crt-1CalReTiculin 1
crtc-1CREB-Regulated Transcription Coactivator homolog 1
csa-1Cockayne Syndrome complementation group A homolog 1
csc-1Chromosome Segregation and Cytokinesis defective 1
csk-1C-terminal Src Kinase 1
csn-1COP-9 SigNalosome subunit 1
csnk-1CaSeiN Kinase 1
csp-1CaSPase 1
csq-1CalSeQuestrin 1
csr-1Chromosome-Segregation and RNAi deficient 1
cta-1CyToplasmic Appearance 1
ctb-1CyTochrome B 1
ctbp-1CTBP (CtBP) transcriptional co-repressor homolog 1
cTel55X.1FAR-17a/AIG1-like protein
ctg-1CRAL/TRIO and GOLD domain containing 1
cth-1CystaTHionine gamma lyase 1
ctl-1CaTaLase 1
ctn-1alpha-CaTuliN (catenin/vinculin related) 1
ctnb-1CaTeniN Beta like 1 1
ctns-1CysTiNoSin (lysosomal protein) homolog 1
ctps-1CTP Synthase 1
ctr-9CTR9 homolog, a component of the RNA Polymerase II associated complex PAF1 9
cts-1CiTrate Synthase 1
ctsa-3.2CaThepSin A homolog 3.2
cua-1CU (copper) ATPase 1
cubn-1CUBiliN homolog 1
cul-1CULlin 1
cup-1Coelomocyte UPtake-defective 1
cus-2Cold sensitive U2 snRNA Suppressor homolog 2
cut-1CUTiclin 1
cutc-1CUTC copper homeostasis protein homolog 1
cuti-1CUTicle and epithelial Integrity 1
cutl-27CUTiclin-Like 27
cux-7Clk-2 Upstream, human gene XE7 related 7
cwc-15CWC spliceosome associated protein homolog 15
cwf-19L2CWF19-like protein homolog 19L2
cwp-1Coexpressed With Polycystins 1
cya-1CYclin A 1
cyk-1CYtoKinesis defect 1
cylc-2CYLiCin homologue 2
cyld-1CYLinDromatosis (human disease gene) homolog 1
cyn-1CYclophyliN 1
cyp-13A7CYtochrome P450 family 13A7
cysl-1CYsteine Synthase Like 1
cytb-5.1YTochrome B 5.1
D1005.2UTP--glucose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase
D1007.15Cation-transporting P-type ATPase C-terminal domain-containing protein
D1007.4SPOC domain-containing protein
D1007.8Nucleic acid-binding, OB-fold protein
D1022.3Dienelactone hydrolase domain-containing protein
D1025.1ERCC4 domain-containing protein
D1025.10SCD domain-containing protein
D1053.2Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase, H3 lysine-79 specific
D1053.4Activin types I and II receptor domain-containing protein
D1054.1PNPLA domain-containing protein
D1054.10DUF1525 domain-containing protein
D1054.19Ragulator complex protein LAMTOR5
D1054.3SGS domain-containing protein
D1054.5CBS domain-containing protein
D1069.1Claudin family protein
D1081.12Exported protein
D1081.3Peptidase S1 domain-containing protein
D1081.4GTP-binding protein
D1081.5CARMIL_C domain-containing protein
D1081.6Carn_acyltransf domain-containing protein
D1086.21Response regulator
D2005.4TPR_REGION domain-containing protein
D2021.4Thioesterase/thiol ester dehydrase-isomerase
D2023.3C2 domain-containing protein
D2023.4Thialysine N-epsilon-acetyltransferase
D2023.6ABC1 atypical kinase-like domain-containing protein
D2024.5Mid2 domain-containing protein
D2030.11Centromere/kinetochore protein zw10 homolog
D2030.12DUF4129 domain-containing protein
D2030.3Fanconi anemia group I protein
D2030.8PC-esterase domain-containing protein 1B
D2062.5MotA/TolQ/ExbB proton channel family protein
D2096.11GAR domain-containing protein
daam-1DAAM (Disheveled-Associated Activator of Morphogenesis) homolog 1
daao-1D-Amino Acid Oxidase 1
dab-1DAB (Drosophila disabled) homolog 1
dac-1DAChsund transcription factor homolog 1
dach-1Dauer-specific ACH(acetylcholine) transmission defective 1
dad-1DAD (Defender against Apoptotic Death) homolog 1
dagl-2DiAcylGlycerol Lipase homolog 2
dao-2Dauer or Aging adult Overexpression 2
dapk-1DAP (Death-Associated Protein) Kinase homolog 1
dars-1aspartyl(D) Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase 1
dat-1DopAmine Transporter 1
dbl-1DPP/BMP-Like 1
dbn-1DreBriN 1/DreBriN-like (where Drebrin is from Developmentally REgulated BRaIN protein) family homolog 1
dbr-1lariat DeBRanching enzyme related 1
dbt-1Dihydrolipoamide Branched chain Transacylase E2 1
dcar-1DihydroCaffeic Acid Receptor 1
dcp-66Deacetylase Complex Protein 66
dcr-1DiCer Related 1
dcs-1DeCapping Scavenger enzyme homolog 1
dct-19DAF-16/FOXO Controlled, germline Tumor affecting 19
ddb-1DDB1 (UV-Damaged DNA Binding protein) homolog 1
ddi-1Dna (DNA) Damage Inducible homolog 1
ddl-2Daf-16-Dependent Longevity (WT but not daf-16 lifespan increased) 2
ddo-1D-aspartate (D) Oxidase 1
ddr-1Discoidin Domain Receptor 1
ddx-17DEAD boX helicase homolog 17
deb-1DEnse Body 1
dec-1DEfecation Cycle abnormal 1
decr-1.1DiEnoyl-CoA Reductase, mitochondria 1.1
deg-1DEGeneration of certain neurons 1
degl-2DEGenerin channel-Like 2
degt-1DEGenerin-related Touch-involved channel 1
del-1DEgenerin Like 1
denn-4DENN domain type RAB GEF 4
dep-1EP (Density-Enhanced Phosphatase) homolog 1
deps-1DEfective P granules and Sterile 1
der-2DERlin 2
des-2DEgeneration Suppressor 2
dgat-2acyl-CoA:DiacylGlycerol AcylTransferase 2
dgk-1DiacylGlycerol Kinase 1
dgn-1DystroGlycaN 1
dgtr-1DGAT (acyl-CoA:DiacylGlycerol AcylTransferase) Related 1
dhc-1Dynein Heavy Chain 1
dhcr-7DeHydroCholesterol Reductase 7
dhfr-1DiHydroFolate Reductase 1
dhgd-1D-2-HydroxyGlutarate Dehydrogenase 1
dhhc-7DHHC-types zinc finger protein 7
dhod-1DiHydroOrotate Dehydrogenas 1
dhp-1DiHydroPyrimidinase 1
dhps-1DeoxyHyPusine Synthase 1
dhrs-4DHRS (mammalian DeHydrogenase/Reductase, Short-chain) homolog 4
dhs-1DeHydrogenases, Short chain 1
dib-1DIB1 splicing factor homolog 1
did-2Doa4-Independent Degradation, homologous to yeast Did2 2
die-1Dorsal Intercalation and Elongation defect 1
dif-1DIFferentiation abnormal 1
dig-1DIsplaced Gonad 1
dim-1DIsorganized Muscle 1
din-1DAF-12 Interacting Protein 1
dip-2Disco-Interacting Protein 2 homolog 2
dis-3DIS3 (yeast disjunction abnormal) exonuclease homolog 3
disl-2DIS3-Like exonuclease 2 homolog 2
div-1cell DIVision defective 1
djr-1.1DJ-1 (mammalian transcriptional regulator) Related 1.1
dkc-1dyskerin, DysKeratosis Congenita homolog 1
dkf-2D Kinase Family 2
dlat-2DihydroLipoyllysine-residue AcetylTransferase 2
dld-1DihydroLipoamide Dehydrogenase 1
dlhd-1DieneLactone Hydrolase Domain containing protein 1
dlk-1Dual-Leucine zipper Kinase 1
dma-1Dendrite Morphology Abnormal 1
dmd-6DM (Doublesex/MAB-3) Domain family 6
dmo-1Defective MOrphogenesis (pka mod-) 1
dmsr-8DroMyoSuppressin Receptor related 8
dnbp-1DyNamin Binding Protein 1
dnc-1DyNactin Complex component 1
dnj-1DNaJ domain (prokaryotic heat shock protein) 1
dnpp-1DNPEP (aspartyl aminopeptidase) homolog 1
dog-1Deletions Of G-rich DNA 1
dohh-1DeOxyHypusine Hydroxylase 1
dolk-1DOLichol Kinase 1
dom-3Downstream Of Mes (in same operon) 3
dop-1DOPamine receptor 1
dos-1Delta and OSM-11-like 1
dot-1.2DOT1 histone methyltransferase family 1.2
doxa-1dual oxidase maturation factor 1
dpf-1Dipeptidyl Peptidase Four (IV) family 1
dpff-1DPF (transcription factor) Family 1
dph-5DiPHthamide biosynthesis protein 5
dpl-1vertebrate transcription factor DP-Like 1
dpsm-1Differential ProteoStasis Modulator 1
dpy-1DumPY: shorter than wild-type 1
dpyd-1DihydroPYrimidine Dehydrogenase 1
drag-1DRAGon (zebra fish) homolog 1
drap-1DRAP1 corepressor homolog 1
drd-1dietary restriction down regulated 1
dre-1Daf-12, REdundant with 1
drh-1Dicer Related Helicase 1
drn-1Di-Ras/Rig/Noey2 Ras-like protein homolog 1
dro-1DR1 (One) transcription factor family 1
drp-1Dynamin-Related Protein 1
drr-1Dietary Restriction Response (WT but not eat-2 lifespan increased) 1
drsh-1Ortholog of Drosophila DRoSHa gene 1
dsb-1Double-Strand Break factor 1
dsbn-1DySBiNDin (dystrobrevin-binding protein) homolog 1
dsc-1Defecation Suppressor of Clk-1 1
dsh-1DiSHevelled related 1
dsl-1Delta/Serrate/Lag-2 domain 1
dss-1DSS1 (Deleted in Split hand/Split foot protein 1) homolog 26S proteasome subunit 1
dtmk-1DeoxyThyMidylate Kinase (thymidylate kinase) homolog 1
duo-1Deubiquitylating with USP/UBP and OTU domains 1
duox-2DUal OXidase 2
dus-2DihydroUridine Synthase two homolog 2
dut-1DeoxyUTPase 1
duxl-1DUX (vertebrate dual homeobox) Like 1
dve-1DVE (Defective proVEntriculus in Drosophila) homolog 1
dyb-1DYstroBrevin homolog 1
dyc-1DYstrophin-like phenotype and CAPON related 1
dylt-1DYnein Light chain (Tctex type) 1
dyn-1DYNamin related 1
dys-1DYStrophin related 1
E01A2.1GCS light chain
E02H1.6Adenylate kinase isoenzyme 6 homolog
E02H4.2MIF4G domain-containing protein
E02H9.6XK-related protein
E03H4.2Methyltransferase FkbM domain-containing protein
E03H4.3N-acetylgalactosaminide beta-1,3-galactosyltransferase
E03H4.8Coatomer WD associated region domain-containing protein
E04F6.8Cuticle protein
E04F6.9Periplasmic protein
eaf-1ELL Associated Factor homolog 1
ears-1glutamyl(E) Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase 1
eat-2EATing: abnormal pharyngeal pumping 2
ebax-1Elongin-B/C E3 ligase in AXon guidance 1
ebp-3microtubule End Binding Protein 3
ech-1.1Enoyl-CoA Hydratase 1.1
eco-1Establishment of sister COhesion 1
ecps-1ECm29 Proteasome adaptor and Scaffold 1
ect-2ECT2 (mammalian Rho GEF) homolog 2
edg-1Enlarged Deps-1 Granule phenotype 1
eea-1EEA1 (Early Endosome Antigen, Rab effector) homolog 1
EEED8.15PHR domain-containing protein
eef-2Eukaryotic translation Elongation Factor 2
eelo-2Early ELOngation arrest 2
eff-1Epithelial Fusion Failure 1
efhc-1EF-Hand domain-Containing protein 1 homolog 1
efhd-1EF HanD calcium binding protein 1
efk-1Elongation Factor Kinase 1
efl-1E2F-like (mammalian transcription factor) 1
efn-2Eph(F)riN 2
efsc-1eukaryotic Elongation Factor, SelenoCysteine-tRNA-specific 1
egal-1EGALitarian (Drosophila exonuclease-like) homolog 1
EGAP2.1DDE_Tnp_ISL3 domain-containing protein
egg-3EGG sterile (unfertilizable) 3
egl-1EGg Laying defective 1
ego-1Enhancer of Glp-One (glp-1) 1
egrh-1EGR (Early Growth factor Response factor) Homolog 1
ehbp-1EH (Eps-15-homology) domain Binding Protein family 1
ehs-1Eps15 (endocytosis protein) Homologous Sequence 1
eipr-1Endosome-associated recycling protein (EARP) -Interacting Protein 1
elb-1ELongin B 1
eld-1ELongation Defective 1
elf-1ETS-Like transcription Factor homolog 1
elk-2ELK transcription factor homolog 2
elli-1EnLarged germLIne granules 1
elmd-1ELMo Domain containing homolog 1
elo-1fatty acid ELOngation 1
elof-1ELOngation Factor 1 homolog 1
elp-1Emap-Like Protein 1
elpc-2ELongator complex Protein Component 2
elt-1Erythroid-Like Transcription factor family 1
emc-3EMC Endoplasmic Membrane protein Complex (yeast EMC) homolog 3
emg-1EMG1 N1-specific pseudouridine methyltransferase 1
emo-2EndoMitotic Oocytes 2
emre-1Essential Mitochondrial calcium uniporter (MCU) REgulator 1
end-1ENDoderm determining 1
endu-1ENDonuclease, poly(U) specific 1
enee-1Extra Neurons at the Expense of Epidermis 1
eng-1Endo-b-N-acetylGlucosaminidase 1
enol-1ENOLase 1
enpl-1ENdoPLasmin homolog 1
enpp-1EctoNucleotide Pyrophosphatase/Phosphodiesterase 1
ensa-1ENdoSulfine Alpha 1
ensh-1ENSHeathment defective 1
ent-1Equilibrative Nucleoside Transporter 1
enu-1ENhancer of Uncoordination 1
eor-1Egl-1 suppressor/DiO uptake defective/raf enhancer 1
epac-1Exchange Protein Activated by Cyclic AMP 1
epg-3Ectopic P Granules 3
ephx-1EPHeXin (Eph-interacting GEF) homolog 1
epic-1Ascaris suum EPICuticlin protein related 1
epn-1EPsiN (endocytic protein) homolog 1
eppl-1Ethanolamine-Phosphate Phospho-Lyase homolog 1
eps-8EPS (human endocytosis) related 8
ept-1EthanolaminePhosphoTransferase 1 homolog 1
era-1Embryonic mRna (mRNA) Anterior 1
eral-1ERAL1 homolog 1
ercc-1ERCC (DNA excision repair protein) homolog 1
erd-2.1ERD (yeast endoplasmic reticulum retention defective) related 2.1
erg-28ERG (yeast ergosterol biosynthesis protein) homolog 28
ergo-1Endogenous-RNAi deficient arGOnaute 1
eri-1Enhanced RNAI (RNA interference) 1
erl-1ERLin (ER lipid raft associated protein) homolog 1
erm-1Ezrin/Radixin/Moesin 1
ero-1Endoplasmic Reticulum Oxidase 1
ess-2ES2 (conserved nuclear protein) Similar 2
esyt-2Extended SYnapTotagmin homolog 2
etc-1ubiquitin E Three ligase C homolog 1
ethe-1ETHE1 (human ETHylmalonic Encephalopathy) homolog 1
etr-1ELAV-Type RNA binding-protein family 1
ets-5ETS class transcription factor 5
exc-1EXCretory canal abnormal 1
exh-1EXtracellular Holdase 1
exl-1EXC-4 (ion channel) Like 1
exo-3EXOnuclease 3
exoc-8EXOCyst component 8
exos-4.2EXOSome (multiexonuclease complex) component 4.2
exp-1EXPulsion defective (defecation) 1
eya-1EYA (Drosophila eyes absent) homolog 1
eyg-1EYG (Drosophila eyegone) homolog 1
F01D4.5PHD-type domain-containing protein
F01D4.8Tryptophan synthase beta chain-like PALP domain-containing protein
F01D5.10Carbohydrate sulfotransferase
F01D5.6TPM domain-containing protein
F01G10.5HOOK_N domain-containing protein
F01G10.9Ground-like domain-containing protein
F01G4.4CNH domain-containing protein
F02C12.1ZZ-type domain-containing protein
F02D10.3Ssl1 domain-containing protein
F02E11.7Citrate-sodium symporter
F02E9.10WD_REPEATS_REGION domain-containing protein
F02E9.5Oxidative stress-responsive serine-rich protein 1
F02E9.7Tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase type 5
F02H6.2DUF4200 domain-containing protein
F02H6.6Fibrinogen C-terminal domain-containing protein
F07A5.4Olfactomedin-like domain-containing protein
F07B7.2Retrotransposon protein
F07B7.7Core protein VP7
F07C3.9T2SSF domain-containing protein
F07C6.3DUF1793 domain-containing protein
F07C6.6CcmD family protein
F07E5.12Disease resistance protein
F07H5.10Decapping nuclease
F08A8.5Galactoside 2-alpha-L-fucosyltransferase
F08A8.8DUF2857 domain-containing protein
F08B6.1BPH_3 domain-containing protein
F08F1.9Cyclin-like domain-containing protein
F08F8.7Ribulose-phosphate 3-epimerase
F08G12.1Rab-like protein 6
F08G12.3RasGEF domain protein
F08G5.3Mnd1 domain-containing protein
F08H9.3SHSP domain-containing protein
F09C12.2Mitogen-activated protein kinase
F09C6.12Flagellar rod assembly protein/muramidase FlgJ
F09C6.13FlxA-like protein
F09C8.1Triacylglycerol lipase
F09E10.5Globin family profile domain-containing protein
F09E5.7PI31_Prot_N domain-containing protein
F09E5.8Pyridoxal phosphate homeostasis protein
F09F7.5CRIB domain-containing protein
F10A3.11PAN-3 domain-containing protein
F10C1.8LTD domain-containing protein
F10C1.9LZ_Tnp_IS66 domain-containing protein
F10C2.3Sulfatase domain-containing protein
F10D11.3BAG domain-containing protein
F10D11.6BPI1 domain-containing protein
F10D2.10Hydrolase_4 domain-containing protein
F10D7.5Neuralized-like protein 2
F10G8.1Protein-tyrosine phosphatase
F10G8.9Ketosynthase (KS) domain-containing protein
F11A5.18DUF1064 domain-containing protein
F11C1.1CHCH domain-containing protein
F11C1.10Photosystem reaction center subunit H
F11E6.11Efflux RND transporter permease subunit
F11G11.13arginine kinase
F12E12.6CCDC92 domain-containing protein
F12F6.1BEN domain-containing protein
F13A2.4Gag-pol polyprotein
F13A2.5M-phase phosphoprotein 6
F13A7.11Ubiquitinyl hydrolase 1
F13B12.1IWS1-like protein
F13B12.3Ion transport domain-containing protein
F13B12.6SH2 domain-containing protein
F13B12.7Neprosin domain-containing protein
F13D12.8Col_cuticle_N domain-containing protein
F13G3.10Nascent polypeptide-associated complex subunit alpha-like UBA domain-containing protein
F13H10.3Sodium-coupled neutral amino acid transporter 9 homolog
F13H10.5Choline-specific glycerophosphodiester phosphodiesterase
F13H10.6Cysteine-rich transmembrane CYSTM domain-containing protein
F13H8.2Small-subunit processome Utp12 domain-containing protein
F13H8.3Inosine/uridine-preferring nucleoside hydrolase domain-containing protein
F13H8.6DUF4238 domain-containing protein
F14B6.2Lactamase_B domain-containing protein
F14D7.12ACB domain-containing protein
F14D7.2AF4/FMR2 family member lilli
F14E5.8IBB domain-containing protein
F14F3.4CC domain-containing protein
F14F8.9Smr domain-containing protein
F14F9.3IBR domain-containing protein
F14H3.12non-specific serine/threonine protein kinase
F14H3.6Non-structural maintenance of chromosomes element 4
F14H8.2SPX domain-containing protein
F14H8.4Mediator of RNA polymerase II transcription subunit 7
F15A8.1UMA domain-containing protein
F15B9.11YggT family protein
F15B9.8Beta/gamma crystallin 'Greek key' domain-containing protein
F15D3.4SERPIN domain-containing protein
F15D4.2Cactin_mid domain-containing protein
F15H10.7DUF229 domain-containing protein
F15H10.8DUF3485 domain-containing protein
F16A11.1RING finger and SPRY domain-containing protein 1
F16B12.6AAA domain-containing protein
F16H6.4DRBM domain-containing protein
F17C11.4OB domain-containing protein
F17C11.6Polysacc_synt_C domain-containing protein
F17C8.6Rx_N domain-containing protein
F17C8.9Aspartate dehydrogenase domain-containing protein
F17H10.1GPI inositol-deacylase
F18A11.3UPF0729 protein F18A11.3
F18C12.3Serum response factor-binding protein 1
F18H3.1SPRY domain-containing protein 7
F18H3.4Lebercilin domain-containing protein
F19B10.1FAM192A_Fyv6_N domain-containing protein
F19B10.2HOOK domain-containing protein
F19B10.5DUF1421 domain-containing protein
F19B10.6Organ specific protein
F19B2.6BZIP domain-containing protein
F19B2.7Lon proteolytic domain-containing protein
F19B6.1Uridine kinase
F19C6.3VWFC domain-containing protein
F19C6.4Peptidase_M13 domain-containing protein
F19F10.14DUF2769 domain-containing protein
F19G12.11HTH_48 domain-containing protein
F19H6.43-oxo-5-alpha-steroid 4-dehydrogenase
F20C5.5PACT_coil_coil domain-containing protein
F20C5.6ELKS/RAB6-interacting/CAST family member 2
F20D1.22PilS cassette
F20D12.7Ion_trans domain-containing protein
F20D6.11Rieske domain-containing protein
F20E11.7DUF281 domain-containing protein
F20H11.1Differentially expressed in FDCP 8 homolog
F21C10.10Precorrin-2 dehydrogenase
F21D5.1Phosphoacetylglucosamine mutase
F21D5.3Multicopper oxidase
F21D5.4HTH CENPB-type domain-containing protein
F21D5.6Ribonuclease H2 subunit B wHTH domain-containing protein
F21D9.3Conotoxin superfamily T
F21D9.4YitH acetyltransferase (GNAT) domain-containing protein
F21D9.8Gag protein
F21H7.2Calpain catalytic domain-containing protein
F22B8.7MOSC domain-containing protein
F22D6.2AN1-type domain-containing protein
F22E5.13WGS project CBMG000000000 data, contig CS5907-
F22F1.3KIX domain-containing protein
F22F4.5DUF4265 domain-containing protein
F22F7.2Saccharopine dehydrogenase NADP binding domain-containing protein
F22H10.2VrrB protein
F22H10.6HSF_DOMAIN domain-containing protein
F23A7.3Crinkler (CRN) family protein
F23A7.4RT_RNaseH_2 domain-containing protein
F23C8.3tRNA_int_endo domain-containing protein
F23D12.2BRCA-2_OB1 domain-containing protein
F23H11.2TATA box-binding protein-associated factor RNA polymerase I subunit B
F23H11.4Rho-GAP domain-containing protein
F23H11.5Deltamethrin resistance protein prag01 domain-containing protein
F23H12.5Flocculation protein FLO11
F25B3.2CTCK domain-containing protein
F25B4.4Elongator complex protein 6
F25B4.8CENP-V/GFA domain-containing protein
F25B5.5CDK5RAP1-like protein
F25D1.8Single-stranded DNA-binding protein
F25E2.3Acyl-CoA thioesterase II
F25E5.8S39A8 protein
F25F8.1B box-type domain-containing protein
F25H2.4MPN domain-containing protein
F25H2.6Ceramide transfer protein
F25H5.8Plasma membrane proteolipid 3
F25H8.2H/ACA ribonucleoprotein complex non-core subunit NAF1
F25H9.6Flavoprotein domain-containing protein
F26A3.5DDE_Tnp_1_7 domain-containing protein
F26D10.13CaMKII_AD domain-containing protein
F26D11.12DUF2383 domain-containing protein
F26D2.3Core-2/I-Branching enzyme
F26E4.2Tnp_DDE_dom domain-containing protein
F26E4.7FAS1 domain-containing protein
F26F2.3Transthyretin-like family protein
F26F2.4DUF305 domain-containing protein
F26F2.5Phage protein
F26F4.5Calponin-homology (CH) domain-containing protein
F26F4.6TFIIS-type domain-containing protein
F26F4.8C2H2-type domain-containing protein
F26G1.1VPS35 endosomal protein sorting factor-like
F27C8.2N-acetyltransferase domain-containing protein
F27C8.3T2SSG domain-containing protein
F27D4.7Vesicle transport protein
F27D4.8Chromate transporter
F27E5.7DUF2147 domain-containing protein
F28A10.4WSD domain-containing protein
F28A12.10Chlorophyll a-b binding protein, chloroplastic
F28B3.10Chloride channel protein CLC-d
F28F5.4Uroporphyrinogen_deCOase domain-containing protein
F28F8.7ELM2 domain-containing protein
F28H6.7CYSTM domain-containing protein
F29A7.4CB1 cannabinoid receptor-interacting protein 1
F29B9.7Pheromone-regulated membrane protein 10
F29G6.1Kazal-like domain-containing protein
F30A10.9PIN domain-containing protein
F30F8.10N-alpha-acetyltransferase 60
F30F8.5MATH domain-containing protein
F30F8.9Letm1 RBD domain-containing protein
F31B9.3CDC37_C domain-containing protein
F31D4.2Sugar phosphate phosphatase
F31D4.5Pleckstrin homology domain-containing family D member 1
F31D5.6NfeD domain-containing protein
F31E8.5DUF4091 domain-containing protein
F32B4.2Peroxisome biogenesis protein 3-2-like
F32B4.5Zeta_toxin domain-containing protein
F32D1.3dolichyl-phosphate-mannose--protein mannosyltransferase
F32D8.1Aurora kinase
F32D8.12FAD-binding PCMH-type domain-containing protein
F32D8.13Phosphomevalonate kinase
F32D8.15Anti-sigma factor
F32D8.2ATPase_AAA_core domain-containing protein
F32D8.4PIH1 N-terminal domain-containing protein
F32F2.4HutD family protein
F32H2.10CCR4-NOT transcription complex subunit 11
F32H2.6Beta-ketoacyl synthase N-terminal domain-containing protein
F33A8.4CTCHY-type domain-containing protein
F33C8.4KIF-binding protein
F33D11.6DUF4263 domain-containing protein
F33D4.6DUF4794 domain-containing protein
F33E2.6DUF3707 domain-containing protein
F33E2.7Chitin-binding type-2 domain-containing protein
F33G12.3DUF1308 domain-containing protein
F33G12.6PPM-type phosphatase domain-containing protein
F33H2.3Acidic leucine-rich nuclear phosphoprotein 32-related protein 1
F34D10.9CPSF_A domain-containing protein
F35A5.8SH3 domain-containing GRB2-like protein B1
F35C5.12Knottin scorpion toxin-like domain-containing protein
F35C8.5Cholesterol 25-hydroxylase-like protein
F35D11.4CYTH domain-containing protein
F35D2.6Cation-independent mannose-6-phosphate receptor
F35F10.6DUF2470 domain-containing protein
F35G12.1226S proteasome non-ATPase regulatory subunit 5
F35G12.7Divalent-cation tolerance protein CutA
F35G2.1Sulfhydryl oxidase
F35G2.5Conjugative transposon protein TraM
F35H10.3Skp1_POZ domain-containing protein
F35H12.1Schwannomin interacting protein 1 C-terminal domain-containing protein
F36A2.10DNA-binding protein
F36A2.12Thymosin beta
F36A2.2DUS-like FMN-binding domain-containing protein
F36A2.9SGNH_hydro domain-containing protein
F36A4.5MBL fold metallo-hydrolase
F36D1.10Pancreatic hormone
F36D1.4Spore coat protein
F36D3.1AUDH_Cupin domain-containing protein
F36D4.5Desumoylating isopeptidase 1 homolog
F36F2.1Costars domain-containing protein
F36F2.8EB domain-containing protein
F36H2.4DUF4956 domain-containing protein
F36H5.4DUF1084 domain-containing protein
F37B12.3ditrans,polycis-polyprenyl diphosphate synthase [(2E,6E)-farnesyldiphosphate specific]
F37H8.5GILT-like protein F37H8.5
F38A1.6PA14 domain-containing protein
F38A1.8SRP54-type proteins GTP-binding domain-containing protein
F38A5.2TraB domain-containing protein
F38B6.4Phosphoribosylglycinamide formyltransferase
F38B6.8PMD domain-containing protein
F38B7.17PheST operon leader peptide PheM
F38E9.1PLCXc domain-containing protein
F38H4.3BMERB domain-containing protein
F39B2.3Enoyl reductase (ER) domain-containing protein
F39C12.1GATOR complex protein MIO zinc-ribbon like domain-containing protein
F39D8.3Spaetzle domain-containing protein
F39H11.1Craniofacial development protein 1
F39H12.3RIIa domain-containing protein
F39H2.3Aminomethyltransferase folate-binding domain-containing protein
F40E12.1Mobile element protein
F40F11.3Trigger_C domain-containing protein
F40F8.4Fatty-acid and retinol-binding protein 1
F40G12.11Glutamic acid-rich protein
F40G12.7KLRAQ domain-containing protein
F40H6.1Sulf_transp domain-containing protein
F41B4.3Proteobacterial sortase system OmpA family protein
F41C6.6CNNM transmembrane domain-containing protein
F41C6.7ZT_dimer domain-containing protein
F41D3.8Interleukin-22 receptor subunit alpha-1
F41E6.5FMN hydroxy acid dehydrogenase domain-containing protein
F41E7.2Cation/H+ exchanger domain-containing protein
F41F3.9ESAT-6 secretion machinery protein EssA
F41G3.6DUF2013 domain-containing protein
F41H10.12CACTA en-spm transposon protein
F41H10.4GRIP domain-containing protein
F42A6.6Hikeshi-like domain-containing protein
F42A9.8CBFD_NFYB_HMF domain-containing protein
F42E11.3Brp/Blh family beta-carotene 15,15'-monooxygenase
F42F12.4Acireductone dioxygenase
F42G2.7phytanoyl-CoA dioxygenase
F42G4.6YDG domain-containing protein
F42G4.7Noncompact myelin-associated protein
F43D2.3Reverse transcriptase domain-containing protein
F43E2.11Peptidylprolyl isomerase
F43G6.7Skin secretory protein xP2-like
F43G9.4PWWP domain-containing protein
F43H9.3Polymerase nucleotidyl transferase domain-containing protein
F44A6.5FBA_2 domain-containing protein
F44D12.19Phosphotriesterase-related protein
F44D12.6CDI domain-containing protein
F44E2.10Malectin domain-containing protein
F44E7.9Rab5-interacting protein
F44F1.4SKICH domain-containing protein
F44F4.10PARP catalytic domain-containing protein
F44F4.3DUF2330 domain-containing protein
F44G4.1Brix domain-containing protein F44G4.1
F45C12.17DUF418 domain-containing protein
F45D11.15B30.2/SPRY domain-containing protein
F45D3.1LisH domain-containing protein
F45D3.2Branchpoint-bridging protein
F45E1.1KfrA_N domain-containing protein
F45E1.4Phosphoglycolate phosphatase
F45E1.5Rhodanese domain-containing protein
F45F2.95'-deoxynucleotidase HDDC2
F45G2.9rRNA methyltransferase 2, mitochondrial
F46B3.9Follistatin-like domain-containing protein
F46B6.12UPF0587 protein F46B6.12
F46B6.4Hflx-type G domain-containing protein
F46B6.6Tr-type G domain-containing protein
F46E10.18KilA-N domain-containing protein
F46F2.5CDT1 domain-containing protein
F46F3.3Cadherin_C domain-containing protein
F46F5.11Exostosin domain-containing protein
F46G10.2SEFIR domain-containing protein
F46H5.7AMPK1_CBM domain-containing protein
F47B10.4ADH_N domain-containing protein
F47B8.3Glutaredoxin domain-containing protein
F47B8.8Aminopeptidase N-like N-terminal domain-containing protein
F47F2.1cAMP-dependent protein kinase, catalytic subunit-like
F47G3.1Bravo_FIGEY domain-containing protein
F47G4.5Katanin_con80 domain-containing protein
F47G9.6DUF1968 domain-containing protein
F48C1.5DET1- and DDB1-associated protein 1
F48C1.6OCIA domain-containing protein
F48D6.428S ribosomal protein S36, mitochondrial
F48E3.6DUF4220 domain-containing protein
F48E8.2E2F-associated phosphoprotein
F48E8.3FAD-dependent oxidoreductase 2 FAD binding domain-containing protein
F48E8.8Hsp20/alpha crystallin family protein
F48F7.6Zf-C4pol domain-containing protein
F49C12.11Translation machinery-associated protein 7 homolog
F49C12.15Serine/arginine repetitive matrix protein 2-like
F49E10.2Carotenoid oxygenase
F49E10.4Mitochondria-eating protein
F49E12.7EXPERA domain-containing protein
F49E2.5Nucleolar protein 16
F49F1.4F0F1 ATP synthase subunit C
F49H6.8MS Related Protein
F52C12.218S rRNA aminocarboxypropyltransferase
F52D2.6DHC_N2 domain-containing protein
F52E10.2ACT domain-containing protein
F52E1.9Phosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphate 4-phosphatase
F52E4.5Fucose-specific lectin
F52F12.9Methyltranfer_dom domain-containing protein
F52G2.3RSD-2 N-terminal domain-containing protein
F52G3.1BAT2 N-terminal domain-containing protein
F52H2.5Peptidase_M10 domain-containing protein
F53A10.2Rap-GAP domain-containing protein
F53A3.7DNL-type domain-containing protein
F53A9.7Threonine dehydratase
F53B2.5Importin subunit alpha
F53B3.3CLASP_N domain-containing protein
F53B6.13Elf-1_N domain-containing protein
F53B6.5Peptidase_M24 domain-containing protein
F53B6.7O-fucosyltransferase family protein
F53E10.6RRP15-like protein
F53E2.2Actin-depolymerizing factor 1, isoforms a/b
F53F10.2Antizyme inhibitor 1
F53F1.2NADP-dependent oxidoreductase domain-containing protein
F53F4.18DUF4342 domain-containing protein
F53G2.13RES domain-containing protein
F53H4.4Mab-21 domain-containing protein
F53H4.6Helicase C-terminal domain-containing protein
F54A3.5MICOS complex subunit Mic10
F54A3.6Trithorax group protein osa
F54B11.10WAP domain-containing protein
F54B11.4DB domain-containing protein
F54B11.8Yippee domain-containing protein
F54B8.4Small, acid-soluble spore protein gamma-type
F54C8.7AH domain-containing protein
F54C9.11GDP/GTP exchange factor Sec2 N-terminal domain-containing protein
F54D1.1KH domain-containing protein
F54D5.15ZM domain-containing protein
F54D5.3NIM-2 protein
F54F12.1WSN domain-containing protein
F54F12.2PGG domain-containing protein
F54F7.2ZP domain-containing protein
F54G2.1BAI1-associated protein 3
F55A11.11Phosphoglycerate mutase family protein
F55A11.6GST C-terminal domain-containing protein
F55A11.7RING-CH-type domain-containing protein
F55A12.2DUF1691 domain-containing protein
F55A12.5Telomere_reg-2 domain-containing protein
F55A4.3Stress-associated endoplasmic reticulum protein
F55B11.5HORMA domain-containing protein
F55E10.1Vpu protein
F55F8.3Periodic tryptophan protein 2 homolog
F55G11.10GON domain-containing protein
F55G7.3BLVR domain-containing protein
F56A8.9CAB39 protein
F56C3.7MHC class II antigen K
F56C9.10BCAS3 domain-containing protein
F56D5.2DUF4477 domain-containing protein
F56D5.3NADH:flavin oxidoreductase/NADH oxidase N-terminal domain-containing protein
F56D5.6FK506-binding protein 5-like
F56D6.12PIR protein
F56D6.19COX2_TM domain-containing protein
F56D6.22FXYD domain-containing ion transport regulator
F56G4.6Rod_C domain-containing protein
F56H11.2DUF202 domain-containing protein
F56H6.2DUF268 domain-containing protein
F57A10.4Sensor histidine kinase
F57B1.6CASP-like protein
F57C12.6Cerebellar degeneration-related protein 2-like
F57C7.4PKD/REJ-like domain-containing protein
F57E7.2DUF4294 domain-containing protein
F57F4.1HotDog ACOT-type domain-containing protein
F57G12.2Spt4 domain-containing protein
F58A6.1Delta(3,5)-Delta(2,4)-dienoyl-CoA isomerase, mitochondrial
F58B3.4NUC153 domain-containing protein
F58B3.6Interferon-related developmental regulator N-terminal domain-containing protein
F58D12.3SWIB domain-containing protein
F58D2.2VWFD domain-containing protein
F58D5.9Cystatin domain-containing protein
F58F9.3S1 motif domain-containing protein
F58G6.3Copper transport protein
F58H1.3Enolase-phosphatase E1
F59A7.12DUF4357 domain-containing protein
F59B2.3N-acetylglucosamine-6-phosphate deacetylase
F59C12.3Angiomotin_C domain-containing protein
F59C6.12UPF0598 protein F59C6.12
F59D12.3Sulfotransferase domain-containing protein
F59E12.6ubiquitinyl hydrolase 1
F59E12.8PBPb domain-containing protein
F59E12.9TFIIS central domain-containing protein
F59F3.6Potassium channel tetramerisation-type BTB domain-containing protein
F59F5.7DM13 domain-containing protein
F59G1.4VQ domain-containing protein
fab-1Foraging behavior ABnormal 1
faf-1FAst phase of Female pronuclear migration abnormal 1
fah-1FumarylAcetoacetate Hydrolase 1
fahd-1FAH (FumarylAcetoacetate Hydrolase) Domain protein 1
fam-1FAsciculation and cell Migration defective 1
famh-161FAM161 Homolog 161
famk-1FAM20-related Kinase 1
famp-1FAM3C and POMGnT1 domain containing 1
far-1Fatty Acid/Retinol binding protein 1
farl-11FAR (Factor ARrest) Like 11
fars-1Phenylalanyl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase 1
fask-1FASt (FAST) Kinase related 1
fat-1FATty acid desaturase 1
fax-1defective FAsciculation of aXons 1
fbf-1Fem-3 mRNA Binding Factor 1
fbl-1FiBuLin 1
fbn-1FiBrilliN homolog 1
fbp-1Fructose-1,6-BiPhosphatase 1
fbxl-1F BoX Leucine rich repeat containing protein homolog 1
fbxo-11.2F-BoX prOtein 11.2
fce-1Farnesylated-proteins Converting Enzyme (FACE) family 1
fcp-1FCP1 (yeast TFIIF-interacting CTD phosphatase subunit) homolog 1
fdgt-2FacilitateDGlucoseTransporter 2
fdps-1Farnesyl DiPhosphate Synthetase 1
fecl-1FErroChelatase-Like 1
fed-2FEeding Defective for RNAi 2
fem-1FEMinization of XX and XO animals 1
fer-1FERtilization defective (abnormal sperm) 1
ferl-1FER-1 Like 1
fezf-1FEZ Family zinc finger protein 1
fhod-1Formin HOmology Domain 1
fib-1FIBrillarin family 1
fic-1FIC (bacterial Filamentation Induced by Cyclic AmP) domain protein 1
fig-1dye-Filling abnormal, expressed In Glia 1
figl-1FIdGetin-Like (mammalian developmental AAA ATPase) related 1
figo-1FIG4 Ortholog 1
fil-1Fasting Induced Lipase 1
fip-5Fungus-Induced Protein 5
fipp-1Factor Interacting with Poly(A) Polymerase 1
fis-1S. cerevisiae FIS1-related 1
fitm-2Fat storage-Inducing TransMembrane protein related 2
fkb-1FK506-Binding protein family 1
fkh-2ForKHead transcription factor family 2
flad-1FLavin Adenine Dinucleotide synthetase 1
flap-1FLi1-Associated Protein homolog 1
flcn-1FoLliCuliN 1
fld-1membrane FLuiDity homeostasis 1
flh-1FLYWCH zinc finger transcription factor homolog 1
fli-1FLI-I (Drosophila FLIghtless) homolog 1
fln-2FiLamiN (actin binding protein) homolog 2
flor-1Full Loss of Oomycete Recognition 1
flp-1FMRF-Like Peptide 1
flr-1FLuoRide resistant 1
flwr-1FLoWeR homolog 1
fmi-1FlaMIngo (cadherin plus 7TM domain) homolog 1
fmil-1FlaMIngo-Like 1
fmo-1Flavin-containing MonoOxygenase family 1
fmp-27Found in Mitochondrial Proteome 27
fnci-1FANCI (Fanconi anemia complex component I) homolog 1
fncm-1FANCM (Fanconi anemia complex component M) homolog 1
fndc-1FuN14 (FUN14) Domain Containing homolog 1
fnip-2FolliculiN Interacting Protein 2
fntb-1FarNesylTransferase, Beta subunit 1
fog-1Feminization Of Germline 1
folt-1FOLate Transporter family 1
fos-1FOS (B-Zip transcription factor) homolog 1
fox-1Feminizing gene On X 1
fozi-1FOrmin-homology and ZInc finger domains 1
fpn-1.3FerroPortiN 1.3
fre-1Flavin REductase 1
frg-1FRG1 (FSH muscular dystrophy Region Gene 1) homolog 1
frh-1FRataxin (involved in human Friedrich's ataxia) Homolog 1
frk-1Fer oncogene Related Kinase 1
frl-1FRL (Formin Related gene in Leukocytes) homolog 1
frm-1FERM domain (protein4.1-ezrin-radixin-moesin) family 1
frpr-2FMRFamide Peptide Receptor family 2
fshr-1FSHR (mammalian follicle stimulating hormone receptor) homolog 1
fsn-1F-box SyNaptic protein 1
ftn-1FerriTiN 1
ftr-1Fog Two (fog-2) Related 1
ftt-2Fourteen-Three-Three family 2
fubl-1FUBp (FUBP) Like 1
fum-1FUMarase 1
fust-1FUS/TLS RNA binding protein homolog 1
fut-1FUcosyl Transferase 1
fzo-1FZO (Fzo mitochondrial fusion protein) related 1
fzr-1FiZzy Related family 1
fzy-1FiZzY (CDC20 protein family) homolog 1
gab-1GABa receptor subunit 1
gad-1GAstrulation Defective 1
gakh-1GAK Homolog 1
gale-1UDP-GALactose 4-Epimerase 1
galt-1GALacTosyltransferase 1
gana-1GAlactosidase/N-Acetylgalactosaminidase 1
gap-1GTPase Activating Protein family 1
gar-1G-protein-linked Acetylcholine Receptor 1
garr-1GAR1 Related D. Updike 1
gars-1Glycyl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase 1
gas-1General Anaesthetic Sensitivity abnormal 1
gasr-8GAS (human Growth Arrest-Specific) Related 8
gba-3beta-GlucocereBrosidAse 3
gbas-1Ga Binding and Activating and Spk (SPK) domain containing 1
gbf-1GBF1 (Golgi-specific Brefeldin-A-resistant Factor 1) homolog 1
gbh-1Gamma Butyrobetaine Hydroxylase 1
gcc-1Grip (GRIP) and Coiled-Coil domain containing protein related 1
gck-1Germinal Center Kinase family 1
gcl-1GCL (Drosophila Germ Cell-Less) homolog 1
gcn-2GCN (yeast General Control Nondrepressible) homolog 2
gcp-2.2Glutamate CarboxyPeptidase 2 homolog 2.2
gcs-1gamma GlutamylCysteine Synthetase 1
gcy-1Guanylyl CYclase 1
gdi-1GDI (RabGDP Dissociation Inhibitor) family 1
gegf-1Glia-specific EGF domain protein 1
gei-1GEX Interacting protein 1
gem-3Gon-2 Extragenic Modifier 3
gen-1GEN1 Holliday junction resolvase homolog 1
ger-1GDP-keto-6-deoxymannose 3,5-Epimerase/4-Reductase 1
gex-2Gut on EXterior 2
gfat-1Glutamine-Fructose 6-phosphate AminoTransferase homolog 1
gfi-1GEI-4 (Four) Interacting protein 1
gfm-1GFM (mitochondrial elongation factor G) homolog 1
ggtb-1GeranylGeranyl Transferase Beta subunit homolog 1
gip-1Gamma-tubulin Interacting Protein 1
gipc-2GIPC (RGS-GAIP Interacting Protein C) homolog 2
git-1GIT1 (mammalian G protein-coupled receptor kinase InTeractor 1) homolog 1
glb-3GLoBin related 3
glc-1Glutamate-gated ChLoride channel 1
glct-4GLuCuronosylTransferase-like 4
gldc-1GLycine DeCarboxylase 1
gldr-2GLD-2 Related 2
glf-1GaLactoFuranose synthesis (UGM, UDP-galactopyranose mutase) 1
glh-1Germ Line Helicase 1
glit-1GLIoTactin (Drosophila neuroligin-like) homolog 1
gln-1GLutamiNe synthetase (glutamate-ammonia ligase) 1
glna-1GLutamiNAse 1
glod-4GLyOxalase Domain containing 4
glr-1GLutamate Receptor family (AMPA) 1
glrx-5GLutaRedoXin 5
gly-1GLYcosylation related 1
gmap-2GM2 Activator Protein family member 2
gmd-2GDP-Mannose Dehydratase 2
gmeb-3GMEB (Glucocorticoid Modulatory Element Binding protein) transcriptional regulator homolog 3
gmn-1GeMiNin homolog 1
gmpr-1Guanosine MonophosPhate Reductase homolog 1
gmps-1Guanine MonoPhosphate Synthetase 1
gna-1Glucosamine phosphate N-Acetyl transferase 1
goa-1G protein,O, Alpha subunit 1
gogo-1GOGO homolog 1
golg-4GOLGi associated coiled-coil protein homolog 4
gop-1Gro-1 OPeron gene 1
gopc-1GOlgi-associated PDZ and Coiled-coil motif protein 1
gos-28GOlgi SNAP receptor complex member 28
gpaa-1GlycosylPhosphatidylinositol Anchor Attachment 1 homolog 1
gpap-1Golgi-resident PAp (PAP) 3-Phosphatase homolog 1
gpch-1G-PatCH domain containing 1
gpcp-2GlyceroPhosphoCholine Phosphodiesterase homolog 2
gpd-1GPD (Glyceraldehyde 3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase) 1
gpdh-1Glycerol-3-Phosphate DeHydrogenase 1
gpi-1Glucose-6-Phosphate Isomerase 1
gpla-1GlycoProtein hormone Like Alpha 1
gpn-1GlyPicaN 1
gras-1GRASP (General Receptor for phosphoinositides 1-Associated Scaffold Protein) homolog 1
grd-1GRounDhog (hedgehog-like family) 1
grdn-1GiRDiN (mammalian actin-binding protein) homolog 1
grh-1GRainyHead (Drosophila transcription factor) homolog 1
grk-1G-protein-coupled Receptor Kinase 1
grl-1GRound-Like (grd related) 1
grp-1GTP exchange factor for ARFs 1
gsk-3Glycogen Synthase Kinase family 3
gskl-2GSK3 Like 2
gsnl-1GelSoliN-Like 1
gsp-1GLC7 (yeast Glc Seven) like Phosphatase 1
gspd-1Glucose Six (6) Phosphate Dehydrogenase 1
gst-1Glutathione S-Transferase 1
gta-1GABA TransAminase family 1
gtap-2Gamma-Tubulin Associating Protein 2
gtbp-1ras-Gtpase-activating protein SH3 (Three) domain-Binding Protein 1
gtl-1Gon-Two Like (TRP subfamily) 1
gtr-1GPCR Thermal Receptor 1
gtsf-1GameTocyte Specific Factor 1 related 1
guk-1GUanylate Kinase 1
gum-5GUt Morphology abnormal 5
gur-3GUstatory Receptor family 3
gut-2GUT differentiation defective 2
gyg-1GlYcoGenin like 1
H02F09.2Peptidase_M10_C domain-containing protein
H03A11.2NLPC_P60 domain-containing protein
H03G16.5MT domain-containing protein
H08J19.1DUF3388 domain-containing protein
H11L12.1Telomerase-binding protein EST1A
H12D21.10EGF domain-specific O-linked N-acetylglucosamine transferase
H12I19.1153-isopropylmalate dehydrogenase
H14A12.5tRNA-synt_2 domain-containing protein
H14N18.2DUF2726 domain-containing protein
H17B01.2Collagen alpha-5(IV) chain
H25K10.1Purple acid phosphatase
H25P19.1CUE domain-containing protein
H27A22.1glutaminyl-peptide cyclotransferase
H32C10.1Cat eye syndrome critical region protein 5
H39E23.3Neurofilament heavy polypeptide-like
H40L08.1UBX domain-containing protein
H40L08.3Kinetochore-associated protein 1
haao-1HydroxyAnthrAnilate Oxygenase 1
hab-1HABituation abnormal 1
hacd-1Hydroxy-Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase 1
hach-1HydroxyAcyl-Coa(A) Hydrolase 1
hacl-12-HydroxyAcyl-CoA Lyase 1 1
hadb-1Hydroxyacyl-CoA Dehydrogenase trifunctional multienzyme complex subunit Beta 1
haf-1HAlF transporter (PGP related) 1
ham-1HSN Abnormal Migration 1
haps-1Huwe1-Associated Protein modifying Stress responses 1
har-1HemiAsterlin Resistant 1
hars-1Histidyl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase 1
hasp-1HASPin kinase related 1
hbl-1HunchBack Like (fly gap gene related) 1
hbs-1HBS1 like translational GTPase 1
hcp-1HoloCentric chromosome binding Protein 1
hda-1Histone DeAcetylase 1
hdl-1Histidine Decarboxyase Like 1
hecd-1HECtD1 ubiquitin ligase homolog 1
hecw-1HECT, C2 and WW domain-containing ubiquitin ligase 1
heh-1HE1 homologue 1
hel-1HELicase 1
hen-1HEsitatioN behavior 1
henn-1HEN1 (RNA 3'end methyltransferase) of Nematode 1
her-1HERmaphrodization of XO animals 1
herc-1HECT and RCC domain E3 ubiquitin ligase 1
hex-3HEXosaminidase 3
hgap-2Heterodimeric GTPase Activating Protein subunit 2
hgo-1HomoGentisate Oxidase 1
hgrs-1Hepatocyte Growth factor-Regulated TK Substrate (HRS) family 1
hid-1High temperature-Induced Dauer formation 1
hif-1HIF (Hypoxia Inducible Factor) homologa 1
hil-1HIstone H1 Like 1
hint-1HIstidiNe Triad nucleotide-binding protein 1
hip-1Hsp-70 Interacting Protein homolog 1
hipr-1Huntington Interacting Protein Related 1
his-1HIStone 1
hizr-1HIgh Zinc activated nuclear Receptor 1
hlh-1Helix Loop Helix 1
hmbx-1HMBOX (mammalian HoMeoBOX gene) homolog 1
hmg-1.1HMG 1.1
hmgr-1HMG-CoA Reductase 1
hmit-1.3H(+) MyoInositol coTransporter 1.3
hmp-1HuMPback (dorsal lumps) 1
hmr-1HaMmeRhead embryonic lethal 1
hmt-1see hmt 1
hnd-1HAND bHLH transcription factor family 1
hnl-1HNF (Hepatocyte Nuclear factor)-Like 1
hoe-1Homolog Of ELAC2 (cancer susceptibility locus) 1
hog-1HOG only (Hedgehog Hog domain alone) 1
homt-1Hydroxyindole-O-MethylTransferase homolog 1
hosl-1HOrmone-Sensitive Lipase homolog 1
hpd-14-HydroxyPhenylpyruvate Dioxygenase (HPD) 1
hphd-13-HydroxyPropionate-oxoacid transHyDrogenase 1
hpk-1Homeodomain interacting Protein Kinase 1
hpl-1HP1 Like (heterochromatin protein) 1
hpo-41Hypersensitive to POre-forming toxin 41
hprt-1Hypoxanthine PhosphoRibosylTransferase homolog 1
hrde-1Heritable RNAi Deficient 1
hrdl-1HRD-Like (E3 ubiquitin ligase related) 1
hrg-7Heme Responsive Gene 7
hrpa-1Heterogeneous nuclear RibonucleoProtein (HnRNP) A homolog 1
hrpf-1HnRNP F homolog 1
hsd-1HydroxySteroid Dehydrogenase homolog 1
hse-5Heparan Sulfate-glucuronic acid-5-Epimerase 5
hsp-90Heat Shock Protein 90
htp-1Him-Three Paralog 1
htrl-1HtrL domain containing 1
htz-1HisTone variant H2AZ homolog 1
hum-1Heavy chain, Unconventional Myosin 1
hxk-1HeXoKinase homolog 1
hyls-1HYLS1 (human HYdroLethalus Syndrome) homolog 1
iars-1Isoleucyl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase 1
icap-1Integrin Cytoplasmic domain-Associated Protein homolog 1
icd-1Inhibitor of Cell Death 1
icl-1IsoCitrate Lyase homolog 1
icln-1ICLN (ICLn) ion channel homolog 1
icmt-1IsoprenylCysteine carboxyl MethylTransferase related 1
icp-1InCenP homolog 1
idf-1Irregular Dorsal Fusion 1
idh-2Isocitrate DeHydrogenase 2
idi-1Isopentenyl Diphosphate Isomerase 1
idpp-14Intrinsically Disordered Protein, expressed in Pharynx 14
ifa-1Intermediate Filament, A 1
ifas-2Inducible FAScin Domain containing 2
ifbp-1Interferon regulatory Factor 2 Binding Protein like 1
ife-1Initiation Factor 4E (eIF4E) family 1
ifet-1eIF4E Transporter 1
ift-74IFT (Chlamydomonas IntraFlagellar Transport) homolog 74
ifta-2IntraFlagellar Transport Associated 2
ify-1Interactor of FizzY protein 1
igcm-1ImmunoGlobulin-like Cell adhesion Molecule family 1
igdb-2IG (immunoglobulin) and DB (Cys-rich) domains 2
iglr-1IG(immunoglobulin) and LRR(Leucine Rich Repeat) domains 1
ikb-1I Kappa B homolog 1
ilc-17.1InterLeukin Cytokine related 17.1
ile-1Intracellular LEctin 1
ilkp-1ILK associated serine/threonine Phosphatase homolog 1
ilys-1Invertebrate LYSozyme 1
ima-1IMportin Alpha family 1
immp-1Inner Mitochondrial Membrane Protease 1
imp-1IntraMembrane Protease (IMPAS) family 1
imph-1IMP Homolog 1
impt-1IMPacT rwd (RWD) domain containing homolog 1
ina-1INtegrin Alpha 1
inf-1INitiation Factor 1
inft-2INverted Formin/formin Three-related 2
inos-1INOsitol-3-phosphate Synthase 1
inpp-1INositol Polyphosphate-5-Phosphatase 1
ins-1INSulin related 1
insc-1INSCuteable (Drososphila asymmetric cell division protein) homolog 1
inso-1INSOmniac (Drosophila sleep affecting) homolog 1
ints-6INTegrator complex Subunit homolog 6
inx-1INneXin 1
ipgm-1cofactor-Independent PhosphoGlycerate Mutase homolog 1
ipp-5Inositol Polyphosphate 5-Phosphatase 5
ire-1IRE1 kinase related 1
irg-6Infection Response Gene 6
irk-1Inward Rectifying K (potassium) channel family 1
irld-21Insulin/EGF-Receptor L Domain protein 21
irx-1IRoquois subclass of homeoboX 1
isp-1Iron-Sulfur Protein 1
ist-1Insulin receptor SubsTrate homolog 1
istr-1Increased Sodium Tolerance Related 1
isy-1ISY splicing factor homolog 1
itm-2InTegral Membrane protein 2 family member 2
itsn-1ITSN (intersectin) family 1
itx-1InTestinal NeureXin-like 1
ivd-1IsoValeryl-CoA Dehydrogenase 1
ivns-1Influenza Virus NS1a (A) binding protein homolog 1
ivph-3Inappropriate Vulval cell Proliferation Homolog 3
jac-1Juxtamembrane domain-Associated Catenin 1
jamp-1JAMP (JNK1-Associated Membrane Protein) homolog 1
jbts-14JouBerT Syndrome homolog 14
JC8.4CMP/dCMP-type deaminase domain-containing protein
jhdm-1JHDM (histone demethylase) homolog 1
jip-1JNK Interacting Protein (scaffold protein) 1
jmjc-1JuManJiC domain protein 1
jmjd-1.1JuMonJi (transcription factor) Domain protein 1.1
jnk-1Jun N-terminal Kinase 1
josd-1JOSephin Domain protein 1
jph-1JunctoPHilin 1
jud-4JUDang (Korean for resistant to alcohol) 4
jun-1JUN transcription factor homolog 1
K01A2.10CCDC92/74 N-terminal domain-containing protein
K01A6.7Collagen-like protein
K01D12.8Cement protein
K01G5.10Haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase domain-containing protein 3
K01H12.4Breast cancer type 2 susceptibility protein homolog
K02A11.2SPOR domain-containing protein
K02B12.2Myb_DNA-bind_3 domain-containing protein
K02B12.7Arf-GAP domain-containing protein
K02C4.5FCH domain-containing protein
K02E10.5CKLF-like MARVEL transmembrane domain containing 6
K02E2.1Sodium-and chloride-dependent glycine transporter 2
K02F6.6DUF4296 domain-containing protein
K02H11.9FRIGIDA-like protein
K03A11.1TBPIP domain-containing protein
K03B4.1Seryl-tRNA synthetase
K03B4.2HUN domain-containing protein
K03H1.13L-fucokinase domain-containing protein
K04B12.2snRNA-activating protein complex subunit 3
K04C2.3Nucleoporin NUP35
K04F10.1AXH domain-containing protein
K05C4.3F-box/LRR-repeat protein
K05C4.7Armadillo repeat-containing protein 1
K06A4.10Pacifastin domain-containing protein
K06A4.75.3 kDa protein
K06A5.2DUF389 domain membrane protein
K07A1.10Growth arrest and DNA damage-inducible proteins-interacting protein 1
K07A12.1Nulp1-pending protein
K07A1.3Actin maturation protease
K07C11.10BBSome-interacting protein 1
K07C5.13DUF4244 domain-containing protein
K07C5.3PARP-type domain-containing protein
K07D4.2GIY-YIG domain-containing protein
K07D4.5S-protein homolog
K07E3.4formate--tetrahydrofolate ligase
K07E8.6Cdc37 Hsp90 binding domain-containing protein
K07E8.7Pseudouridine synthase
K07F5.15Leydig cell tumor 10 kDa protein homolog
K07F5.16J domain-containing protein
K07G5.4Ovate family protein
K08C7.6GLPGLI family protein
K08C9.2DUF1176 domain-containing protein
K08D10.10Neur_chan_LBD domain-containing protein
K08D8.1DUF4887 domain-containing protein
K08E4.2Glycolipid transfer protein domain-containing protein
K08E7.6Myb_DNA-bind_5 domain-containing protein
K08F4.3Translocon-associated protein subunit beta
K08F9.3GH18 domain-containing protein
K08H2.2S ribonuclease
K08H2.3Immunity protein 72 of polymorphic toxin system
K09A9.6Aspartyl/asparaginy/proline hydroxylase domain-containing protein
K09D9.1DUF4130 domain-containing protein
K09D9.14Vomeronasal type-1 receptor
K09D9.9Usp domain-containing protein
K09E2.2Casc1_N domain-containing protein
K09E2.3DUF1513 domain-containing protein
K09E9.4NET domain-containing protein
K09H11.9Neuropeptide CCHamide-1
K10C2.2Gustatory receptor
K10D6.3TPX2 domain-containing protein
K10G9.2Bestrophin homolog
K11D2.1RCC1 domain-containing protein 1
K11G12.6Lipase maturation factor
K11H12.5DUF4276 family protein
K12C11.5MADS-box domain-containing protein
kap-1Kinesin-Associated Protein 1
kars-1lysyl(K) Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase 1
kat-13-Ketoacyl-coA Thiolase 1
kbp-3KNL (kinetochore null) Binding Protein 3
kbrl-1KappaB-Ras-Like 1
kcc-1K+/Cl- Cotransporter 1
kcnl-1KCNN (potassium K ChaNNel, calcium activated)-Like 1
kdin-1KiDINs220 (vertebrate scaffold protein) homolog 1
kdp-1KASH (Klarsicht/ANC-1/Syne Homology) Domain Protein 1
kel-1KELch-repeat containing protein 1
ketn-1KETtiN (Drosophila actin-binding) homolog 1
kgb-1Kinase, GLH-Binding 1
kin-1protein KINase 1
klc-1Kinesin Light Chain 1
kle-2KLEisin (abnormal closure) family 2
klf-3Kruppel-Like Factor (zinc finger protein) 3
klo-1KLOtho (mammalian aging-associated protein) homolog 1
klp-3Kinesin-Like Protein 3
klu-1KLUmpfuss related 1
kmo-2Kynurenine 3-MonoOxygenase 2
knl-1Kinetochore NuLl 1
kpc-1Kex-2 Proprotein Convertase family 1
kqt-1potassium channel, KvQLT family 1
kreg-1Kgb-1(KGB-1) REgulated Genes 1
krr-1KRR1, small subunit processome component homolog 1
ksr-1Kinase Suppressor of activated Ras 1
kvs-1K (potassium) Voltage-Sensitive channel subunit 1
kxd-1KXDl (KxDL) motif containing homolog 1
kynu-1KYNUreninase homolog 1
laat-1Lysosome Associated Amino acid Transporter 1
lab-1Long Arms of the Bivalent protein 1
lact-6beta-LACTamase domain containing 6
lad-2L1 CAM ADhesion molecule homolog 2
laf-1Lethal And Feminizing 1
lag-1Lin-12 And Glp-1 phenotype 1
lagr-1LAG1 (yeast Longevity-Assurance Gene) Related 1
lam-1LAMinin related. See also lmb- 1
lap-1Leucine AminoPeptidase 1
larp-5LARP (RNA binding La related protein) homolog 5
lars-1Leucyl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase 1
lat-1LATrophilin receptor 1
latd-1Lysosomal-Associated Transmembrane Domain containing 1
lbp-1Lipid Binding Protein 1
lcmt-1LeuCine MethylTransferase homolog 1
ldb-1LIM Domain Binding protein 1
ldh-1Lactate DeHydrogenase 1
lea-1plant Late Embryo Abundant (LEA) related 1
lec-1gaLECtin 1
lect-2LEukocyte cell-derived ChemoTaxin 2 (LECT-2) homolog 2
lem-2LEM domain protein 2
leo-1LEO1 homolog, a component of the PAF1 complex that associates with the RNA polymerase II 1
lep-2LEPtoderan male tail 2
let-1LEThal 1
letm-1LETM1 (Leucine zipper, EF-hand, TransMembrane mitochondrial protein) homolog 1
lev-1LEVamisole resistant 1
lex-1Lin-48 EXpression abnormal 1
lfe-2Let-23 Fertility Effector/regulator 2
lfi-1Lin-5 (Five) Interacting protein 1
lfor-2Lin-Forty One (41) associated non-coding Rna (RNA) 2
lgc-11Ligand-Gated ion Channel 11
lge-1LARGE (mouse dystroglycan glycosylation) homolog 1
lgg-1LC3, GABARAP and GATE-16 family 1
lgmn-1LeGuMaiN asparaginyl endopeptidase 1
lhfp-4Lipoma Hmgic (HMGIC) Fusion Partner-like homolog 4
lias-1LIpoic Acid Synthetase 1
lid-1LIpid Droplet protein 1
lido-17LIn-8 Domain containing 17
lig-1LIGase 1
lip-1Lateral-signal-Induced Phosphatase 1
lipl-7LIPase Like 7
lips-2LIPaSe related 2
lipt-1LIPoylTransferase 1
lir-1LIn-26 Related 1
lis-1LIS-1 (human lissencephaly gene) related 1
lit-1Loss of InTestine 1
lite-1high-energy LIghT unrEsponsive 1
liv-2long-LIved and Viable after thermal stress 2
lmd-1LysM Domain (peptidoglycan binding) protein 1
lmn-1nuclear LaMiN 1
lmp-1LAMP (lysosome-associated membrane protein) homolog 1
lmtr-3Late endosomal/lysosomal adaptor, Mapk (MAPK) and mToR (MTOR) activator homolog 3
lnkn-1conserved transmembrane adhesion protein involved in LiNKiNg cells together 1
lnp-1LuNaPark (membrane protein) homolog 1
lntl-1LIN-24 (Twenty-four) Like 1
lon-1LONg 1
lonp-2LON Peptidase 2
lotr-1Lotus (LOTUS) and TudoR domain containing 1
lov-1Location Of Vulva defective 1
lpd-2LiPid Depleted 2
lpin-1LiPIN (mammalian lipodystrophy associated) homolog 1
lpl-1LiPoate Ligase 1
lpr-1LiPocalin-Related protein 1
lrg-1Let-99 Related Gene 1
lrk-1Leucine-rich repeats, Ras-like domain, Kinase 1
lrn-1LeaRNing abnormal 1
lron-3eLRR (extracellular Leucine-Rich Repeat) ONly 3
lrp-1Low-density lipoprotein RecePtor related 1
lrpc-1LRP10-like Chitin binder 1
lrr-1Leucine-Rich Repeat protein 1
lrx-1LRP X(cross)-hybridizing 1
lsd-1Lysine-Specific histone Demethylase homolog 1
lsl-1LSY-2-Like 1
lsm-1LSM Sm-like protein 1
lst-1Lateral Signaling Target 1
lsy-2Laterally SYmmetric (defective in lateral asymmetry) 2
ltah-1.1LeukoTriene A4 Hydrolase homolog 1.1
ltd-1Lim and Transglutaminase Domain 1
luc-7LLUC7 related splicing factor homolog 7L
lurp-2LU (Ly6 Urokinase plasminogen) domain Receptor-related Protein 2
lury-1LUqin-like RYamide peptide 1
lys-1LYSozyme 1
lyst-1LYSosomal Trafficking regulator protein 1
M01B2.10Phytanoyl-CoA hydroxylase-interacting protein-like C-terminal domain-containing protein
M01E11.1Protein-S-isoprenylcysteine O-methyltransferase
M01F1.9Arrestin_N domain-containing protein
M01G12.2Serpin domain-containing protein
M01H9.10PhoLip_ATPase_C domain-containing protein
M02B1.3TLC domain-containing protein
M02B1.4Bax inhibitor-1 family protein
M02E1.1SRR1 domain-containing protein
M02H5.830S ribosomal protein S15
M03A8.3TLDc domain-containing protein
M03C11.6BBS2_C domain-containing protein
M04B2.4FAD dependent oxidoreductase domain-containing protein
M04C9.1Pyroglutamyl-peptidase 1
M04D8.4RDD domain-containing protein
M04D8.8DUF805 domain-containing protein
M04F3.5IMD domain-containing protein
M05D6.2T-complex protein 11-like protein 1
M05D6.5HIG1 domain-containing protein
M106.2Regulatory protein zeste
M106.3Prostaglandin reductase 2
M117.314-3-3 domain-containing protein
M117.4LEDGF domain-containing protein
M142.5LSM12 anticodon-binding domain-containing protein
M151.2TMF_TATA_bd domain-containing protein
M163.5DUF4806 domain-containing protein
M176.11YhhN-like protein
M176.4Lysoplasmalogenase-like protein TMEM86A
M18.6CULT domain-containing protein
M28.10Flo11 domain-containing protein
M28.9Prominin-like protein
M60.6Tetraspanin family protein
M60.7SOCS box domain-containing protein
M79.2Phospholipid/glycerol acyltransferase domain-containing protein
mab-3Male ABnormal 3
mac-1Member of AAA family binding CED-4 1
maco-1MACOilin homolog 1
mad-2MAternal effect Dumpy 2
madf-5MADF domain transcription factor 5
maea-1MAEA (MAcrophage Erythroblast Attacher protein) homolog 1
mafr-1MAF Polymerase III Regulator homolog 1
mage-1Melanoma-Associated-antiGEn homolog 1
magi-1MAGI (Membrane Associated Guanylate kinase Inverted) homolog 1
magu-2MAGUK family 2
mai-1Mitochondrial ATPase Inhibitor family 1
malt-1MALT1 paracaspase homolog 1
mam-2MAM (Meprin, A5-protein, PTPmu) domain protein 2
manf-1MANF (Mesencephalic Astrocyte-derived Neurotrophic Factor) homolog 1
mans-2MAnnoSidase (family 47 glycohydrolase) 2
maoc-1MAO-C-like dehydratase domain 1
map-1Methionine AminoPeptidase 1
maph-1.3Microtubule-Associated Protein Homolog 1.3
mapk-15Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase homolog 15
mar-1bag-of-MARbles embryonic arrest 1
marc-3MARCH (Membrane-Associated Ring finger (C3HC4)) homolog 3
marg-1pharyngeal MARGginal cell marker 1
mars-1Methionyl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase 1
mat-1Metaphase-to-Anaphase Transition defect 1
mau-1MAternally affected Uncoordination 1
max-1Motor AXon guidance 1
mbd-2Methyl-CpG BinDing protein 2
mbf-1MBF (multiprotein bridging factor) transcriptional coactivator 1
mbk-1MiniBrain Kinase (Drosophila) homolog 1
mbr-1honeybee MBlk-1 Related factor 1
mbtr-1MBT (Malignant Brain Tumor) Repeat containing protein 1
mca-1Membrane Calcium ATPase 1
mcat-1Malonyl-CoA-Acyl carrier protein Transacylase 1
mccc-1MethylCrotonoyl-Coenzyme A Carboxylase (alpha) 1
mcd-1Modifier of Cell Death phenotype 1
mce-1Methylmalonyl-CoA Epimerase 1
mcp-1Metabolite Control Phosphorylase 1
mcrs-1MCRS1 (microtubule-binding MiCRoSpherule Protein 1) homolog 1
mct-4MonoCarboxylate Transporter family 4
mdf-1MAD (yeast Mitosis arrest DeFicient) related 1
mdh-2Malate DeHydrogenase 2
mdl-1MAD-Like 1
mdmh-35MitochonDrial interMembrane space protein Homolog 35
mdt-6MeDiaTor 6
mec-1MEChanosensory abnormality 1
med-1Mesoderm and Endoderm Determination 1
meg-3Maternal Effect Germ-cell defective 3
mek-1MAP kinase kinase or Erk Kinase 1
mekk-3Mapk/Erk (MAPK/ERK) Kinase Kinase 3
melo-3Mid-ELOngation arrest 3
memb-1MEMBrin (SNARE protein) 1
memi-1MEiosis-to-MItosis transition associated 1
memo-1MEdiator of cell MOtility 1 homolog 1
men-1Malic ENzyme 1
mep-1Mog interacting, Ectopic P granules 1
mesp-1MEiotic SPindle 1
metl-5MEthylTransferase Like 5
metr-15-MEthyltetrahydrofolate-homocysteine methylTRansferase (methionine synthase) 1
mett-10METhylTransferase homolog 10
mex-1Muscle EXcess 1
mfap-1MicroFibrillar-Associated Protein homolog 1
mfb-1MAFBx (F-box) protein homolog 1
mfn-1MitoFerrin 1
mgl-1Metabotropic GLutamate receptor family 1
mgrn-1MahoGunin Ring fiNger homolog 1
mib-1MIB (MIndBomb) ubiquitin ligase homolog 1
mics-1MItoChondrial Scaffolding protei 1
micu-1MItochondrial Calcium Uptake protein 1
mif-1MIF (Macrophage migration Inhibitory Factor) related 1
miga-1MItoGuArdin homolog 1
mina-1WS Messenger RNA binding INhibitor of Apoptosis 1
mip-1Meg-3 Interacting Protein 1
mir-48MIcro RNA 48
mis-12human/fission yeast MIS (MInichromosome Stability) homolog 12
mix-1MItosis and X associated 1
miz-1MIZ-type zinc finger putative transcription factor 1
mjl-1MaJin-Like 1
mkk-4MKK (MAP Kinase Kinase) homolog 4
mks-5MecKel-Gruber Syndrome (MKS) homolog 5
mksr-1MecKel Syndrome 1 (MKS1)-Related 1
mlc-1Myosin Light Chain 1
mlcd-1MaLonyl CoA Decarboxylase 1
mlh-1MLH (MutL Homolog) family 1
mlp-1MLP/CRP family (Muscle LIM Protein/Cysteine-rich Protein) 1
mls-1Mesodermal Lineage Specification 1
mlst-8Mtor (MTOR) associated protein, LST8 homolog 8
mlt-2MoLTing defective 2
mltn-12MLt-TeN (mlt-10) related 12
mmab-1MethylMalonic Aciduria type B homolog 1
mmcm-1MethylMalonylCoA Mutase homolog 1
mml-1Myc and Mondo-Like 1
mnat-1MNAT (menage a trois) TFIIH subunit 1
mnm-1M Neuron Morphology abnormal 1
mnp-1Matrix Non-Peptidase homolog 1
mnr-1MeNoRin (dendritic branching protein) 1
moag-4MOdifier of protein AGgregation 4
mob-2Mps One Binder (Mats/MOB1) homolog 2
moc-1MOlybdenum Cofactor biosynthesis 1
mod-1Modulation Of locomotion Defective 1
mog-1Masculinisation Of Germline 1
mogs-1Mannosyl-Oligosaccharide GlucoSidase homolog 1
molo-1MOdulator of LevamisOle-sensitive receptor 1
mom-1More Of MS 1
mop-25.2MO25 (MOuse embryo scaffolding Protein) homolog 25.2
mor-1MORphological: rounded nose 1
morc-1MORC (mouse microrchidia) family CW-type zinc finger protein 1
mpdu-1Mannose-P-Dolichol Utilizating defect 1 homolog 1
mppe-1MetalloPhosPhoEsterase 1 1
mps-1MiRP K channel accessory Subunit 1
mpst-1MercaptoPyruvate SulfurTransferase homolog 1
mpz-1Multiple PDZ domain protein 1
mrck-1Myotonic dystrophy-Related, Cdc42-binding Kinase homolog 1
mrp-1Multidrug Resistance Protein family 1
mrpr-1MRP (Mitochondrial RNA Processing) non-coding RNA 1
mrt-2MoRTal germline 2
msa-1Microfilaria Surface-Associated protein 1
msh-2MSH (MutS Homolog) family 2
msi-1MuSashI (fly neural) family 1
msp-3Major Sperm Protein 3
mtch-1MiTochondrial Carrier Homolog 1
mtd-1Mec-3 (Three) Dependent expression 1
mth-2MeTHuselah (Drosophila aging-associated GPCR) homolog 2
mthf-1MethyleneTetraHydroFolate reductase 1
mtk-1MTK1/MEKK4 homolog 1
mtl-1MeTaLlothionein 1
mtm-1MTM (myotubularin) family 1
mtpn-1MyoTroPhiN 1
mtq-2MethylTransferase modifying glutamine (Q) 2
mtrr-1MethylTRansferase Reductase (methionine synthase reductase) 1
mtx-1MeTaXin (mitochondrial outer membrane import complex) 1
mua-2MUscle Attachment abnormal 2
mul-1Mucin Like Gene 1
mus-101MUS (Drosophila mutagen sensitive) related 101
mut-1MUTator 1
mutd-1MUTeD (lsyosome biogenesis protein) homolog 1
mvb-12MVB (yeast MultiVesicular Body sorting factor) related 12
mvk-1MeValonate Kinase 1
mxl-1MaX-Like 1
mxt-1MeXTli (Drosophila) homolog 1
myo-1MYOsin heavy chain structural genes 1
myrf-1myelin regulatory factor related 1
mys-1MYST family histone acetyltransferase-like 1
mzt-1Mitotic spindle organiZing protein (MOZART) homolog 1
nab-1NeurABin 1
nac-1NADC (Na+-coupled dicarboxylate transporter) family 1
nanp-1N-AcetylNeuraminic acid Phosphatase 1
nap-1Nucleosome Assembly Protein 1
nape-2N-Acyl Phosphatidyl Ethanolamine specific phospholipase D (NAPE-PLD) homolog 2
nars-1asparaginyl(N) Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase 1
nas-1Nematode AStacin protease 1
nasp-1NASP (human Nuclear Autoantigenic Sperm Protein) homolog 1
natc-2N-alpha-AcetylTransferase C complex subunit 2
nath-10NATnath (vertebrate N-AcetylTransferase) Homolog 10
nbs-1Nijmegen Breakage Syndrome homolog 1
nca-2Novel Channel type/putative Nematode CAlcium channel 2
ncam-1NCAM (neural cell adhesion molecule) homolog 1
ncap-1NeCAP (NECAP) endocytosis associated protein homolog 1
nccd-1Nhr-229 Coiled Coil Domain containing 1
nceh-1Neutral Cholesterol Ester Hydrolase homolog 1
nck-1NCK (Non-Catalytic region of tyrosine Kinase) adaptor protein family 1
ncr-1NPC1 (human Niemann Pick C disease) Related 1
ncs-1Neuronal Calcium Sensor family 1
ncx-1Na/Ca eXchangers 1
ndab-1NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase subunit AB 1
ndc-80Yeast NDC (nuclear division cycle) homolog 80
nde-5Neurite outgrowth DEfective 5
ndg-4NorDiHydroGuaiaretic acid resistant 4
ndk-1Nucleoside Diphosphate Kinase 1
ndnf-1NDNF (Neuron Derived Neurotrophic Factor) homolog 1
ndub-3NADH:Ubiquinone oxidoreductase subunit B 3
ndx-1NuDiX family 1
ned-8mouse NEDd8 related 8
nefr-1NEuroFilament Related 1
neg-1Negative Effect on Gut development 1
nekl-3NEK (NEver in mitosis Kinase) Like 3
nep-17NEPrilysin metallopeptidase family 17
neto-1NETO (NEuropilin and TOlloid-like) homolog 1
nex-1anNEXin family 1
nfi-1NFI (Nuclear Factor I) family 1
nfm-1NeuroFibroMatosis homolog 1
nfs-1NFS1 cysteine desulfurase homolog 1
nft-1NitFhit family 1
nfu-1NFU1 iron-sulfur cluster scaffold 1
nfx-1NF-X1 transcription factor homolog 1
ngn-1NeuroGeNin 1
ngp-1Nuclear/nucleolar GTP-binding Protein family 1
nhl-1NHL (ring finger b-box coiled coil) domain containing 1
nhx-1Na/H eXchanger 1
nid-1NIDogen (basement membrane protein) 1
nifk-1NIFK homolog 1
nipa-1NIPA1 (NonImprinted gene in Prader-Willi/Angelman syndrome region 1) homolog 1
nipi-3No Induction of Peptide after Drechmeria Infection 3
nish-1NIScHarin homolog 1
nit-1NITrilase 1
nkb-1Na+/K+ ATPase, Beta subunit 1
nkcc-1Na-K-Cl Cotransporter homolog 1
nlf-1NCA Localization Factor 1
nlg-1NeuroLiGin family 1
nlp-1Neuropeptide-Like Protein 1
nlr-1Neurexin Like receptor 1
nlt-1Non-specific Lipid Transfer protein 1
nmad-1N6 Methyl Adenine Demethylase 1
nmr-1NMDA class glutamate Receptor 1
nmrk-1NicotinaMide Riboside Kinase homolog 1
nmt-1N-Myristoyl Transferase homolog 1
nmtn-1NeMiTiN (neuronal enriched MAP interacting protein) homolog 1
nmur-1NMUR (NeuroMedin U Receptor) homolog 1
nmy-1Non-muscle MYosin 1
nnt-1Nicotinamide Nucleotide Transhydrogenase 1
noa-1Nitric Oxide Associated 1 homolog 1
noah-2NOmpA Homolog (Drosophila nompA: no mechanoreceptor potential A) 2
nob-1kNOB-like posterior (NO Backside) 1
noca-2NOn-Centrosomal microtubule Array 2
nol-56NucleOLar protein 56
nola-3NucleOLus Associated protein homolog 3
nono-1NONO (conserved nuclear protein, aka PSF) homolog 1
nonu-1NOnstop NUclease 1
nop-1NO Pseudocleavage or reduced pseudocleavage 1
nos-1NanOS related 1
nova-1NOVA kh (KH) homology domain homolog 1
npax-4N-terminal PAX (PAI domain only) protein 4
nphp-1NePHronoPhthisis (human kidney disease) homolog 1
npl-4.1NPL (yeast Nuclear Protein Localization) homolog 4.1
npr-1NeuroPeptide Receptor family 1
nprl-3Nitrogen Permease Regulator Like homolog 3
nprt-1Nicotinate PhosphoRibosylTransferase ortholog 1
nra-3Nicotinic Receptor Associated 3
nrd-1NRD (yeast Nuclear pre-mRNA Down-regulation) homolog 1
nrde-4Nuclear RNAi DEfective 4
nrf-1Nose Resistant to Fluoxetine 1
nrfl-1NHERF (mammalian Na/H Exchange Regulatory Factor) Like 1
nrps-1NonRibosomal Peptide Synthetase 1
nrx-1NeuReXin related 1
nse-4Non-SMC Element homolog 4
nsf-1NSF (N-ethylmaleimide sensitive secretion factor) homolog 1
nstp-10Nucleotide Sugar TransPorter family 10
nsun-5Nop2 (NOP2)/SUN domain family member 5
nta-1NicTAtion altered 1
ntc-1NemaToCin (vasopressin-like peptide) 1
nth-1NTH (eNdonuclease THree like) homolog 1
ntl-2NOT-Like (yeast CCR4/NOT complex component) 2
ntr-2NemaTocin Receptor 2
nubp-1NUcleotide Binding Protein (Nubp1) homolog 1
nucb-1NUCleoBindin homolog 1
nucl-1NUcLeoliN homolog 1
nud-1Aspergillus NUclear Division related 1
num-1NUMb related 1
numr-2NUclear localized Metal Responsive 2
nuo-1NADH Ubiquinone Oxidoreductase 1
nup-1NUclear/pronuclear Position abnormal 1
nurf-1NURF (nucleosome remodeling factor) complex homolog 1
nxt-1NTF2-related eXporT protein 1
nyn-1NYN domain ribonuclease homolog 1
oac-39O-ACyltransferase homolog 39
oat-1Organic Anion Transporter 1
obr-2Oxysterol Binding protein (OSBP) Related 2
ocam-1ONECUT (homeobox) Associated Motif containing 1
ocr-1Osm-9 and Capsaicin receptor-Related 1
ocrl-1OCRL (Lowe's oculocerebrorenal syndrome protein) homolog 1
octr-1OCTopamine Receptor (GPCR) 1
odc-1Ornithine DeCarboxylase 1
odr-1ODoRant response abnormal 1
oga-1O-GlcNAc selective N-Acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase (O-GlcNAcase) 1
ogdh-2OxoGlutarate DeHydrogenase 2
ogt-1O-linked GlcNAc Transferase 1
oig-1One IG domain 1
ola-1OLA (Obg-Like ATPase) homolog 1
old-1Overexpression Longevity Determinant 1
olrn-1Olfactory LeaRNing defective 1
oma-1Oocyte MAturation defective 1
oops-1OOcyte Partner of Spe-11 (oops-1) 1
ops-1OPSin related 1
ora-1Onchocerca Related Antigen family 1
orai-1ORAI (store-operated calcium channel) homolog 1
orc-2ORC (Origin Recognition Complex) subunit 2
osm-1OSMotic avoidance abnormal 1
osr-1Osmotic Stress Resistant 1
ost-1OSTeonectin (SPARC) related 1
ostb-1OligoSaccharylTransferase, Beta subunit 1
ostf-4C.elegans orthologue of yeast OligoSaccharylTransFerase Ost4p 4
otpl-8OToPetrin-Like 8
otub-1OTUBain deubiquitylating protease homolog 1
oxa-1OXA mitochondrial inner membrane insertase homolog 1
oxi-1OXidative stress Induced 1
paa-1Phosphatase 2A regulatory A subunit 1
pab-1PolyA Binding protein 1
pac-1PAR-6 At Contacts (abnormal early localization of PAR-6) 1
pacs-1Phosphofurin Acidic Cluster Sorting protein homolog 1
pad-1PAtterning Defective 1
paf-1PAF-acetylhydrolase 1
pafo-1PAF1 (One) homolog, a component of the PAF1 complex that associates with the RNA polymerase II 1
pag-1PAttern of reporter Gene expression abnormal 1
pah-1PhenylAlanine Hydroxylase 1
paic-1PhosphoribosylAminoImidazolesuccinoCarboxamide synthase 1
pak-1P21-Activated Kinase family 1
pal-1Posterior ALae in males 1
pam-1Puromycin-sensitive AMinopeptidase 1
pamn-1Peptidylglycine alpha-Amidating MonooxygeNase 1
pan-1P-granule Associated Novel protein 1
panl-3PAN (PolyA-specific riboNucLease) subunit 3
pap-3Poly-A Polymerase 3
papl-1iron/zinc Purple Acid Phosphatase-Like protein homolog 1
paqr-3Progestin and AdipoQ Receptor family 3
parn-1PARN (Poly(A)-specific RiboNuclease) homolog 1
parp-1Poly Adp-Ribose (ADP-ribose) Polymerase related 1
pas-1Proteasome Alpha Subunit 1
pat-2Paralysed Arrest at Two-fold 2
pax-1PAX (Paired box) transcription factor 1
paxt-1PArtner of Xrn-2 (Two) 1
pbo-1PBOc defective (defecation) 1
pbrm-1PolyBRoMo domain containing 1
pcaf-1P300/CBP Associated Factor homolog 1
pcbd-1Pterin CarBinolamine Dehydratase 1
pcca-1Propionyl Coenzyme A Carboxylase Alpha subunit 1
pcdr-1Pathogen Clearance Defective Receptor 1
pcf-11cleavage and polyadenylation factor homolog 11
pck-2Phosphoenolypyruvate CarboxyKinase 2
pcm-1Protein Carboxymethyltransferase 1
pcmd-1PeriCentriolar MatriX Deficient 1
pcn-1PCNA (Proliferating Cell Nuclear antigen) homolog 1
pcp-1Prolyl Carboxy Peptidase like 1
pcrg-1Parkin Co-Regulated Gene (PACRG) homolog 1
pcs-1PhytoChelatin Synthase 1
pct-1PCTAIRE class cell cycle kinase 1
pcyt-2.2Phosphocholine CYtidylylTransferase 2.2
pdcd-2PDCD (mammalian ProgrammeD Cell Death protein) homolog 2
pde-3PhosphoDiEsterase 3
pdfr-1PDF Receptor homolog 1
pdha-1Pyruvate DeHydrogenase Alpha subunit 1
pdk-1PDK-class protein kinase 1
pdl-1Phosphodiesterase DeLta-like 1
pdr-1Parkinson's Disease Related 1
pdtf-1Permeability-Determining Transcription Factor 1
pdxk-1PyriDoXal Kinase homolog 1
peb-1Pharyngeal Enhancer Binding 1
peel-1Paternal-effect Epistatic Embryonic Lethal 1
pei-1Paternal Epigenetic Inheritance defective 1
pel-2Pharynx and ELongation defect 2
peli-1PELI1 and PELI2 related 1
pelo-1PELOta homolog 1
pen-2Presenilin ENhancer (enhancer of sel-12(null)) 2
penr-1Pha-4 Expressing Nuclei Reduced 1
pepm-1PEPtidase M1 domain containing 1
pept-2PEPTide transporter family 2
perm-1PERMeable eggshell 1
pes-1Patterned Expression Site 1
pex-3Pachytene EXit defect 3
pezo-1PiEZO-type mechanosensitive ion channel component related 1
pfas-1PhosphoribosylFormylglycinAmidine synthase homolog 1
pfd-3PreFolDin (molecular chaperone) 3
pfk-1.26-PhosphoFructoKinase (E.C. homolog 1.2
pfkb-1.26-PhosphoFructo-2-Kinase/ fructose-2,6-Bisphosphatase (EC: homolog 1.2
pfn-1ProFiliN 1
pfs-2Polyadenylation Factor Subunit homolog 2
pgal-1PeptidylGlycine alpha-Amidating Lyase 1
pgam-5PhosphoGlycerAte Mutase homolog 5
pgap-2Post-Gpi (GPI) Attachment to Proteins homolg 2
pges-2ProstaGlandin E Synthase homolog 2
pghm-1PeptidylGlycine-alpha-Hydroxylating Monooxygenase 1
pgk-1PhosphoGlycerate Kinase 1
pgl-1P-GranuLe abnormality 1
pgp-1P-GlycoProtein related 1
pgph-3PhosphoGlycolate Phosphatase Homolog 3
pgrn-1ProGRaNulin homolog 1
pgs-1PhosphatidylGlycerophosphate Synthase 1
phat-8PHAryngeal gland Toxin-related 8
phb-1mitochondrial ProHiBitin complex 1
phdh-1PHosphoglycerate DeHydrogenase (PHGDH) 1
phf-5PHd Finger family 5
phg-1PHarynx-associated GAS (growth arrest protein) related 1
phm-3PHaryngeal Muscle 3
pho-1intestinal acid PHOsphatase 1
phy-2Proline HYdroxylase 2
phyh-1PHYtanoyl-CoA Hydroxylase 1
picc-1PAC-1 Interacting Coiled-Coil protein 1
picd-1Pry-1 Interacting and CABIN1 Domain containing 1
pid-1PiRNA Induced silencing Defective 1
pif-1PIF1p DNA helicase (yeast) homolog 1
pifk-1PhosphoInositide Four Kinase (PI-4 Kinase) 1
pig-1Par-1 (I)-like Gene 1
piga-1PhosphatidylInositol-Glycan biosynthesis class A protein 1
pigm-1PhosphatidylInositol Glycan anchor biosynthesis class M 1
piit-1Protease Inhibitor I2 (Two) 1
pik-1Pelle/IL-1 receptor associated Kinase (IRAK) 1
piki-1phosphoInositide-3-KInase 1
pin-2PINch protein family 2
pink-1PINK (PTEN-INduced Kinase) homolog 1
pinn-4ParvulIN of Nematode 4
pis-1PIS (Pax-2, IA-1/6, Smad-2 interacting protein) homolog 1
pitr-4PIT (mammalian phosphate transporter) Related 4
pix-1PIX (PAK (p21-activated kinase) Interacting eXchange factor) homolog 1
pkhm-2PLEKHM homolog 2
pks-1PolyKetide Synthase 1
plc-1PhosphoLipase C 1
plep-1PLugged Excretory Pore 1
plg-1copulatory PLuG formation 1
plin-1PeriLIpiN homolog 1
plk-1POLO Kinase 1
plp-1Pur alpha Like Protein 1
plpp-1.3PhosphoLipid PhosPhatase homolog 1.3
plrg-1PLeiotropic ReGulator (vertebrate) homolog 1
plst-1PLaSTin (actin bundling protein) homolog 1
plx-1PLeXin 1
pmk-1P38 Map Kinase family 1
pmlr-1Pre-Mrna (mRNA) Leakage Related 1
pmp-1Peroxisomal Membrane Protein related 1
pmr-1PMR-type Golgi ATPase 1
pms-2PMS (Post Meiotic Segregation) family 2
pmt-2Phosphoethanolamine MethylTransferase 2
pna-2ProNuclear Appearance abnormal 2
pnc-2Pyrazinamidase and NiCotinamidase 2
png-1PNG (Peptide:N-Glycanase) homolog 1
pnk-1PaNtothenate Kinase 1
pnn-1PiNiN nuclear speckle-associated protein and splicing factor homolog 1
pnp-1Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase 1
pod-1Polarity and Osmotic sensitivity Defect 1
pola-1dna (DNA) POLymerase Alpha 1, catalytic subunit homolog 1
pole-1POLE (DNA POLymerase Epsilon) homolog 1
polg-1POLG (mitochondrial DNA POLymerase Gamma) 1
polh-1POLH (DNA polymerase eta) homolog 1
polk-1POLK (DNA polymerase kappa) homolog 1
polq-1POLQ (DNA polymerase theta) homolog 1
poml-1PON (paraoxonase) and MEC-6 Like 1
pop-1POsterior Pharynx defect 1
popl-4POP ribonuclease P/MRP subunit Like 4
pot-3Protection Of Telomeres 1 (Pot1) homolog 3
ppat-1Phosphoribosyl Pyrophosphate AmidoTransferase homolog 1
ppgn-1ParaPleGiN AAA protease family 1
ppk-1PIP Kinase 1
pps-13'-Phosphoadenosine 5'-Phosphosulfate Synthetase 1
ppt-1Palmitoyl Protein Thioesterase 1
ppw-1PAZ/PIWI domain-containing 1
pqbp-1.2PQBP1 (polyglutamine tract-binding neurodegeneration protein) homolog 1.2
pqe-1PolyQ (poly glutamine tract) toxicity Enhancer 1
pqm-1ParaQuat (Methylviologen) responsive 1
pqn-2Prion-like-(Q/N-rich)-domain-bearing protein 2
praf-3Prenylated Rab Acceptor 1 domain Family 3
prde-1PiRNA-DEpendent silencing defective 1
prdh-1PRoline DeHydrogenase homolog 1
prdm-14PR/SET domain 14
prdx-2PeRoxireDoXin 2
pre-1Phosphine REsistant 1
prg-1Piwi (fruitfly) Related Gene 1
pri-1DNA PRImase homolog 1
prk-1Pim (mammalian oncogene) Related Kinase 1
prmn-1PRoMiNin (5-transmembrane domain glycoprotein) homolog 1
prmt-9PRotein arginine MethylTransferase 9
pro-1PROximal proliferation in germline 1
prom-1PRogression Of Meiosis 1
pros-1PROSpero homeobox homolog 1
prx-1PeRoXisome assembly factor 1
pry-1PolyRaY 1
psa-3Phasmid Socket Absent 3
psf-2PSF (yeast Partner of Sld Five) conserved replication factor, GINS complex 2
psmd-9ProteaSoMe regulatory D subunit 9
psme-3ProteaSoME activator subunit 3
psr-1PhosphatidylSerine Receptor family 1
pst-1PAPS (adenosine 3'-phosphate 5'-phosphosulfate) Transporter 1
pstk-1Phosphoryl Seryl-TRNA (Ser/Sec) Kinase 1
ptc-1PaTChed family 1
ptd-2disPaTcheD family 2
ptps-1Pyruvoyl TetrahydrobioPterin Synthase 1
ptr-1PaTched Related family 1
ptrn-1PaTRoNin (microtubule-binding protein) homolog 1
pudl-1PUD-Like protein 1
puf-3PUF (Pumilio/FBF) domain-containing 3
pup-3Poly(U) Polymerase 3
pus-1PseudoUridine Synthase family 1
pvf-1PDGF/VEGF growth factor related 1
pvl-4Protruding VuLva 4
pwp-1PWP1 homolog, endonuclein 1
pxd-1PleXin Domain containing 1
pxf-1PDZ eXchange Factor 1
pxl-1PaXiLlin homolog 1
pxmp-4PeroXisomal Membrane Protein homolog 4
pxn-1PeroXidasiN (Drosophila peroxidase) homolog 1
pyc-1PYruvate Carboxylase 1
pycr-1PYrroline-5-Carboxylate Reductase 1
pygl-1PYGL glycogen phosphorylase L homolog 1
pygo-1PYGOpus 1
pyp-1inorganic PYroPhosphatase 1
pyr-1PYRimidine biosynthesis 1
pyt-1PYdomainTransmembrane protein 1
pzf-1Paired Zinc Finger protein 1
qars-1glutaminyl(Q) Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase 1
qdpr-1Quinoid DihydroPteridine Reductase 1
qid-6Q neuroblast Is Defective in polarization and migration 6
qns-1glutamine(Q)-dependent NAD(+) Synthase 1
qua-1QUAhog (hedgehog related) 1
qui-1QUInine non-avoider 1
R01E6.2Pepsin inhibitor-3-like repeated domain-containing protein
R01E6.5Histidine-rich glycoprotein-like
R02F2.7Myb-binding protein 1A-like protein
R03D7.8Serine/threonine specific protein phosphatases domain-containing protein
R03G5.62TM domain-containing protein
R04B3.2Glycosylasparaginase beta chain
R04B5.1TMhelix containing protein
R04B5.5Sorbitol dehydrogenase
R04B5.7BHLH domain-containing protein
R05D11.9Sphingomyelin phosphodiesterase 4
R05D3.2LIMR family protein R05D3.2
R05D7.1DUF3278 domain-containing protein
R05F9.6phosphoglucomutase (alpha-D-glucose-1,6-bisphosphate-dependent)
R05G6.10Ras-GEF domain-containing protein
R05G6.5Uroporphyrinogen-III synthase
R05H10.3Dot/Icm T4SS effector
R06B9.5Phosphoinositide phospholipase C
R07B7.2PUM-HD domain-containing protein
R07B7.6Nucleotid_trans domain-containing protein
R07B7.8Lipase_GDSL domain-containing protein
R07C12.3ANF_receptor domain-containing protein
R07E3.1Pept_C1 domain-containing protein
R07E5.11Intraflagellar transport protein 46 homolog
R07G3.8CYRIA/CYRIB Rac1 binding domain-containing protein
R07H5.11NPH3 domain-containing protein
R08A2.7Peptidase_M16_M domain-containing protein
R08C7.5ATF7IP_BD domain-containing protein
R08D7.4Complex1_LYR_dom domain-containing protein
R08F11.1Non-lysosomal glucosylceramidase
R09A1.3UPF0496 protein
R09A8.9GH10 domain-containing protein
R09B5.11Facilitated glucose transporter homolog
R09F10.1Papain family cysteine protease
R09H10.7SEA domain-containing protein
R102.4Beta_elim_lyase domain-containing protein
R10D12.13CCD97-like C-terminal domain-containing protein
R10D12.15Glycoside hydrolase family 19 catalytic domain-containing protein
R10E11.5Apolipoprotein A1/A4/E domain protein
R10E4.6DUF1996 domain-containing protein
R10E4.7GP-PDE domain-containing protein
R10E4.9Very-long-chain (3R)-3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydratase
R10F2.4RRP12-like protein
R119.5Protein-L-isoaspartate O-methyltransferase domain-containing protein 1
R11A8.1DH domain-containing protein
R11D1.10FYVE-type domain-containing protein
R11H6.4Shugoshin_C domain-containing protein
R11H6.5DZF domain-containing protein
R12A1.3Kunitz/Bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor domain protein
R12C12.7Zf-AD domain-containing protein
R12E2.11Orotate phosphoribosyltransferase
R12E2.13MIR domain-containing protein
R12G8.1Phorbol-ester/DAG-type domain-containing protein
R12H7.4G_PROTEIN_RECEP_F2_4 domain-containing protein
R144.13Coenzyme Q-binding protein COQ10 START domain-containing protein
R148.3DUF2846 domain-containing protein
R151.2ribose-phosphate diphosphokinase
R160.2DUF4492 domain-containing protein
R160.4DUF4845 domain-containing protein
R166.2Cleft lip and palate transmembrane protein 1 homolog
R186.839S ribosomal protein L33, mitochondrial
R53.5Redox-regulatory protein FAM213A
R53.8AMIN domain-containing protein
rab-1RAB family 1
rabn-5RABaptiN (rab effector) 5
rabs-5RABenoSyn (trafficking protein) homolog 5
rac-2RAC related 2
rack-1RACK1 (mammalian Receptor of Activated C Kinase) homolog 1
rad-4RADiation sensitivity abnormal/yeast RAD-related 4
rae-1RAE (Ribonucleic Acid Export factor) homolog 1
raga-1RAs-related GTP-binding protein A 1
ral-1RAL (Ras-related GTPase) homolog 1
ran-1associated with RAN (nuclear import/export) function 1
rap-1RAP homolog (vertebrate Rap GTPase family) 1
rars-1arginyl(R) Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase 1
ras-1R-RAS related 1
rax-2Ray AXon abnormal 2
rba-1RBAp48 related 1
rbbp-5RBBP (RetinoBlastoma protein Binding Protein) homolog 5
rbc-1RaBConnectin related 1
rbd-1RBD (RNA binding domain) protein 1
rbf-1RaBPHilin 1
rbg-1RaB GAP related 1
rbmx-2RBMX2 ortholog 2
rbpl-1Retinoblastoma Binding Protein Like 1
rbr-2RB (Retinoblastoma Binding protein) Related 2
rcan-1Regulator of CAalciNeurin 1
rcor-1RCOR (REST CO-Repressor) homolog 1
rcq-5ReCQ DNA helicase family 5
rde-1RNAi DEfective 1
rdl-1Rentinal Degeneration 3-Like 1
rdy-2Rod-like lethal, DYe-filling defective 2
rec-1RECombination abnormal 1
ref-1REgulator of Fusion 1
rege-1REGnasE-1 homolog 1
rei-1RAB-eleven-interacting protein 1
rep-1Rab Escort Protein homolog 1
repo-1REversed POlarity in early embryos 1
reps-1REPS (RalBP1-associated Eps domain-containing protein) homolog 1
rer-1RER (Retention in Endoplasmic Reticulum) homolog 1
ret-1RETiculon protein 1
rev-1REV1 (translesion DNA polymerase) homolog 1
rfc-1RFC (DNA replication factor) family 1
rfip-1Rab-11 Family Interacting-Protein 1
rfk-1RiboFlavin Kinase 1
rfl-1ectopic membrane RuFfLes in embryo 1
rfp-1Ring Finger Protein, UBC associated 1
rfs-1Rad-51 (Fifty-one) like, Short 1
rfth-1RFT1 Homolog 1
rga-9Rho GTPase Activating protein 9
rgef-1Rap Guanine nucleotide Exchange Factor homolog 1
rgl-1Ral GDS-Like 1
rgr-1RGR (yeast transcriptional mediator complex) homolog 1
rha-1RNA HelicAse 1
rheb-1RHEB (Ras Homolog Enriched in Brain) homolog 1
rhi-1RHo GDI 1
rho-1RHO (small G protein) family 1
rhr-1RH (Rhesus) antigen Related 1
ribo-1RIBOphorin (oligosaccharyltransferase complex) homolog 1
ric-1Resistance to Inhibitors of Cholinesterase 1
rict-1RICT0r (Rapamycin-Insensitive Companion of TOR) homolog 1
rif-1.1RIF1 homolog 1.1
rig-1neuRonal IGCAM 1
rike-1RING- and KElch-containing protein 1
ril-2RNAi-Induced Longevity 2
rilp-1RILP (Rab7-Interacting Lysosomal Protein) homolog 1
rimb-1RIM Binding protein 1
rin-1RIN (Ras/Rab INteractor) homolog 1
riok-2RIO Kinase homolog 2
rip-1RFS-1 Interacting Partner 1
rips-1Rhy-1-Interacting Protein in Sulfide response 1
rla-0Ribosomal protein, Large subunit, Acidic (P1) 0
rlbp-1RaL Binding Protein 1
rle-1Regulation of Longevity by E3 ubiquitin ligase 1
rme-1Receptor Mediated Endocytosis 1
rmh-2RMi1 (RMI1) Homolog 2
rmif-2RMI 2 Functional homolog 2
rml-1L-RhaMnose biosynthetic pathway 1
rnf-1RiNg Finger protein 1
rnh-1.0RNase H 1.0
rnp-1RNP (RRM RNA binding domain) containing 1
rnr-1RiboNucleotide Reductase 1
rnst-2RiboNucleaSe T homolog 2
rnt-1RuNT related 1
rocf-1regulator of Rme (RME) Circuit formation 1
rod-1ROD (Drosophila RoughDeal) homolog 1
rol-1ROLler: helically twisted, animals roll when moving 1
rom-1RhOMboid (Drosophila) related 1
romo-1(Reactive Oxygen species MOdulator) homolog 1
rop-1RO (Ro) ribonucleoProtein family 1
rot-1ROTation of embryonic centromere abnormal 1
row-1Relative of Woc homolog 1
rpa-1Replication Protein A homolog 1
rpap-2Rna (RNA) Polymerase II Associated Protein homolog 2
rpi-1Retinitis PIgmentosa (RP) disease gene homolog 1
rpia-1Ribose 5-Phosphate Isomerase A 1
rpn-1proteasome Regulatory Particle, Non-ATPase-like 1
rpy-1RaPsYn 1
rrc-1RhoGAP for Rac-1 and Cdc-42 1
rrf-1RNA-dependent RNA polymerase Family 1
rsbp-1R-Seven Binding Protein (R7BP) homolog 1
rsef-1RaS and EF hand domain containing homolog 1
rsf-1RASSF (Ras-association domain family) homolog 1
rskn-2RSK-pNinety (RSK-p90 kinase) homolog 2
rsks-1RSK-pSeventy (RSK-p70 kinase) homolog 1
rsn-1RNA, Small Nuclear (snRNA) 1
rsp-1SR Protein (splicing factor) 1
rsu-1Ras SUppressor homolog 1
rtcb-1RTCB (tRNA-splicing ligase) homolog 1
rte-1tRNA (RNA, Transfer), glutamic acid (E) 1
rtel-1RTEL (mammalian Regulator of TELomere length) homolog 1
rtfo-1RTF1 (One) homolog, a component of the PAF1 complex that associates with the RNA polymerase II 1
rund-1RUN Domain containing protein 1
ruvb-1RUVB (recombination protein) homolog 1
sac-1SAC1 PIP phosphatase (yeast Suppressor of ACtin) homolog 1
sad-1Synapses of Amphids Defective 1
sam-10Synaptic vesicle tag Abnormal in Mec cells 10
sams-5S-Adenosyl Methionine Synthetase 5
san-1Suspended ANimation (anoxia-induced) defective 1
sand-1SAND endocytosis protein family 1
sap-49Spliceosome-Associated Protein 49
saps-1SAPS (phosphatase associated) domain protein 1
sar-1SAR (Secretion Associated, Ras-related) COPII vesicle coat protein 1
sars-2Seryl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase 2
sart-3Spliceosome Associated Rna (RNA) binding facTor 3
sas-2Spindle ASsembly abnormal 2
sav-1SAlVador (cell proliferation regulator) homolog 1
sax-1Sensory AXon guidance 1
sbds-1Shwachman-Bodian-Diamond Syndrome protein homolog 1
sbp-1Sterol regulatory element Binding Protein 1
sbsp-1Somatomedin B and ThrombosPondin type 1 domain containing 1
sca-1SERCA (Sarco-Endoplasmic Reticulum Calcium ATPase) 1
scav-6SCAVenger receptor (CD36 family) related 6
scb-1Sensitivity to Chemotherapeutic Bleomycin 1
scbp-2SECIS (SeCis) Binding Protein homolog 2
scl-1SCP-Like extracellular protein 1
scly-1SelenoCysteine LYase 1
scm-1SCAMP (synaptic vesicle protein) homolog 1
sco-1SCO (yeast Suppressor of Cytochrome Oxidase deficiency) homolog 1
scp-1SREBP Cleavage activating Protein (SCAP) homolog 1
scpl-1SCP (Small C-terminal domain Phosphatase)-Like phosphatase 1
scpr-1SCAPER ortholog 1
scrm-4SCRaMblase (phospholipid scramblase) 4
scrt-1SCRaTch (zinc finger transcriptional repressor) homolog 1
scyl-1SCY1 Like pseudokinase 1
sdc-1Sex determination and Dosage Compensation defect 1
sde-2SDE2 homolog 2
sdf-9Synthetic Dauer Formation 9
sdhb-1Succinate DeHydrogenase complex subunit B 1
sdn-1SynDecaN 1
sdpn-1SynDaPiN (synaptic dynamin binding protein) homolog 1
sds-22SDS22 (conserved phosphatase regulator) homolog 22
sdz-6SKN-1 Dependent Zygotic transcript 6
sea-1Signal Element on Autosome 1
seb-3SEcretin/class B GPCR 3
secs-1SEC(selenocysteine)-tRNA Synthase 1
seip-1SEIPin homolog 1
sek-1SAPK/ERK kinase 1
sel-1Suppressor/Enhancer of Lin-12 1
seld-1SELD (SelD homolog) involved in selenophosphate synthesis 1
selt-1.1SELenoprotein T related 1.1
sem-1SEx Muscle abnormal 1
semi-1SELENBP1-homolog with Methanethiol oxidase Inactive 1
semo-1SELENBP1 ortholog with Methanethiol Oxidase activity 1
sep-1SEParase 1
ser-1SERotonin/octopamine receptor family 1
serp-1.1SERP1 homolog 1.1
serr-1SERine Racemase 1
sesn-1SEStriN (peroxiredoxin reductase) homolog 1
set-1SET (trithorax/polycomb) domain containing 1
sft-1SurFeiT homolog 1
sftb-1Splicing Factor ThreeB (3b) Subunit homolog 1
sftd-3SFT2 Domain containing protein 3 homolog 3
sfxn-1.1SideroFleXiN (mitochondrial iron transporter) 1.1
sgca-1SarcoGlyCan Alpha homolog 1
sgk-1Serum- and Glucocorticoid- inducible Kinase homolog 1
sgn-1SarcoGlycaN 1
sgnh-1SGN1 Homolog 1
sgo-1ShuGOshin (yeast chromosome segregation protein) homolog 1
shc-3SHC (Src Homology domain C-terminal) adaptor homolog 3
shk-1SHaKer family of potassium channels 1
shl-1SHaL family of potassium channels 1
shn-1SHaNk (SH3/ankyrin domain scaffold protein) related 1
shpk-1SedoHePtuloKinase homolog 1
shw-3SHaW family of potassium channels 3
siah-1SInA (Drosophila Seven In Absentia) Homolog 1
sid-3Systemic RNA Interference Defective 3
sig-7Silencing In Germline defective 7
simr-1SIrna (siRNA)-defective and MoRtal germline 1
sin-3SIN3 (yeast Switch INdependent) histone deacetylase component homolog 3
sinh-1SIN-1 (S. pombe stress activated protein kinase interactor) Homolog 1
sip-1Stress Induced Protein 1
sipa-1SIPA (vertebrate Signal-Induced Proliferation-Associated) homolog 1
skih-2SKI (yeast SuperKIller) Helicase homolog 2
skn-1SKiNhead 1
sknr-1SKN Related 1
skpo-1ShK domain and PerOxidase domain containing protein 1
skpt-1SKP2 (S phase Kinase associated Protein Two) homolog 1
skr-1SKp1 Related (ubiquitin ligase complex component) 1
slc-17.2SLC (SoLute Carrier) homolog 17.2
slcf-2SoLute Carrier Family 2
sld-5SLD (yeast Synthetic Lethal with Dpb11-1) homolog 5
sle-1SLow Embryonic development 1
slfl-5SchLaFen-Like 5
slmp-1SarcoLeMma associated Protein 1
slo-1SLOwpoke potassium channel family 1
slrp-1Sra (SRA) stem-Loop interacting Rna (RNA) binding Protein homolog 1
sls-1tranSpliced Leader Sequence 1
slt-1SLiT (Drosophila) homolog 1
sluh-7SLU7 splicing factor Homolog 7
sly-1SLY1 homolog 1
sma-1SMAll 1
smap-1SMall ArfGAP homolog 1
smc-3SMC (structural maintenance of chromosomes) family 3
smcr-8Smith-Magenis syndrome chromosome region homolog 8
smd-1SAM Decarboxylase 1
smgl-1SMG-associated and Lethal 1
smi-1SMN (survival of motor neuron) protein Interactor 1
smk-1SMEK (Dictyostelium Suppressor of MEK null) homolog 1
smo-1SUMO (ubiquitin-related) homolog 1
smoc-1Sparc (SPARC) related MOdular Calcium binding protein homolog 1
smp-1SeMaPhorin related 1
smrc-1Swi/snf (SWI/SNF) related, Matrix associated, actin dependent Regulator of Chromatin, subfamily a-like 1, homolog 1
smrd-1SWI/SNF-related, Matrix-associated actin-dependent Regulator of chromatin, subfamily a, containing DEAD/H box 1 homolog 1
sms-1SphingoMyelin Synthase 1
smy-6SM Y trans-splicing-associated snRNA 6
snai-1SNAIl family zinc finger 2 transcription factor homolog 1
snap-1SNAP (Soluble NSF Attachment Protein) homolog 1
snb-1SyNaptoBrevin related 1
snet-1snet (Suppressor of NEp Two) 1
snf-1Sodium: Neurotransmitter symporter Family 1
snfc-5SNF chromatin remodeling Complex component 5
sng-1SyNaptoGyrin family 1
snn-1SyNapsiN 1
snpc-4SNAPc (Small Nuclear RNA Activating Complex) homolog 4
snpn-1SNaPiN (synaptic protein) homolog 1
snr-1Small Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein 1
snt-1SyNapTotagmin 1
snu-13SNU (yeast Small NUclear ribonucleoprotein associated) homolog 13
snx-1Sorting NeXin 1
sod-1SOD (superoxide dismutase) 1
sodh-2SOrbitol DeHydrogenase family 2
sor-3SOp-2 Related (ectopic expression of Hox genes) 3
sorb-1SORBin homolog 1
sox-2SOX (mammalian SRY box) family 2
spas-1SPAStin (human neurodegeneration-associated AAA ATPase) related 1
spc-1SPeCtrin 1
spch-1SPerm CHromatin enriched 1
spd-1SPindle Defective 1
spdl-1SPinDLy (Drosophila chromosome segregation) homolog 1
spds-1SPermiDine Synthase 1
spf-1Somatic gonad Primordium Formation abnormal 1
sph-1SynaptoPHysin 1
sphk-1SPHingosine Kinase 1
spig-3small protein in glia 3
spin-1SPINster (Drosophila lysosomal permease) homolog 1
spl-1Sphingosine Phosphate Lyase 1
spn-4SPiNdle orientation defective 4
spo-11homolog of yeast SPOrulation gene 11
spon-1SPONdin (extracellular matrix glycoprotein) family 1
spop-1Speckle type btb/POz (BTB/POZ) Protein homolog 1
spp-1SaPosin-like Protein family 1
sprp-4SPR-4 Paralog 4
spsb-2SPSB (SPry and Socs Box) family 2
spt-4SPT transcription factor family 4
sptf-1SP (Specificity Protein) Transcription Factor 1
spv-1Spermathecal Physiology Variant 1
sqd-1homologous to Drosophila SQD (squid) protein 1
sqrd-1Sulfide Quinone oxidoReDuctase 1
sqst-1SeQueSTosome related 1
sqt-1SQuaT 1
sqv-1SQuashed Vulva 1
sra-1Serpentine Receptor, class A (alpha) 1
src-1SRC oncogene related 1
srdh-1SeRine DeHydratase 1
srf-1SuRFace antigenicity abnormal 1
srgp-1Slit-Robo GAP homolog 1
srlf-35SXP /RAL-2-Like protein Family 35
srp-1SeRPin 1
srrt-1SeRRaTe RNA effector homolog 1
ssb-1Sjogren Syndrome antigen B homolog 1
ssp-9Sperm Specific family, class P 9
ssq-1Sperm-Specific family, class Q 1
sssh-1SleepleSS (Drosophila) Homolog 1
ssup-72SSU (yeast Suppressor of SUa7) Protein homolog 72
sta-2STAT transcription factor family 2
stam-1STAM (Signal Transducing Adapter Molecule) homolog 1
stau-1STAUfen (dsRNA binding protein) homolog 1
stc-1STCH (truncated HSP) family 1
stdh-4STeroid DeHydrogenase family 4
stg-1STarGazin (mammalian calcium channel) homolog 1
sth-1SpermaTHecal expression 1
sti-1STI1 (molecular chaperone) homolog 1
stim-1STIM (mammalian STromal Interaction Molecule) homolog 1
stip-1STIP (Septin and Tuftelin Interacting Protein) homolog 1
stl-1STomatin-Like 1
stn-1SynTrophiN 1
sto-1STOmatin 1
str-1Seven TM Receptor 1
strd-1STRAD (yeast STE20 Related Adaptor protein) homolog 1
strl-1STeroidogenic acute Regulatory protein Like 1
strm-1STerol A-Ring Methylase 1
stt-3STT (yeast oligosaccharyltransferase subunit) homolog 3
stu-2STerile and Uncoordinated 2
sucl-1SUCcinyl-CoA Ligase, alpha subunit 1
suco-1SUn (SUN) domain Containing Ossification factor homolog 1
sud-1SUpernumerary cell Divisions 1
suds-3SUDS (vertebrate SUppressor of Defective Silencing) homolog 3
sue-1SUppressor of Elongation defect 1
suf-1SUppressor-of-Forked (Drosophila) homolog 1
sul-1SULfatase domain protein 1
sulp-4SULfate Permease family 4
suls-1SULfide Sensitive 1
sun-1SUN (S. pombe sad1/Ce-UNC-84) domain protein 1
suox-1SUlfite OXidase 1
sup-2SUPpressor 2
svop-1SVOP (Synaptic Vesicle twO-related Protein) homolog 1
swah-1SoWAH (Drosophila) homolog 1
swd-2.1Set1 WD40 repeat protein 2.1
swip-10SWimming Induced Paralysis 10
swp-1splicing factor (Suppressor of White aPricot) related 1
sws-1SWS1 homolog 1
swsn-1SWI/SNF nucleosome remodeling complex component 1
swt-3SWEET sugar transporter family 3
syc-1SYnthetic CAN migration defect 1
syd-1SYnapse Defective 1
sydn-1SSynaptic Defective eNhancer 1
syf-1SYF pre-mRNA splicing factor homolog 1
syg-1SYnaptoGenesis abnormal 1
symk-1SYMpleKin cleavage and polyadenylation factor 1
syp-1SYnaPsis in meiosis abnormal 1
sys-1SYmmetrical Sister cell hermaphrodite gonad defect 1
sysm-1SYstemic Stress signaling Mediator 1
syx-3SYntaXin 3
szy-20Suppressor of ZYg-1 20
T01B4.3DUF4604 domain-containing protein
T01B7.5Sas10 C-terminal domain-containing protein
T01C8.2PHB domain-containing protein
T01D3.6IgGFc-binding protein-like
T01G1.4Alkyl transferase
T01G9.2PHAF1 protein T01G9.2
T01H3.2Peroxin/Ferlin domain-containing protein
T01H3.5XH domain-containing protein
T02B11.8Granulins domain-containing protein
T02C12.5AAI domain-containing protein
T02C5.1TNFR-Cys domain-containing protein
T02E1.2Fungal_trans domain-containing protein
T02G6.3Stm1_N domain-containing protein
T02H6.4But2 domain-containing protein
T04A11.1Phenazine biosynthesis-like domain-containing protein
T04A6.1Leptin receptor gene-related protein
T04A6.2Proton_antipo_M domain-containing protein
T04A8.13G-patch domain-containing protein
T04A8.71,4-alpha-glucan branching enzyme
T04A8.8Rad60/SUMO-like domain-containing protein
T04B2.3Shieldin complex subunit 1
T04B2.7DUF2780 domain-containing protein
T04B8.5AA_permease domain-containing protein
T04D3.1NTF2 domain-containing protein
T04F3.1Aminotransferase class I/classII domain-containing protein
T04F8.2Intimal thickness related receptor IRP domain-containing protein
T05A8.7CxC5 domain-containing protein
T05C3.2NACHT domain-containing protein
T05C7.4DUF3899 domain-containing protein
T05C7.8Metal-dependent hydrolase
T05E12.8Mechanosensitive ion channel family protein
T05E12.9Polynucleotide 5'-triphosphatase
T05E7.1BAAT_C domain-containing protein
T05F1.4NAM-associated domain-containing protein
T05G5.1Prothymosin alpha-like
T05G5.5Dephospho-CoA kinase
T05H4.11DUF4706 domain-containing protein
T05H4.3U2A'/phosphoprotein 32 family A C-terminal domain-containing protein
T05H4.4NADH-cytochrome b5 reductase
T06A10.106Sodium:proton antiporter
T06D4.1Type VI secretion system protein TssA
T06D4.2Cobyrinic acid ac-diamide synthase
T06D4.6YlbF family regulator
T06D8.2UVR domain-containing protein
T06D8.9Store-operated calcium entry-associated regulatory factor
T06G6.4FAM184 domain-containing protein
T07A9.14Remorin_N domain-containing protein
T07D4.2UPF0046 protein T07D4.2
T07D4.5P53 and DNA damage-regulated protein 1
T07E3.3DSBA-like thioredoxin domain-containing protein
T07F12.1Steroid-phosphate phosphatase
T07F12.2PA domain-containing protein
T08A11.1DEP domain-containing protein
T08B2.4PINc domain-containing protein
T08B6.4Endo/exonuclease/phosphatase domain-containing protein
T08D10.3CARD domain-containing protein
T08D2.5ING domain-containing protein
T08D2.8TOG domain-containing protein
T09A12.8AraC family transcriptional regulator
T09B4.8Alanine--glyoxylate aminotransferase 2, mitochondrial
T09E11.6Beta-1,3-galactosyl-O-glycosyl-glycoprotein beta-1,6-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase 3
T10B11.5DUF1273 family protein
T10F2.5Trafficking protein particle complex subunit 2-like protein
T11B7.1Centrosomal protein of 162 kDa
T11B7.2Ribosomal_L30_N domain-containing protein
T12C9.7CYCLIN domain-containing protein
T12D8.10BolA family protein
T12E12.6Peptidase_M1 domain-containing protein
T12G3.6RWD domain-containing protein
T13C5.6Phosphatidic acid phosphatase type 2/haloperoxidase domain-containing protein
T13G4.4Hcy-binding domain-containing protein
T13G4.7U1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein C
T13H5.1Receptor-type tyrosine-protein phosphatase kappa
T14B1.1DUF4116 domain-containing protein
T14B4.1tRNA/rRNA methyltransferase SpoU type domain-containing protein
T14B4.19Tantalus domain-containing protein
T14B4.8DPPIV_N domain-containing protein
T14G8.3Hypoxia up-regulated protein 1
T14G8.4Transformation transcription protein
T14G8.6DUF3969 family protein
T18D3.9Mpv17-like protein
T19A6.1PQ-loop repeat-containing protein 1
T19C4.1Secretory carrier membrane protein
T19C4.5GLOBIN domain-containing protein
T19D12.6Laminin G domain-containing protein
T19D2.2TYR_PHOSPHATASE_2 domain-containing protein
T19D7.6LRRcap domain-containing protein
T19E7.6SCP2_2 domain-containing protein
T19H5.7Knot1 domain-containing protein
T20B12.7Anamorsin homolog
T20F5.8TPA-induced transmembrane protein
T20G5.9Partner of Y14 and mago
T21C9.11DUF4149 domain-containing protein
T21C9.6Phosphoenolpyruvate synthase
T21E12.5Guided entry of tail-anchored proteins factor 1
T21E8.5DHC_N1 domain-containing protein
T22A3.6Kringle domain-containing protein
T22B2.5Neur_chan_memb domain-containing protein
T22B7.4SGF29 C-terminal domain-containing protein
T22C1.1UBR-type domain-containing protein
T22C1.11Ribosome biogenesis protein NOP53
T22C1.5TFIIIC_sub6 domain-containing protein
T22C8.6Ntox44 domain-containing protein
T22D1.3Inosine-5'-monophosphate dehydrogenase
T22E5.1Accessory protein 7b
T22H2.44Fe-4S ferredoxin-type domain-containing protein
T23B5.4Prokaryotic-type class I peptide chain release factors domain-containing protein
T23B7.2DUF4408 domain-containing protein
T23C6.4Caprin-1_dimer domain-containing protein
T23E1.3S10_plectin domain-containing protein
T23E7.2Aggrecan core protein
T23E7.6Symporter YagG
T23F6.2NIDO domain-containing protein
T23G11.4Hepatocellular carcinoma-associated antigen 59
T23G11.7HAUS6_N domain-containing protein
T23G7.2Calcineurin-like phosphoesterase domain-containing protein
T24A6.1GNAT family N-acetyltransferase
T24B8.4WH2 domain-containing protein
T24C2.3DUF1394 domain-containing protein
T24C4.2FAR1 domain-containing protein
T24D5.1DUF1716 domain-containing protein
T24D5.3RXT2_N domain-containing protein
T24E12.3Dimer_Tnp_hAT domain-containing protein
T24G10.2DM2 domain-containing protein
T24H7.9GyrI-like small molecule binding domain-containing protein
T25B2.3CBM1 domain-containing protein
T25B6.3TryThrA_C domain-containing protein
T25B6.5AAA_9 domain-containing protein
T25B9.96-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase, decarboxylating
T25E12.14Peptidase_M75 domain-containing protein
T25G12.3Salivary glue protein Sgs-3-like
T25G3.360S ribosomal export protein NMD3
T26C12.12-hydroxyacyl-CoA lyase 2
T26C12.2DUF2085 domain-containing protein
T26C5.3Acetyl-coenzyme A transporter 1
T26E3.7ATPase F1/V1/A1 complex alpha/beta subunit nucleotide-binding domain-containing protein
T26E4.18DUF4025 domain-containing protein
T26H10.2FRG domain-containing protein
T26H5.4Envelope glycoprotein
T26H5.8Glycosyl transferase family 11
T26H5.9HNH endonuclease
T28B8.1PAX3-and PAX7-binding protein 1
T28B8.3DUF3437 domain-containing protein
T28C6.8Brain protein I3
T28F3.5acetyl-CoA carboxylase
T28F4.1SERTA domain-containing protein
T28H10.1L-aminoadipate-semialdehyde dehydrogenase-phosphopantetheinyl transferase
taap-1TAil-Anchored Protein 1
tab-1Touch ABnormal 1
tac-1TACC (transforming acid coiled coil) protein family 1
taco-1Translational Activator of Cytochrome c Oxidase 1
tads-1Temporal Asymmetry between Division of Sister cells 1
taf-1TAF (TBP-associated transcription factor) family 1
tag-4Temporarily Assigned Gene name 4
tald-1TransALDolase-1 homolog 1
talp-3TALPid3 (TALPID3) functional homolog 3
tam-1Tandem Array expression Modifier 1
tank-1TANKyrase related 1
tap-1TAK1 kinase/MOM-4 binding Protein 1
tars-1Threonyl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase 1
tasp-1TASPase homolog 1
tat-5Transbilayer Amphipath Transporters (subfamily IV P-type ATPase) 5
tba-1TuBulin, Alpha 1
tbc-19TBC (Tre-2/Bub2/Cdc16) domain family 19
tbcd-1TuBulin folding Cofactor D homolog 1
tbh-1Tyramine Beta Hydroxylase 1
tbp-1TATA-Binding Protein 1
tbx-2T BoX family 2
tceb-3TransCription Elongation factor B subunit homolog 3
tct-1TCTP (translationally-controlled tumor protein) homolog 1
tctn-1TeCToNic (vertebrate ciliogenesis factor) homolog 1
tdc-1Tyrosine DeCarboxylase 1
tdp-1TAR DNA-binding Protein homolog 1
tdpo-1Tyrosyl-Dna (DNA) Phosphodiesterase One homolog 1
tdpt-1Tyrosyl-DNA Phosphodiesterase Two homolog 1
tebp-1TElomere Binding Protein 1
teg-1Tumorous Enhancer of Glp-1(gf) 1
ten-1TENeurin 1
tent-5TErminal NucleotidylTransferase 5
tep-1TEP (ThiolEster containing Protein) 1
tes-1TEStin (human testis-derived transcript) homolog 1
tex-2Testis EXpressed homolog 2
tgn-38Trans-Golgi Network protein homolog 38
tgs-1TrimethylGuanosine Synthase homolog 1
tgt-1TRNA Guanine Transglycosylase 1
thk-1THymidine Kinase 1
thn-1THaumatiN family 1
thoc-7THO Complex (transcription factor/nuclear export) subunit 7
tiam-1TIAM (mammalian Tumor Invasion And Metastasis factor) homolog 1
tiar-2TIA-1/TIAL RNA binding protein homolog 2
tif-1Atranscription initiation factor IA 1A
tig-1TransformIng Growth factor beta family 1
tim-1TIMeless (Drosophila/mammal) related 1
timm-23Translocase, Inner Mitochondrial Membrane 23
timp-1Tissue Inhibitor of MetalloProtease 1
tin-9.1Transport to INner mitochondrial membrane (yeast TIM) 9.1
tipn-1Timeless (TIMELESS) iNteracting protein homolog 1
tir-1TIR (Toll and Interleukin 1 Receptor) domain protein 1
tkr-3TachyKinin Receptor family 3
tkt-1TransKeTolase homolog 1
tlf-1TBP-Like Factor 1
tli-1ToLlIp homolog 1
tlk-1Tousled-Like Kinase 1
tln-1TaLiN 1
tmbi-4TMBI (TransMembrane BAX Inhibitor motif protein) homolog 4
tmc-2TransMembrane Channel-like protein family 2
tmd-2TropoMoDulin 2
tmed-10TransMEmbrane emp24 Domain-containing 10
tmem-145TMEM (human TransMEMbrane protein) homolog 145
tnc-2TropoNin C 2
tns-1TeNSin homolog 1
tnsl-1ToNSoku Like homolog 1
toc-1similar to Transporter Of divalent Cations 1
toca-2TOCA (Transducer Of Cdc42-dependent Actin assembly) homolog 2
toe-4Target Of ERK kinase MPK-1 4
tofu-1Twenty One u-rna (21U-RNA) biogenesis Fouled Up 1
toh-1TOllisH (tolloid and BMP-1 family) 1
tol-1TOLl (Drosophila) family 1
tom-1TOMosyn synaptic protein 1
tomm-40Translocase of Outer Mitochondrial Membrane 40
top-1TOPoisomerase 1
tost-1Twenty-One u (U) antagoniST 1
tpa-1TPA (tetradecanoyl phorbol acetate) resistant 1
tpan-1Tiny PAN-neuronal 1
tph-1TryPtophan Hydroxylase 1
tpi-1Triose Phosphate Isomerase 1
tpk-1Thiamine PyrophosphoKinase 1
tpp-2TriPeptidyl Peptidase 2
tpra-1TPRA-1 (human TRansmembrane Protein, Adipocyte associated 1) ortholog 1
tps-1Trehalose 6-Phosphate Synthase 1
tpst-1TyrosylProtein SulfoTransferase 1
tra-1TRAnsformer: XX animals transformed into males 1
trak-1TRAK1 and TRAK2 related 1
tram-1TRAM (TRanslocating chain-Associating Membrane) protein transporter 1
trap-4TRanslocon-Associated Protein 4
tre-1TREhalase 1
tres-1TRESlin (TRESLIN) homolog 1
trf-1TNF Receptor Associated Factor (TRAF) homolog 1
trh-1THR-like peptide hormone 1
trhr-1Thyrotropin-Releasing Hormone Receptor 1
tric-1B.1Trimeric Intracellular Cation b (B) channel family member 1B.1
trim-21TRIpartite Motif-containing protein homolog 21
trip-4ThyRoid hormone receptor Interactor Protein 4 homolog 4
trk-1TRK (vertebrate neurotrophin receptor tyrosine kinase) homolog 1
trm-1TRna (tRNA) Methyltransferase homolog 1
trp-1TRP (transient receptor potential) channel family 1
trpa-1TRPA cation channel homolog 1
trpl-5TRP-channel-Like 5
trpp-9TRansport Protein Particle 9
trr-1TRRAP-like (transcription/transformation domain-associated protein) 1
trt-1Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase 1
trul-1TRaip (TRAIP) Ubiquitin Ligase 1 homolog 1
trx-2ThioRedoXin [see also xtr] 2
try-1TRYpsin-like protease 1
tsct-1TSC Twenty-two domain containing 1
tsen-2Trna (tRNA) Splicing ENdonuclease subunit related 2
tsfm-1TS elongation Factor (EF-Ts), Mitochondrial 1
tsg-101Tumor Susceptibility Gene homolog 101
tsn-1Tudor Staphylococcal Nuclease homolog 1
tsp-1TetraSPanin family 1
tspo-1TranSlocator PrOtein homolog 1
tsr-1Transporter of SR proteins 1
ttb-1TFII(two)B (general transcription factor) 1
ttbk-5Tau TuBulin Kinase 5
ttc-36TeTratriCopeptide repeat domain protein related 36
tth-1Tetra THymosin (four thymosin repeat protein) 1
ttll-5Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase Like 5
ttm-1Toxin-regulated Targets of MAPK 1
ttn-1TiTiN family 1
ttr-18TransThyretin-Related family domain 18
tts-1Transcribed Telomerase-like Sequence 1
ttyh-1TweeTY transmembrane/cell surface protein Homolog 1
tub-1TUBby-related 1
tufm-1TU elongation Factor (EF-Tu), Mitochondrial 1
tut-2Thiolation of Uridine in TRNA 2
twf-2TWinFilin actin binding protein homolog 2
twk-1TWiK family of potassium channels 1
twnk-1TWiNKle mtDNA helicase homolog 1
txbp-3TaX1 Binding Protein homolog 3
txdc-9ThioredoXin Domain Containing protein homolog 9
txl-1ThioredoXin-Like 1
txt-12transcellular chaperone signaling (x)cross tissue 12
tyms-1ThYMidylate Synthetase 1
tyr-3TYRosinase 3
tyra-3TYRAmine receptor 3
uad-2USTC association-dependent 2
uaf-1U2AF splicing factor 1
uba-1UBA (human ubiquitin) related 1
ubc-1UBiquitin Conjugating enzyme 1
ubl-1UBiquitin-Like family 1
ubq-1UBiQuitin 1
ubql-1UBiQuiLin 1
ubr-5UBR E3 ubiquitin ligase homolog 5
ubxn-5UBX-containing protein in Nematodes 5
ucp-4UnCoupling Protein (mitochondrial substrate carrier) 4
ucr-2.2Ubiquinol-Cytochrome c oxidoReductase complex 2.2
uev-1Ubiquitin E2 (conjugating enzyme) variant 1
ufc-1UFM Conjugating Enzyme 1
ufl-1UFM-protein Ligase 1
ufm-1Ubiquitin-Fold Modifier homolog 1
uggt-2UDP-Glucose Glycoprotein glucosylTransferase 2
ugt-49UDP-GlucuronosylTransferase 49
ugtp-1UDP-Galactose Transporter Protein family 1
uig-1UNC-112-Interacting Guanine nucleotide exchange factor 1
ule-4Uterine Lumin Expressed/locailized 4
ulp-1Ubiquitin-Like Protease 1
unc-1UNCoordinated 1
uncp-18UNC-18 Paralog 18
unk-1UNKempt related zinc finger protein 1
upb-1UreidoPropionase Beta 1
uri-1URI (Unconventional prefoldin RPB5 Interactor) homolog 1
uroc-1UROCanate hydratase 1
use-1Unconventional SNARE in the Endoplasmic Reticulum 1
usip-1U Six snRNA Interacting Protein 1
uso-1USO1 (yeast transport protein) homolog 1
utp-20UTP small subunit (SSU) processome component homolog 20
uts-1Unidentified Trans-Spliced transcript 1
vab-1Variable ABnormal morphology 1
vacl-14VAC (yeast VACuole morphology)-Like 14
valv-1VALVe cells defective 1
vamp-8VAMP (Vesicle Associated Membrane Protein) homolog 8
vang-1VANG (Van Gogh/Strabismus planar polarity protein) homolog 1
vap-1Venom-Allergen-like Protein 1
vars-1Valyl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase 1
vbh-1Vasa- and Belle-like Helicase 1
vdac-1VDAC (Voltage Dependent Anion Channel) homolog 1
vem-1VEMA (mammalian ventral midline antigen) related 1
ven-1VENtral cord displaced or detached 1
ver-1VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) Receptor family 1
vet-5Very Early Transcript 5
vex-1Vulval EXecution defective 1
vgln-1ViGiLN homolog 1
vglu-2Vesicular GLUtamate transporter 2
VH15N14R.1Nipped-B-like protein B
vha-1Vacuolar H ATPase 1
vhl-1Von Hippel-Lindau tumor suppressor homolog 1
vhp-1VH1 dual-specificity phosphatase family 1
vig-1VIG (Drosophila Vasa Intronic Gene) ortholog 1
viln-1VILliN related 1
viro-2Virus Induced Reporter Off 2
vit-1VITellogenin structural genes (yolk protein genes) 1
vmo-1vitelline membrane outer layer 1 homolog 1
vms-1VCP/Cdc48-associated Mitochondrial Stress-responsive 1
vpr-1VAP (VAMP-associated protein) Related 1
vrk-1Vaccinia Related Kinase 1
vrp-1Vitellogenin Regulating Protein 1
vsra-1Versatile Small Rnas (RNAs) Argonaute 1
vti-1VTI (Vesicle Transport through t-SNARE Interaction) homolog 1
W01A11.1Epoxide hydrolase
W01A11.7DUF2382 domain-containing protein
W01A8.2UPF0235 protein
W01B6.43-deoxy-7-phosphoheptulonate synthase
W01D2.69.7 kDa protein
W02A2.5Solute-binding protein family 3/N-terminal domain-containing protein
W02C12.2Proteolipid protein 2
W02D9.4Zf-3CxxC domain-containing protein
W02D9.6Coordinator of PRMT5 and differentiation stimulator
W02F12.2Alkaline ceramidase
W02H3.1AbiV family abortive infection protein
W02H5.8Triokinase/FMN cyclase
W03F8.4EKC/KEOPS complex subunit TPRKB
W04A4.6NFACT-R_1 domain-containing protein
W04A8.43'-5' exonuclease domain-containing protein
W04E12.4Kinesin-associated protein 3-like
W04E12.7Nucleoside-diphosphate kinase
W04G3.5Ribose-phosphate pyrophosphokinase N-terminal domain-containing protein
W04G5.8Helo_like_N domain-containing protein
W05B10.4Ras-associating domain-containing protein
W05F2.8AGC-kinase C-terminal domain-containing protein
W06B4.1Lipase_3 domain-containing protein
W06B4.2N-acetyl-D-glucosamine kinase
W06E11.1RNB domain-containing protein
W06G6.12DUF5709 domain-containing protein
W07A12.8DapB_N domain-containing protein
W07E11.1glutamate synthase (NADH)
W07G4.5RILP-like protein 1
W07G4.8TonB-dependent receptor
W08E12.2Chorion class high-cysteine HCB protein 12-like
W08F4.1DDE_3 domain-containing protein
W08F4.3Sigma non-opioid intracellular receptor 1
W08F4.5Nodule-specific Glycine Rich Peptide
W09D6.1AMP-dependent synthetase/ligase domain-containing protein
W09G10.9Integration host factor subunit alpha
W09G3.7Williams-Beuren syndrome chromosomal region 16 protein
W09G3.8Immediate early response 3-interacting protein 1
W09H1.4DUF1902 domain-containing protein
W10D9.3LRAT domain-containing protein
W10G11.19DUF4105 domain-containing protein
W10G6.6Poly-beta-1,6-N-acetyl-D-glucosamine biosynthesis protein PgaD
wapl-1WAPL (Drosophila Wings APart-Like cohesin interactor) 1
warf-1Worm ADP-Ribosylation Factor homolog 1
wars-1tryptophanyl(W) Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase 1
wbp-2Ww (WW) domain Binding Protein 2
wdfy-3WD40 and FYVE domain protein 3
wdr-5.1WD Repeat protein 5.1
wee-1.1WEE homolog 1.1
wht-6WHiTe (Drosophila) related ABC transporter 6
wip-1Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein (WASP)-Interacting Protein and gene assignment 1
wrb-1WRB (human W(tryptophan)-Rich Basic nuclear protein) homolog 1
wrk-1Wrapper/Rega-1/Klingon homolog 1
wrt-1WaRThog (hedgehog-like family) 1
wsp-1WASP (actin cytoskeleton modulator) homolog 1
wts-1WarTS (Drosophila) protein kinase homolog 1
wve-1WAVE (actin cytoskeleton modulator) homolog 1
wwp-1WW domain Protein (E3 ubiquitin ligase) 1
xbp-1X-box Binding Protein homolog 1
xbx-1X-BoX promoter element regulated 1
xdh-1Xanthine DeHydrogenase homolog 1
xnd-1X chromosome NonDisjunction factor 1
xol-1XO Lethal 1
xpc-1XPC (Xeroderma Pigmentosum group C) DNA repair gene homolog 1
xpf-1(Xeroderma Pigmentosum group F) DNA repair gene homolog 1
xpg-1XPG (Xeroderma Pigmentosum group G) DNA repair gene homolog 1
xpo-1eXPOrtin (nuclear export receptor) 1
xrep-4Xenobiotic (acrylamide) REsponse Pathway abnormal 4
xrn-2XRN (mouse/S. cerevisiae) ribonuclease related 2
xtr-1MX region of TRA-2 Related 1
Y102A11A.2Chromatin-remodeling ATPase INO80
Y102A11A.5MliC domain-containing protein
Y102E9.3HMA domain-containing protein
Y102F5A.1RGS domain-containing protein
Y105C5A.12SMP domain-containing protein
Y105C5A.1272EAL domain-containing protein
Y105C5A.24mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase
Y105C5A.9Seed maturation protein
Y105C5B.20DUF1905 domain-containing protein
Y105E8A.11BolA-like protein 3
Y105E8A.13CSN8_PSD8_EIF3K domain-containing protein
Y105E8A.2MRH domain-containing protein
Y105E8A.20Methionine--tRNA ligase, mitochondrial
Y105E8B.7AF-9 ANC1 homology domain-containing protein
Y106G6D.3Myb-like protein X
Y106G6G.2SEC7 domain-containing protein
Y108F1.5Helicase-associated domain-containing protein
Y110A2AL.7FAD-oxidase_C domain-containing protein
Y113G7B.27DUF904 domain-containing protein
Y116A8B.1PG_binding_1 domain-containing protein
Y116A8C.25protein-ribulosamine 3-kinase
Y116A8C.49Ephrin_rec_like domain-containing protein
Y116F11B.2Sushi domain-containing protein
Y119C1A.1RanBP2-type domain-containing protein
Y119C1B.10IBD domain-containing protein
Y11D7A.9Post-GPI attachment to proteins factor 2-like
Y14H12A.5DUF998 domain-containing protein
Y17D7B.2Sulfotransfer_1 domain-containing protein
Y17D7C.2ADP-ribosyl cyclase/cyclic ADP-ribose hydrolase
Y17G7B.17Myeloid leukemia factor
Y17G9A.2TNF_2 domain-containing protein
Y17G9A.3DUF4242 domain-containing protein
Y17G9A.4Peptidase_M15_4 domain-containing protein
Y17G9B.4Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase
Y17G9B.5Evolutionarily conserved signaling intermediate in Toll pathway, mitochondrial
Y18D10A.2Gamma-interferon-inducible lysosomal thiol reductase
Y18D10A.21CP2 domain-containing protein
Y18D10A.3NAD(P)H-hydrate epimerase
Y18H1A.11choline-phosphate cytidylyltransferase
Y18H1A.2CBF1-interacting co-repressor CIR N-terminal domain-containing protein
Y19D2B.1Tubulin_C domain-containing protein
Y20F4.8DUF5641 domain-containing protein
Y22D7AL.1COX3 domain-containing protein
Y22D7AL.1010 kDa heat shock protein, mitochondrial
Y22D7AL.6DUF5675 domain-containing protein
Y22D7AL.7Talin_middle domain-containing protein
Y23H5B.1DUF725 domain-containing protein
Y24F12A.1Deoxyribonuclease TATDN2
Y25C1A.2Metalloproteinase inhibitor 2
Y26E6A.3Methyltransferase-like 26
Y32B12A.5HYPK_UBA domain-containing protein
Y32B12B.1CMP-N-acetylneuraminate-beta-1,4-galactoside alpha-2,3-sialyltransferase
Y32F6A.5Retinoid-inducible serine carboxypeptidase
Y32H12A.6Flavodoxin-like domain-containing protein
Y34B4A.2UV radiation resistance-associated gene protein-like
Y34D9A.7PSP proline-rich domain-containing protein
Y37A1A.2ADP,ATP carrier protein
Y37A1A.4FAM65 N-terminal domain-containing protein
Y37E11AM.2Anoct_dimer domain-containing protein
Y37E11AM.33-dehydrosphinganine reductase
Y37E11B.5tRNA-dihydrouridine(47) synthase [NAD(P)(+)]
Y37E3.17Dimethylglycine dehydrogenase, mitochondrial
Y37E3.30Rx N-terminal domain-containing protein
Y37F4.2Sec-independent protein translocase protein TatA
Y38E10A.17DUF3945 domain-containing protein
Y38E10A.22Armadillo-type protein
Y38E10A.24Complex I-B12
Y38F1A.1Exocyst complex component Sec10
Y39A1A.22Xenotropic and polytropic retrovirus receptor 1 homolog
Y39A1A.3Sjogren's syndrome/scleroderma autoantigen 1 (Autoantigen p27)
Y39A3CL.1Minor tail protein
Y39A3CL.3C4-dicarboxylate ABC transporter
Y39B6A.13RsbRD_N domain-containing protein
Y39B6A.3FeS cluster biogenesis domain-containing protein
Y39B6A.34COA8 family protein Y39B6A.34, mitochondrial
Y39B6A.37Structural protein
Y39B6A.43DUF4124 domain-containing protein
Y39B6A.7SGNH hydrolase-type esterase domain-containing protein
Y39E4B.11UDG domain-containing protein
Y39E4B.6Smad nuclear-interacting protein 1
Y39F10C.1Apextrin C-terminal domain-containing protein
Y39G10AR.11TPR_MLP1_2 domain-containing protein
Y39G10AR.15DUF5523 domain-containing protein
Y39H10B.3DUF3523 domain-containing protein
Y40A1A.3DUF5678 domain-containing protein
Y40H7A.10Cathepsin L-like proteinase
Y41C4A.7FACT complex subunit
Y41C4A.8DUF3105 domain-containing protein
Y41C4A.9Digestive organ expansion factor homolog
Y41D4A.7BUB1 N-terminal domain-containing protein
Y41D4B.11DUF1014-domain-containing protein
Y41D4B.4TPR-like protein
Y42G9A.1Nbl1_Borealin_N domain-containing protein
Y43B11AR.3TruB_N domain-containing protein
Y43E12A.23CxxC-type domain-containing protein
Y43F4A.1Leishmanolysin-like peptidase
Y43F4A.3Nanos-type domain-containing protein
Y43F4A.42-oxoisovalerate dehydrogenase subunit alpha
Y43F8B.15DUF4435 domain-containing protein
Y43F8B.17M48 family peptidase
Y43F8B.23RAD protein (Pv-fam-e)
Y43F8B.24DUF1893 domain-containing protein
Y43F8B.7PIPK domain-containing protein
Y43F8B.9FLZ-type domain-containing protein
Y43F8C.6SANT domain-containing protein
Y43F8C.7ER membrane protein complex subunit 10
Y44A6D.3Brinker DNA-binding domain-containing protein
Y44A6D.5Branched-chain-amino-acid aminotransferase
Y45F3A.1Filament-like plant protein 7
Y45F3A.54F5 domain-containing protein
Y45G12B.3L-2-hydroxyglutarate dehydrogenase, mitochondrial
Y45G5AM.4HTH_17 domain-containing protein
Y45G5AM.9Aftiphilin clathrin-binding box domain-containing protein
Y46C8AL.11C4 protein
Y46E12A.2DUF72 domain-containing protein
Y46G5A.18R3H-associated N-terminal domain-containing protein
Y46G5A.28MI domain-containing protein
Y46H3A.4RadC domain-containing protein
Y46H3C.5Btz domain-containing protein
Y47C4A.1AAA_lid_3 domain-containing protein
Y47D3A.13DUF4349 domain-containing protein
Y47D3A.21Density-regulated protein homolog
Y47D3A.34AcidPPc domain-containing protein
Y47D3B.12IGFBP N-terminal domain-containing protein
Y47D9A.1Nucleotidyl transferase domain-containing protein
Y47D9A.4PEST proteolytic signal-containing nuclear protein
Y47G6A.3040S ribosomal protein S19-binding protein 1
Y47G7B.2DUF4781 domain-containing protein
Y47H9C.12Mos1 transposase HTH domain-containing protein
Y47H9C.8NACHT_N domain-containing protein
Y48A5A.3Ubiquinol-cytochrome-c reductase complex assembly factor 2
Y48A6B.9Enoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase, mitochondrial
Y48A6C.4Pre-rRNA-processing protein Ipi1 N-terminal domain-containing protein
Y48B6A.13Diphosphomevalonate decarboxylase
Y48C3A.18Threonylcarbamoyl-AMP synthase
Y48C3A.3Failed axon connections homolog
Y48C3A.5Serine-rich adhesin for platelets
Y48E1B.17PIG-P domain-containing protein
Y48E1B.3Geranylgeranyl transferase type-1 subunit beta
Y48E1C.1Centromere protein S
Y48E1C.2Carnosine N-methyltransferase
Y48E1C.4SnoaL-like domain-containing protein
Y48G10A.1S-formylglutathione hydrolase
Y48G1C.8OTU domain-containing protein
Y48G8AL.16Fungus-induced protein 1
Y48G8AL.7Origin recognition complex subunit 6
Y48G9A.7CsbD family protein
Y49A3A.3tRNA:m(4)X modification enzyme TRM13
Y49E10.10Proteoglycan 4
Y49E10.21RAD50-interacting protein 1
Y49E10.27TAZ-type domain-containing protein
Y50D4A.1Fanconi-associated nuclease
Y50D4A.10Plectrovirus-related protein
Y50D4A.4Mic1 domain-containing protein
Y50D4C.5Drf_GBD domain-containing protein
Y50D7A.10ADF-H domain-containing protein
Y50D7A.3phosphorylase kinase
Y50E8A.11Integrin_alpha2 domain-containing protein
Y50E8A.12THAP-type domain-containing protein
Y50E8A.6Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase
Y51A2D.13PLD phosphodiesterase domain-containing protein
Y51F10.11Defect at low temperature protein 1
Y51H4A.23Bet_v_1 domain-containing protein
Y51H4A.8DUF4136 domain-containing protein
Y51H4A.937Type-F conjugative transfer system pilin assembly protein TrbC
Y51H7C.1CLIP domain-containing serine protease
Y51H7C.3Lzipper-MIP1 domain-containing protein
Y52B11A.11Ig-like_bact domain-containing protein
Y52B11A.3cytochrome-b5 reductase
Y53C12A.10tRNA-uridine aminocarboxypropyltransferase
Y53C12A.11PRE_C2HC domain-containing protein
Y53C12A.7HEAT repeat-containing protein
Y53C12B.1U3 small nucleolar RNA-associated protein 13 C-terminal domain-containing protein
Y53F4B.10AAA_12 domain-containing protein
Y53F4B.18Amidase domain-containing protein
Y53F4B.21HEPN_LA2681 domain-containing protein
Y53F4B.36Wsv310-like protein
Y53F4B.39Beta-lactamase-like protein 2 homolog
Y53F4B.43DUF4325 domain-containing protein
Y53F4B.9AAA+ ATPase domain-containing protein
Y53G8B.1maleylacetoacetate isomerase
Y53H1B.2Slit-like 3 protein
Y53H1B.4VASt domain-containing protein
Y54E10A.6B3/B4 tRNA-binding domain-containing protein
Y54E10BL.3CcoQ/FixQ family Cbb3-type cytochrome c oxidase assembly chaperone
Y54E10BR.2ADP-ribosylation factor-related protein 1
Y54E2A.4Activating signal cointegrator 1 complex subunit 3
Y54E2A.9Vitelline membrane outer layer protein 1 homolog
Y54E5A.5Polysaccharide biosynthesis domain-containing protein
Y54F10AL.1GDT1 family protein
Y54G11A.1PKD_channel domain-containing protein
Y54G11A.17L51_S25_CI-B8 domain-containing protein
Y54G11A.4Tetratricopeptide repeat protein 38
Y54G2A.10Gliding motility protein GldN
Y54G2A.48Ras-GAP domain-containing protein
Y54H5A.1Histone-binding protein RBBP4 N-terminal domain-containing protein
Y55B1BL.2Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase
Y55D5A.3N-acylethanolamine-hydrolyzing acid amidase subunit beta
Y55F3AM.21CARDB domain-containing protein
Y55F3AM.5SPIN90/Ldb17 leucine-rich domain-containing protein
Y55F3BL.4SRR1-like domain-containing protein
Y55F3BL.6YqaE/Pmp3 family membrane protein
Y56A3A.16Rubicon Homology domain-containing protein
Y56A3A.2Membrane-bound transcription factor site-2 protease
Y56A3A.22DUF1279 domain-containing protein
Y56A3A.30SP-RING-type domain-containing protein
Y56A3A.31SOSS complex subunit A homolog
Y56A3A.33Exonuclease domain-containing protein
Y57A10B.6SEC-C motif-containing protein
Y57E12AL.2DUF4148 domain-containing protein
Y57G11B.6TORC_M domain-containing protein
Y57G11B.8CPXV012 protein
Y57G11C.22PRKCA-binding protein
Y57G11C.33Golgin subfamily A member 7/ERF4 domain-containing protein
Y57G11C.43Chromatin associated protein KTI12
Y57G11C.51DUF3362 domain-containing protein
Y57G11C.8Cyclin N-terminal domain-containing protein
Y59A8B.25DUF727 domain-containing protein
Y59A8B.8Gamma-soluble NSF attachment protein
Y5H2B.3DUF2250 domain-containing protein
Y61A9LA.10Bms1-type G domain-containing protein
Y61A9LA.4GED domain-containing protein
Y62E10A.13phosphoserine phosphatase
Y62E10A.20Tim44-like domain-containing protein
Y62E10A.6NADPH:adrenodoxin oxidoreductase, mitochondrial
Y62H9A.14CIA30 domain-containing protein
Y62H9A.15Uma2 domain-containing protein
Y62H9A.16Transposase_23 domain-containing protein
Y62H9A.4DUF4362 domain-containing protein
Y62H9A.8Protein-serine/threonine phosphatase
Y62H9A.9DDE-1 domain-containing protein
Y65B4A.8Cytidyltransferase-like domain-containing protein
Y65B4BL.4Dolichyl-phosphate-mannose--protein mannosyltransferase
Y65B4BL.6(Na+)-NQR maturation NqrM
Y66A7A.4Aminotran_5 domain-containing protein
Y66A7A.7IMV envelope protein
Y66D12A.1Envelope-like protein
Y66D12A.10MITD1 C-terminal phospholipase D-like domain-containing protein
Y66D12A.11Pollen-specific leucine-rich repeat extensin-like protein 1
Y66D12A.16SMAP domain-containing protein
Y66D12A.19ArgoN domain-containing protein
Y66D12A.21TM2 domain-containing protein Y66D12A.21
Y66D12A.7Glutamyl-tRNA(Gln) amidotransferase subunit C, mitochondrial
Y66D12A.8STING ER exit protein
Y67A10A.2Extracellular protein
Y67A6A.1Non-histone chromosomal protein HMG-14
Y67D8A.2Phosphorylase b kinase regulatory subunit
Y67D8C.22LMBR1-like membrane protein
Y69A2AR.25DX domain-containing protein
Y69A2AR.31GDNF/GAS1 domain-containing protein
Y69E1A.5Phosphatidylethanolamine-binding protein
Y6G8.5Fuz_longin_1 domain-containing protein
Y70C5B.1Rep_fac-A_C domain-containing protein
Y70C5C.1Insulin-degrading enzyme
Y71A12B.10PB1 domain-containing protein
Y71F9AR.2Ras-like protein family member 12
Y71F9AR.4BON domain-containing protein
Y71F9B.2Phosphatidate cytidylyltransferase, mitochondrial
Y71F9B.93-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase
Y71G10AR.4P3 protein
Y71G12B.10hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA lyase
Y71G12B.23Monocyte to macrophage differentiation factor
Y71G12B.35DUF4476 domain-containing protein
Y71H2AM.6DNA/pantothenate metabolism flavoprotein C-terminal domain-containing protein
Y71H2B.2Phosphorylated adapter RNA export protein
Y72A10A.1F-box/FBD/LRR-repeat protein
Y73B6BL.27CS domain-containing protein
Y73E7A.6Bladder cancer-associated protein
Y73F8A.12DUF4878 domain-containing protein
Y73F8A.272Fe-2S ferredoxin-type domain-containing protein
Y75B8A.241-phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase
Y75B8A.31FAM172 family protein homolog Y75B8A.31
Y75B8A.33DUF221-domain-containing protein
Y75B8A.37Acyl_transf_3 domain-containing protein
Y75B8A.6CXXC-type domain-containing protein
Y76A2B.5Methylmalonic aciduria and homocystinuria type D homolog, mitochondrial
Y76B12C.3Selenoprotein F/M domain-containing protein
Y76B12C.9NUP50 domain-containing protein
Y7A5A.24DUF663 domain-containing protein
Y7A5A.6DUF5082 domain-containing protein
Y7A5A.7PPP1R35_C domain-containing protein
Y7A5A.8DUF1713 domain-containing protein
Y7A9A.1Gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase 1
Y80D4G.2DUF3955 domain-containing protein
Y81B9A.1Zn(2)-C6 fungal-type domain-containing protein
Y82E9BL.1Bee-milk protein
Y82E9BR.6Hydrogenase iron-sulfur subunit
Y87G2A.13Lysosomal cobalamin transporter
Y87G2A.2Acyl-coenzyme A thioesterase 8
Y92H12A.5DUF2428 domain-containing protein
Y92H12BL.1Threonylcarbamoyladenosine tRNA methylthiotransferase
Y92H12BL.4MTTase N-terminal domain-containing protein
Y92H12BL.5diphosphoinositol-polyphosphate diphosphatase
Y94A7B.11Reactive oxygen species modulator 1
Y94H6A.10Ulp1 protease family, C-terminal catalytic domain containing protein
Y94H6A.12aminoacyl-tRNA hydrolase
Y94H6A.7Low molecular weight phosphotyrosine protein phosphatase
Y97E10AR.8ARID domain-containing protein
Y9C9A.16FAD/NAD(P)-binding domain-containing protein
yap-1Yes-Associated Protein homolog 1
yars-2tyrosinyl(Y) Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase 2
yif-1YIP1-Interacting Factor homolog 1
yju-2YJU2 splicing factor homolog 2
ykt-6YKT6 (yeast v-SNARE) homolog 6
ymel-1YME1-Like (Yeast Mitochondrial Escape) AAA protease 1
yop-1YOP (yeast membrane trafficking protein) homolog 1
yrn-1Y RNA 1
ZC178.2Tandem-repeating region of mucin epiglycanin-like domain-containing protein
ZC204.14BESS domain-containing protein
ZC247.163 kDa sperm flagellar membrane protein
ZC247.2DUF4704 domain-containing protein
ZC250.5PPIase cyclophilin-type domain-containing protein
ZC262.12Colicin V production protein
ZC412.5UDENN domain-containing protein
ZC434.3DUF3421 domain-containing protein
ZC443.4DUF659 domain-containing protein
ZC487.1ATP-grasp domain-containing protein
ZC53.2Robl_LC7 domain-containing protein
zen-2Zygotic epidermal ENclosure defective 2
zer-1Zyg Eleven Related 1
zhit-3Zinc finger, HIT-type 3
zhp-3Zip (yeast meiotic zipper) Homologous Protein 3
zif-1ZInc Finger-interacting protein 1
zig-12 (Zwei) IG domain protein 1
zip-1bZIP transcription factor family 1
zipt-16Zrt (ZRT), Irt- (IRT-) like Protein Transporter 16
ZK1010.2DUF155 domain-containing protein
ZK1053.6SLC41A/MgtE integral membrane domain-containing protein
ZK1055.6DUF4139 domain-containing protein
ZK1127.12TIGR04255 family protein
ZK121.2R3H domain-containing protein
ZK1225.1Core-2/I-branching beta-1,6-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase family protein
ZK1225.5FSA_C domain-containing protein
ZK1248.19Beta-catenin-interacting ICAT domain-containing protein
ZK1307.8Glucosidase 2 subunit beta
ZK131.11Neogenin_C domain-containing protein
ZK1320.13Purkinje cell protein 4-like protein 1
ZK1320.9Acetyl-CoA hydrolase
ZK177.12NDK domain-containing protein
ZK287.1CRC domain-containing protein
ZK287.7RNA_ligase domain-containing protein
ZK355.3DUF2547 family protein
ZK370.4Patatin-like phospholipase domain-containing protein ZK370.4
ZK380.2Viral A-type inclusion protein
ZK381.62DUF2157 domain-containing protein
ZK418.5BOS complex subunit TMEM147
ZK512.10DUF4752 family protein
ZK546.4Energy transducer TonB
ZK593.3High-affinity choline transporter 1-like
ZK632.10UPF0057 membrane protein ZK632.10
ZK632.14DNA/RNA-binding protein Alba-like domain-containing protein
ZK666.1Pepsin-I3 domain-containing protein
ZK666.11DUF4033 domain-containing protein
ZK666.15Na_H_antiporter domain-containing protein
ZK688.9TIP41-like protein
ZK757.10Snake toxin/toxin-like domain-containing protein
ZK792.12CidA/LrgA family protein
ZK792.7Metallophos domain-containing protein
ZK795.2DsbC domain-containing protein
ZK809.8Cardiac phospholamban
ZK816.1DUF3301 domain-containing protein
ZK822.5Sodium-dependent multivitamin transporter
ZK856.6NGF domain-containing protein
ZK867.2Ionotropic glutamate receptor L-glutamate and glycine-binding domain-containing protein
ZK892.4CaiB/baiF CoA-transferase family protein ZK892.4
ZK899.2Acyltransferase 3 domain-containing protein
ZK899.7RNA-directed DNA methylation 4
ZK909.3HD domain-containing protein
ZK930.2C4H2-type domain-containing protein
ZK938.11Arrestin-like N-terminal domain-containing protein
ZK970.8Mss4 protein
ZK973.9SS18 N-terminal domain-containing protein
ZK994.6WEB family protein
znf-207ZiNc Finger protein homolog 207
zoo-1ZO-1 (Zonula Occludens tight junctional protein) Ortholog 1
zwl-1ZWiLch (Drosophila) homolog 1
zyg-1ZYGote defective : embryonic lethal 1
zyx-1ZYXin 1
zzz-1sleep - ZZZ - defective 1