Yeast genes

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Gene symbolGene name
AYR11-AcyldihYdroxyacetone-phosphate Reductase
DGR12-Deoxy-Glucose Resistant
ETR12-Enoyl Thioester Reductase
HMG13-Hydroxy-3-MethylGlutaryl-coenzyme a reductase
MAG13-MethylAdenine DNA Glycosylase
OAR13-Oxoacyl-[Acyl-carrier-protein] Reductase
PGK13-PhosphoGlycerate Kinase
FUR15-FluoroURidine resistant
FUI15-FlUorourIdine resistance
FUR45-FlUoRouridine sensitivity
HAM16-n-HydroxylAMinopurine sensitive
OGG18-OxoGuanine Glycosylase/lyase
AAR2A1-Alpha2 Repression
ATM1ABC Transporter, Mitochondrial
ABM1Aberrant Microtubules
ASC1Absence of growth Suppressor of Cyp1
ADY2Accumulation of DYads
AZR1Acetic Acid and AZoles Resistance
ACH1Acetyl CoA Hydrolase
ACC1Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase
ATH1Acid TreHalase
AQR1Acids Quinidine Resistance
ADI1Acireductone DIoxygenase
ABP1Actin Binding Protein
AAN1Actin, Aging and Nutrient modulator
ARP1Actin-Related Protein
AOS1Activation Of Smt3p
ACE2Activator of CUP1 Expression
ACP1Acyl Carrier Protein
ARE1Acyl-coenzyme A: cholesterol acyl transferase-Related Enzyme
TML25acyl-protein Thioesterase with Multiple Localizations, protein of 25 kDa
ALE1Acyltransferase for Lyso-phosphatidylEthanolamine
AHC1Ada Histone acetyltransferase complex Component
AAH1Adenine AminoHydrolase
ADE1ADEnine requiring
ADO1ADenOsine kinase
ADK1ADenylate Kinase
AVO1Adheres VOraciously (to TOR2)
ARF1ADP-Ribosylation Factor
ARH1Adrenodoxin Reductase Homolog
AFB1A-Factor Barrier
ARN1AFT1 ReguloN
ATC1Aip Three Complex
ALT1ALanine Transaminase
AGX1Alanine:Glyoxylate aminotrans(X)ferase
ALA1ALAnyl-tRNA synthetase
ADH1Alcohol DeHydrogenase
ARI1Aldehyde Reductase Intermediate, subclass of SDR
ALD2ALdehyde Dehydrogenase
AHP1Alkyl HydroPeroxide reductase
ATS1Alpha Tubulin Suppressor
ALF1ALpha tubulin Folding
ADD37Alpha1-proteinase inhibitor-Degradation Deficient
AFR1Alpha-Factor Receptor regulator
KGD1alpha-KetoGlutarate Dehydrogenase
AIM10Altered Inheritance rate of Mitochondria
ALR1ALuminum Resistance
AIT1Amino acid dependent Inhibitor of Torc1
ARC1Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase Cofactor
ATR1AminoTriazole Resistance
ATO2Ammonia (Ammonium) Transport Outward
AMF1AMmonium Facilitator
AMD1AMP Deaminase
ANB1ANaeroBically induced
APC1Anaphase Promoting Complex subunit
ANK1Ankyrin repeat protein 1
AKR1AnKyrin Repeat containing
ANP1ANP and osmotic sensitive
AMN1Antagonist of Mitotic exit Network
ANY1Antagonizes Neo1 Yeast phospholipid flippase
APJ1Anti-Prion DnaJ
ADF1Antisense of Depressing Factor
ASF1Anti-Silencing Function
ASM4Anti-Suppressor in Multicopy
APA1AP4A phosphorylase
ACM1APC/C[Cdh1] Modulator
APQ12APical growth revealed by Quantitative morphological analysis
AVL9Apl2 Vps1 Lethal
AIF1Apoptosis-Inducing Factor
APN1APurinic/apyrimidinic eNdonuclease
AQY1AQuaporin from Yeast
ARV1ARE2 Required for Viability
AGE1Arf Gap with Effector function(s)
AFI1ArF3-Interacting protein
AGE2ArfGAP Effector
RMT2aRginine MeThyltransferase
AIR1Arginine methyltransferase-Interacting RING finger protein
ARG1ARGinine requiring
AAP1Arginine/alanine AminoPeptidase
ATE1Arginyl-tRNA-protein transfErase
AKL1Ark family Kinase-Like protein
ARO1AROmatic amino acid requiring
ARC15ARp2/3 Complex subunit
ARD1ARrest Defective
ALY1Arrestin-Like Yeast protein
ART10Arrestin-Related Trafficking adaptors
ABF1ARS-Binding Factor
ARR1ARsenicals Resistance
ALB1Arx1 Little Brother
AAD10Aryl-Alcohol Dehydrogenase
ALG14Asparagine Linked Glycosylation
ASN1ASparagiNe requiring
ALG1Asparagine-Linked Glycosylation
AZF1Asparagine-rich Zinc-Finger
AAT1Aspartate AminoTransferase
AGC1Aspartate-Glutamate Carrier
ASG7a-Specific Gene
ACF2Assembly Complementing Factor
AHK1Associated with HKr1
ASA1AStra Associated protein
ASH1Asymmetric Synthesis of HO
ACA1ATF/CREB Activator
ATP1ATP synthase
AEP1ATPase ExPression
ARB1ATP-binding cassette protein involved in Ribosome Biogenesis
ADP1ATP-Dependent Permease
AUR1AUreobasidin A Resistance
ATG1AuTophaGy related
ANR2Avl Nine Related family
AXL1AXiaL budding
BDP1B Double Prime
BDS1Bacterially Derived Sulfatase
BIR1Baculoviral IAP Repeat-containing protein
BIG1Bad In Glucose
BAR1BARrier to the alpha factor response
BMT2Base MethylTransferase of 25S RNA
BTN2BaTteN disease
BXI1BaX Inhibitor
BRO1BCK1-like Resistance to Osmotic shock
BPH1Beige Protein Homolog
BOI1Bem1 (One) Interacting protein
BER1Benomyl REsistant
BOS1Bet One Suppressor
BBP1Bfr1 Binding Protein
BIK1BIlateral Karyogamy defect
BPT1Bile Pigment Transporter
BUG1Binder of USO1 and GRH1
BIT2Binding partner of Tor2p
BIM1BInding to Microtubules
BUL1Binds Ubiquitin Ligase
BNA1Biosynthesis of Nicotinic Acid
BPL1Biotin:apoProtein Ligase
BLM10BLeoMycin resistance
BLI1BLoc-1 Interactor
BET1Blocked Early in Transport
BMS1BMh Sensitive
BBC1Bni1 synthetic lethal and Bee1 (las17) Complex member
BNR1BNi1 Related
BOL1BolA-like protein
BOR1BORon transporter
BCD1Box C/D snoRNA accumulation
BMH1Brain Modulosignalin Homolog
BAP2Branched-chain Amino acid Permease
BFR1BreFeldin A Resistance
BRE1BREfeldin A sensitivity
BRF1B-Related Factor
BDF1BromoDomain Factor
BRL1BRr6 Like protein
BTT1BTf Three
BEM1Bud EMergence
BUD13BUD site selection
BIL1Bud6-Interacting Ligand
BCH1Bud7 and Chs6 Homolog
VIR1budding yeast ortholog of VIRMA/Virilizer/VIR
BUB1Budding Uninhibited by Benzimidazole
BDH1Butanediol DeHydrogenase
BCK1Bypass of C Kinase
BYE1BYpass of ESS1
BNS1Bypasses Need for Spo12p
CAD1CADmium resistance
CAL4Caf130-Associated regulator of RpL4
CNA1CalciNeurin A
CRZ1Calcineurin-Responsive Zinc finger
CAM1Calcium And Membrane-binding protein
CWH41Calcofluor White Hypersensitive
CMK1CalModulin dependent protein Kinase
CAX4CAlmodulin-dependent in cmd one two twenty-siX
CNE1CalNExin and calreticulin homolog
CAN1CANavanine resistance
CRG1Cantharidin Resistance Gene
CAF20Cap Associated Factor
CEG1Capping Enzyme Guanylyltransferase
CPA1Carbamyl Phosphate synthetase A
CCR4Carbon Catabolite Repression
PEP1carboxyPEPtidase Y-deficient
CPS1CarboxyPeptidase yscS
CTK1Carboxy-Terminal domain Kinase
CRD1CaRDiolipin synthase
CLD1CardioLipin-specific Deacylase
CAT2Carnitine AcetylTransferase
CRC1CaRnitine Carrier
CKA1Casein Kinase Alpha subunit
CAR1Catabolism of ARginine
CAT5CATabolite repression
CTA1CaTalase A
CAF120CCR4 Associated Factor
TFS1cdc Twenty-Five Suppressor
CDH1CDC20 Homolog
CKS1Cdc28 Kinase Subunit
CUZ1Cdc48-associated UBL/Zn-finger protein
CSA1Cdc5 SPB Anchor
CIP1Cdk1 Interacting Protein
CAK1Cdk-Activating Kinase
CDS1CDP-Diacylglycerol Synthase
FUS1cell FUSion
CBK1Cell wall Biosynthesis Kinase
CBF1Centromere Binding Factor
CEP3CEntromere Protein
CBF2Centromere-Binding Factor
CSL4Cep1 Synthetic Lethal
CEF1CErevisiae homolog of cdc Five
CIR1Changed Intracellular Redox state
CNM67Chaotic Nuclear Migration
CHZ1Chaperone for Htz1/H2A-H2B dimer
CCT2Chaperonin Containing TCP-1
CHM7CHarged Multivesicular body protein
CHK1CHeckpoint Kinase
CDA1Chitin DeAcetylase
CHS1CHitin Synthase
CKI1Choline KInase
CHO1CHOline requiring
CAC2Chromatin Assembly Complex
CIK1Chromosome Instability and Karyogamy
CHL1CHromosome Loss
CSR1Chs5 Spa2 Rescue
COS111Ciclopirox Olamine Sensitive
CIS3CIk1 Suppressing
CTP1Citrate Transport Protein
CIT1CITrate synthase
CIS1CItrinin Sensitive knockout
APL1clathrin Adaptor Protein complex Large chain
CHC1Clathrin Heavy Chain
CFT1Cleavage Factor Two
CLP1CLeavage/Polyadenylation factor Ia subunit
CTR9Cln Three (CLN3) Requiring
CLA4CLn Activity dependant
CLU1CLUstered mitochondria
COP1COat Protein
CCM1COB and COX1 mRNA maturation
COT1CObalt Toxicity
CAB1Coenzyme A Biosynthesis
COQ1COenzyme Q
CGR1Coiled-coil Growth-Regulated
CSF1Cold Sensitive for Fermentation
CMS1Complementation of Mcm-10 Suppressor
CWC15Complexed With Cef1p
MUK1coMpUtationally-linked to Kap95
CEM1Condensing Enzyme with Mitochondrial function
CSS1Condition Specific Secretion
CRH1Congo Red Hypersensitive
COG1Conserved Oligomeric Golgi complex
COS1COnserved Sequence
CRT10Constitutive RNR Transcription regulators
CNM1Contact Nucleus Mitochondria
KRR1contains KRR-R motif
CSI1Cop9 Signalosome Interactor
CCS1Copper Chaperone for SOD1
CRS5Copper-Resistant Suppressor
CNN1Co-purified with NNf1p
CQD1CoQ Distribution
COQ21COQ interacting protein
CIC1Core Interacting Component
COR1CORe protein of QH2 cytochrome c reductase
CRF1Co-Repressor with FHL1
CUE1Coupling of Ubiquitin conjugation to ER degradation
COM2Cousin of Msn2
CCW12Covalently linked Cell Wall protein
CLF1Crooked neck-Like Factor
CCC1Cross-Complements Ca(2+) phenotype of csg1
CCE1Cruciform Cutting Endonuclease
EGH1Cryptococcus neoformans EGCrP2 Homolog
CSH1CSG1/SUR1 Homolog
CUP1-1Cu, copper, CUPrum
CUB1Cu2+ suppressing and Bleomycin sensitive
CUR1Curing of [URe3]
CMC1Cx9C Mitochondrial protein necessary for full assembly of Cytochrome c oxidase
CTI6Cyc8-Tup1 Interacting protein
CPD1Cyclic nucleotide PhosphoDiesterase
CYR1CYclic AMP Requirement
CLB1CycLin B
CLG1Cyclin-Like Gene
CNS1CyclophiliN Seven suppressor
CPR1Cyclosporin A-sensitive Proline Rotamase
CPR4Cyclosporin-sensitive Proline Rotamase
CYS3CYStathionine gamma-lyase
CRS1Cysteinyl-tRNA Synthetase, CysRS
CDD1CytiDine Deaminase
OXA1cytochrome OXidase Activity
CBP1Cytochrome B mRNA Processing
COBCytochrOme B
CTM1CyTochrome c Methyltransferase
CYB2CYtochrome B
CYT1CYTochrome c1
CEX1Cytoplasmic EXport protein
CFD1Cytosolic Fe-S cluster Deficient
CYM1CYtosolic Metalloprotease
DCG1Dal80p-Controlled Gene
DAP1DAmage resistance Protein
DIF1Damage-regulated Import Facilitator
DDE1Dap1-related DNA damage response and Ergosterol biosynthesis protein
ALO1D-Arabinono-1,4-Lactone Oxidase
ARA1D-ARAbinose dehydrogenase
DSE1Daughter Specific Expression
DCD1dCMP Deaminase
DDL1DDHD Domain-containing Lipase
DBP1Dead Box Protein
DHH1DEAD box Helicase Homolog
DHR2DEAH-box RNA helicase
DUO1Death Upon Overproduction
DRN1Debranching enzyme-associated RiboNuclease
DXO1Decapping eXOnuclease
DCS1DeCapping Scavenger
DET1Decreased Ergosterol Transport
DLT1Defect at Low Temperature
DCC1Defective in sister Chromatid Cohesion
DRS1Deficiency of Ribosomal Subunits
DUG1Deficient in Utilization of Glutathione
DED1Defines Essential Domain
DAL1Degradation of Allantoin
DAN1Delayed ANaerobic
DSF1Deletion Suppressor of mptFive/pufFive mutation
DCI1delta(3,5)-delta(2,4)-Dienoyl-CoA Isomerase
DPA10Delta-Psi dependent mitochondrial Assembly protein of 10 kDa
DCV1Demands Cdc28 kinase activity for Viability
DYS1DeoxyhYpusine Synthase
DSL1Dependence on SLy1-20
DEG1DEpressed Growth rate
DFM1Der1-like Family Member
DRE2Derepressed for Ribosomal protein S14 Expression
DIE2Derepression of ITR1 Expression
DOC1Destruction Of Cyclin B
DMO1Determines Mitochondrial prOteome
DPP1Diacylglycerol Pyrophosphate Phosphatase
DGA1DiacylGlycerol Acyltransferase
DDP1Diadenosine and Diphosphoinositol Polyphosphate phosphohydrolase
DIC1DIcarboxylate Carrier
DIP5DIcarboxylic amino acid Permease
DIA1Digs Into Agar
DFR1DihydroFolate Reductase
DPL1Dihydrosphingosine Phosphate Lyase
DUS1DihydroUridine Synthase
DAK1DihydroxyAcetone Kinase
DAP2Dipeptidyl AminoPeptidase
DPH1DiPHthamide biosynthesis
DEP1Disability in regulation of Expression of genes involved in Phospholipid biosynthesis
DMC1Disrupted Meiotic cDNA
DOT1Disruptor Of Telomeric silencing
DLD1D-Lactate Dehydrogenase
HCS1dna HeliCaSe
DDC1DNA Damage Checkpoint
DUN1DNA-damage UNinducible
DJP1DnaJ Protein
JLP1dnaJ-Like Protein
JEM1DnaJ-like protein of the ER Membrane
DID2Doa4-Independent Degradation
DCK1DoCK1 homolog
DPM1Dolichol Phosphate Mannose synthase
DIP2DOM34 Interacting Protein
DSK2Dominant Suppressor of kar1
DSN1Dosage Suppressor of NNF1
DCR2Dose-dependent Cell cycle Regulator
DIG1Down-regulator of Invasive Growth
DLS1Dpb3-Like Subunit of ISW2/yCHRAC complex
DML1Drosophila melanogaster Misato-Like protein
DNF1Drs2 Neo1 Family
DAS1Dst1-delta 6-Azauracil Sensitivity
DTD1D-Tyr-tRNA(Tyr) Deacylase
DUF1DUB-associated Factor
DBF2DumbBell Former
DAD1Duo1 And Dam1 interacting
DFP1DUP240 Family Protein
DOM34Duplication Of Multilocus region
DUT1DUTp pyrophosphatase
EGT2Early G1 Transcript
EBP2EBNA1-binding protein (homolog)
NPP1ecto-Nucleotide Pyrophosphatase/Phosphodiesterase
ERF2Effect on Ras Function
EMA17Efficient Mitochondria targeting-Associated protein
EDE1EH Domains and Endocytosis
EAP1EIF4E-Associated Protein
ESF1Eighteen S rRNA Factor
LMO1eLMO homolog
ELM1ELongated Morphology
EFB1Elongation Factor Beta
ELF1ELongation Factor
ELO1ELOngation defective
EMT1Elongator MeThionine-accepting tRNA
ELP2ELongator Protein
ELA1ELongin A
ERP1Emp24p/Erv25p Related Protein
END3ENDocytosis defective
EMP24EndoMembrane Protein
NTG1eNdonuclease Three-like Glycosylase
EPO1Endoplasmic reticulum POlarization
EAR1Endosomal Adaptor of Rsp5p
HSM3enHanced Spontaneous Mutability
ELG1Enhanced Level of Genomic instability
EDC1Enhancer of mRNA DeCapping
ERR1Enolase-Related Repeat
ECI1Enoyl-CoA Isomerase
EUC1Enriches Ubiquitin on Chromatin
ENT1Epsin N-Terminal homology
EMC1ER Membrane protein Complex
ERI1ER-associated Ras Inhibitor
ERS1ERd Suppressor
ERG1ERGosterol biosynthesis
EOS1ER-localized and Oxidants Sensitive
EPS1ER-retained Pma1 Suppressing
EAF7Esa1-Associated Factor
EAF1Esa1p-Associated Factor
EMG1Essential for Mitotic Growth
EBS1Est1-like Bcy1 Suppressor
ESC1Establishes Silent Chromatin
ECO1Establishment of COhesion
EAT1Ethanol AcetylTransferase
EKI1Ethanolamine KInase
ECT1Ethanolamine-phosphate CytidylylTransferase
ERC1Ethionine Resistance Conferring
EEB1Ethyl Ester Biosynthesis
FAL1eukaryotic translation initiation factor Four A Like
ERB1Eukaryotic Ribosome Biogenesis
EST1Ever Shorter Telomeres
EFG1Exit From G1
ENA1Exitus NAtru (Latin, "exit sodium")
EDS1Expression Dependent on Slt2
ECL1Extends Chronological Lifespan
ETS1-1External Transcribed Spacer
ESP1Extra Spindle Pole bodies
ECM1ExtraCellular Mutant
FIT1Facilitator of Iron Transport
FAP7Factor Activating Pos9
FIG1Factor-Induced Gene
FAD1FAD synthetase
FCF1Faf1p Copurifying Factor
FSH1Family of Serine Hydrolases
ELO2fatty acid ELOngation
FAA1Fatty Acid Activation
FAT1FATty acid transporter
FPS1fdp1 Suppressor
FRA1Fe Repressor of Activation
FEN2FENpropimorph resistance
FMS1Fenpropimorph-resistance Multicopy Suppressor
FRE1Ferric REductase
FET3FErrous Transport
FDC1Ferulic acid DeCarboxylase
FIN1Filaments In between Nuclei
FZF1Five Zinc Fingers
FPR1Fk 506-sensitive Proline Rotamase
FKS1FK506 Sensitivity
FPR2FKBP Proline Rotamase
FAP1FKBP12-Associated Protein
FMO1Flavin containing MonoOxygenase
FLC1FLavin Carrier
FPK1FliPase Kinase
FLR1FLuconazole Resistance
FCY1FluoroCYtosine resistance
FMN1FMN biosynthesis
FOL1FOLic acid synthesis
FAU1Folinic Acid Utilization
FHL1Fork Head-Like
FKH1ForK head Homolog
FOB1FOrk Blocking less
FDO1Forkhead one interacting protein involved in DOnor preference
FDH1Formate DeHydrogenase
FMC1Formation of Mitochondrial Complexes
FAB1Forms Aploid and Binucleate cells
FMT1Formyl-Methionyl-tRNA Transformylase
FAF1Forty (40) S Assembly Factor
FMP10Found in Mitochondrial Proteome
FRQ1FReQuenin homolog
FBP26Fructose BisPhosphatase
FBA1Fructose-1,6-Bisphosphate Aldolase
FTH1FTR1 Homolog
FRD1Fumarate ReDuctase
FUN12Function Unknown Now
FUB1FUnction of Boundary
FHN1Functional Homolog of Nce102
FRT1Functionally Related to TCP1
FSF1Fungal SideroFlexin
FZO1FuZzy Onions homolog
GPA1G Protein Alpha subunit
GAL1GALactose metabolism
GCY1Galactose-inducible Crystallin-like Yeast protein
GCG1Gamma-glutamyl Cyclotransferase acting on Glutathione
GZF3Gata Zinc Finger protein
GDT1Gcr1 Dependent Translation factor
GDI1GDP Dissociation Inhibitor
GMH1Gea1-6 Membrane-associated High-copy suppressor
GIM3Gene Involved in Microtubule biogenesis
GAP1General Amino acid Permease
GRE1Genes de Respuesta a Estres (spanish for stress responsive genes)
MAY24genetic interaction profile similarity to MTC Annotated Yeast genes MTC2 and MTC4
GSP1Genetic Suppressor of Prp20-1
GEP3GEnetic interactors of Prohibitins
GIR2Genetically Interacts with Ribosomal genes
GIS2GIg Suppressor
GIS1GIg1-2 Suppressor
GIP3Glc7 Interacting Protein
GIP1Glc7-Interacting Protein
GNT1GlcNAc Transferase
GLE1GLFG (glycine-leucine-phenylalanine-glycine) LEthal
GSC2Glucan Synthase of Cerevisiae
GNA1GlucosamiNe-6-phosphate Acetyltransferase
GID10Glucose Induced Degradation deficient
GTB1Glucosidase Two Beta-subunit
GDH1Glutamate DeHydrogenase
GAD1GlutAmate Decarboxylase
GLT1GLuTamate synthase
QNS1glutamine (Q) dependent Nad+ Synthetase
GNP1GlutamiNe Permease
GLN1GLutamiNe metabolism
GFA1Glutamine:Fructose-6-phosphate Amidotransferase
GTF1Glutaminyl Transamidase subunit F
GUS1GlUtamyl-tRNA Synthetase
GSH1glutathione (GSH)
GEX1Glutathione EXchanger
GTT1GlutaThione Transferase
GLR1GLutathione Reductase
GPM1Glycerate PhosphoMutase
GEF1Glycerol Ethanol, Ferric requiring
GPD1Glycerol-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase
GPC1GlyceroPhosphoCholine acyltransferase
GAR1Glycine Arginine Rich
GCV1GlyCine cleaVage
GLY1GLYcine requiring
GAC1Glycogen ACcumulation
GLG1Glycogenin-Like Gene
GCR1GlyColysis Regulation
GAS1Glycophospholipid-Anchored Surface protein
GPI19Glycosyl PhosphatidylInositol anchor biosynthesis
GPI1GlycosylPhosphatidylInositol anchoring biosynthesis
GRS1Glycyl-tRNA Synthase
GOR1GlyOxylate Reductase
GPN2Gly-Pro-Asn (N) motif
GTA1Golgi vesicle Trafficking Associated
GOS1GOlgi Snare
GLD1Golgi/endosome Localized Dsc protein
GGA1Golgi-localized, Gamma-adaptin ear homology, Arf-binding protein
GFD1Good For Dbp5p
GAA1GPI Anchor Attachment
GWT1GPI-anchored Wall protein Transfer
GPR1G-Protein coupled Receptor
GMC1Grand Meiotic recombination Cluster
GRH1GRasp65 (Golgi reassembly stacking protein of 65kD) Homolog
GFD2Great for Full DEAD box protein activity
GCS1Growth Cold Sensitive
GBP2G-strand Binding Protein
GTR1GTp binding protein Resemblance
GUF1Gtpase of Unknown Function
GEM1GTPase EF-hand protein of Mitochondria
GYP1Gtpase-activating protein for YPt1p
GEA1Guanine nucleotide Exchange on ARF
GUA1GUanine Auxotroph
GDA1Guanosine DiphosphatAse
GUK1GUanylate Kinase
GET1Guided Entry of Tail-anchored proteins
GYL1GYp Like
HKR1Hansenula mrakii Killer toxin Resistant
HFL1Has Fused Lysosomes
HIF1Hat1 Interacting Factor
HPF1Haze Protective Factor
HOS1Hda One Similar
HSF1Heat Shock transcription Factor
HSP31Heat-Shock Protein
HUL4Hect Ubiquitin Ligase
HAS1Helicase Associated with Set1
HEH2Helix-Extension-Helix domain
HOT13Helper Of Tim
HAP1Heme Activator Protein
HMX1HeMe oXygenase
HEM1HEMe biosynthesis
HEK2HEterogeneous nuclear rnp K-like gene
HRP1Heterogenous nuclear RibonucleoProtein
HXT1HeXose Transporter
HRA1Hidden in Region Antisense
HED1High copy suppressor of rED1
HIT1HIgh Temperature growth
AGP1high-Affinity Glutamine Permease
HMS1High-copy Mep Suppressor
HCH1High-Copy Hsp90 suppressor
HOT1High-Osmolarity-induced Transcription
HTL1High-Temperature Lethal
HNT1Histidine triad NucleoTide-binding
HIP1HIstidine Permease
HTS1Histidine-Trna Synthetase
HAT1Histone AcetylTransferase
HIR1HIstone Regulation
HGH1HmG1/2 Homolog
HER1Hmg2p ER Remodeling
HRD1HMG-coA Reductase Degradation
HMT1HnRNP MethylTransferase
HRR25HO and Radiation Repair
BRN1homolog of BaRreN
HAA1Homolog of Ace1 Activator
HOP1HOmolog Pairing
RAS1homologous to RAS proto-oncogene
HAC1Homologous to Atf/Creb1
HLJ1HomoLogous to E. coli dnaJ protein
HOP2HOmologous Pairing
SKP2homology with human SKP2
HOM2HOMoserine requiring
HOHOmothallic switching endonuclease
HMLALPHA1HoMothallism Left
HRI1HRr25 Interacting
HBS1Hsp70 subfamily B Suppressor
HBT1HuB1 Target
HSH155Human Sap Homolog
HSU1Hydrogen Sulfide Utilizing
HYR1HYdroperoxide Resistance
HTD2Hydroxyacyl-Thioester Dehydratase
HUR1HydroxyUrea Resistance
HRK1Hygromycin Resistance Kinase
HNM1Hyper-resistance to Nitrogen Mustard
HHY1Hypersensitivity to HYgromycin B
HRB1Hypothetical RNA-Binding protein
HPT1Hypoxanthine guanine PhosphoribosylTransferase
HYP2HYPusine-containing protein
IRT1IME1 Regulatory Transcript
IDS2IME2-Dependent Signaling
ISW1Imitation SWitch subfamily
IMD1IMP Dehydrogenase
IZH1Implicated in Zinc Homeostasis
IPA1Important for cleavage and PolyAdenylation
ISN1IMP-Specific 5'-Nucleotidase
IPL1Increase in PLoidy
SBA1increased Sensitivity to Benzoquinone Ansamycins
ICS2Increased Copper Sensitivity
ISF1Increasing Suppression Factor
IMP21Independent of Mitochondrial Particle
INA1INdicator of Abscission
IME1Inducer of MEiosis
ICE2Inheritance of Cortical ER
INP1INheritance of Peroxisomes
IBD2Inhibition of Bud Division
IGD1Inhibitor of Glycogen Debranching
INH1INHibitor (of F1F0-ATPase)
IRA1Inhibitory Regulator of the RAS-cAMP pathway
IFM1Initiation Factor of Mitochondria
IMT1Initiator Methionine tRNA
IMP1Inner Membrane Protease
INA17INner membrane Assembly 17 kDa
IES1Ino Eighty Subunit
IPP1Inorganic PyroPhosphatase
IPK1Inositol Polyphosphate Kinase
INM1INositol Monophosphatase
INO1INOsitol requiring
IKI1Insensitive to KIller toxin
IMG1Integrity of Mitochondrial Genome
ICY1Interacting with the CYtoskeleton
IAI11Interactor of AIm11
IFH1Interacts with Fork Head
ICR1Interfering Crick RNA
ICP55Intermediate Cleaving Peptidase
ITS1-1Internal Transcribed Spacer
IXR1Intrastrand cross (X)-link Recognition
IPI1Involved in Processing ITS2
ILT1Ionic Liquid Tolerance
IQG1IQGAP-related protein
ISA1Iron Sulfur Assembly
IBA57Iron-sulfur cluster assembly factor for Biotin synthase and Aconitase-like mitochondrial proteins
ISD11Iron-Sulfur protein biogenesis, Desulfurase-interacting protein
IRR1IRRegular cell behavior
ISU2IscU homolog
ISU1IScU homolog
IAH1Isoamyl Acetate-Hydrolyzing esterase
IDH1Isocitrate DeHydrogenase
ICL1IsoCitrate Lyase
ILV6IsoLeucine Valine
ILV1IsoLeucine-plus-Valine requiring
ILS1IsoLeucine-tRNA Synthetase
ISM1Isoleucyl tRNA Synthetase of Mitochondria
IDI1Isopentenyl Diphosphate Isomerase
IOC2Iswi One Complex
JHD1JmjC domain-containing Histone Demethylase
JJJ1J-protein (Type III)
JAC1J-type Accessory Chaperone
JIP3Jumonji domain Interacting Protein
JNM1Just Nuclear Migration
KEL1KELch repeat
KEI1Kex2-cleavable protein Essential for Inositol phosphorylceramide synthesis
KHA1K/H ion Antiporter
KEX1Killer EXpression defective
KDX1Kinase Dead X-talker
KAE1Kinase-Associated Endopeptidase
KIP1KInesin related Protein
KTI11Kluveromyces lactis Toxin Insensitive
KOG1Kontroller Of Growth
KTR1Kre Two Related
KES1KrE11-1 Suppressor
KEG1Kre6-binding ER protein responsible for Glucan synthesis
KNH1Kre9(Nine) Homolog
KRI1KRR1-Interacting protein
KSH1KSH (similar to the Hungarian word for "small")
KXD1KxDL homolog
LIP1Lag1p/Lac1p Interacting Protein
LHP1La-Homologous Protein
LAF1Lam2/Ltc4-Associated Factor
LRE1Laminarase REsistance
LAA1Large AP-1 Accessory
LGE1LarGE cells
LSG1Large-Subunit Gtpase
LSB1Las Seventeen Binding protein
ENV11late ENdosome and Vacuole interface function
LSO1Late-annotated Small Open reading frame
LDO16LD Organization protein of 16kD
LRO1Lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase Related Open reading frame
LEO1LEft Open reading frame
LAS1Lethal in the Absence of SSD1-v
LCD1Lethal, Checkpoint-defective, DNA damage sensitive
LUG1Lets [URE3]/ure2 Grow
LAP2Leucine AminoPeptidases
LEU1LEUcine biosynthesis
LIA1Ligand of eIF5A
LEM3Ligand-Effect Modulator
LIF1Ligase Interacting Factor
LRP1Like RrP6
LRG1Lim-RhoGap homolog
LPX1Lipase of PeroXisomes
LIH1LIpase Homolog
LAM1Lipid transfer protein Anchored at Membrane contact sites
LEC1Lipid-droplet Ergosterol Cortex
LPD1LiPoamide Dehydrogenase
LIP5LIPoic acid
LIP2LIPoyl ligase
LAS21Local Anestheticum Sensitive
LOC1LOCalization of mRNA
LOG1LOnely Guy
LCL1Long Chronological Lifespan
LCB1Long-Chain Base
LAG1Longevity Assurance Gene
LAC1Longevity-Assurance gene Cognate (LAG1 Cognate)
LEA1Looks Exceptionally like U2A
LOH1Loss Of Heterozygosity
LDB16Low Dye Binding
LOT5LOw Temperature-responsive
LHS1Lumenal Hsp Seventy
LNP1LuNaPark family member
LYS1LYSine requiring
LYP1LYsine-specific Permease
LOA1Lysophosphatidic acid: Oleoyl-CoA Acyltransferase
KRS1Lysyl (K) tRNA Synthetase
MPP10M Phase Phosphoproteins
MDR1Mac1-Dependent Regulator
MGS1Maintenance of Genome Stability
MAK10MAintenance of Killer
MDH1Malate DeHydrogenase
MLS1MaLate Synthase
MAE1MAlic Enzyme
MCT1Malonyl-CoA:ACP Transferase
MPH2Maltose Permease Homolog
MAL11MALtose fermentation
MTM1Manganese Trafficking factor for Mitochondrial SOD2
MNC1MaNganese Chelating protein
MAN2MANnitol dehydrogenase
MRL1Mannose 6-phosphate Receptor Like
MNL1MaNnosidase-Like protein
MHP1MAP-Homologous Protein
MFA1Mating Factor A
MATALPHA1MATing type protein ALPHA
MDY2Mating-Deficient Yeast
MSA1Mbf and Sbf Associated
MDS3Mck1 Dosage Suppressor
MCP1Mdm10 Complementing Protein
MRK1Mds1p Related Kinase
MRC1Mediator of the Replication Checkpoint
MED1MEDiator complex
MIL1Medium adaptin-Interacting Ligand
MCK1Meiosis and Centromere regulatory Kinase
MND1Meiotic Nuclear Divisions
MEK1MEiotic Kinase
OTU2member of the Ovarian TUmor family
MRH1Membrane protein Related to Hsp30p
MHO1Memo HOmolog
ISC10message Induced in Sporogenesis in S. Cerevisiae
MEX67Messenger RNA EXport factor of 67 kDa
MPO1Metabolism of PHS to Odd-numbered fatty acids
MAC1Metal binding ACtivator
MAP1Methionine AminoPeptidase
MET1METhionine requiring
MES1MEthionyl-tRNA Synthetase
MMS1Methyl MethaneSulfonate sensitivity
MTD1Methylene Tetrahydrafolate Dehydrogenase
MRI1MethylthioRibose-1-phosphate Isomerase
MDE1Methylthioribulose-1-phosphate DEhydratase
MVD1MeValonate pyrophosphate Decarboxylase
MIP6Mex67-Interacting Protein
MTL1Mid-Two Like
MIY2MINDY deubiquitinase in yeast
MCM1MiniChromosome Maintenance
MTW1Mis TWelve-like
MFB1Mitochondria-associated F-Box protein
FIS1mitochondrial FISsion
MAM33Mitochondrial Acidic Matrix protein
MTG1MiTochondrial GTPase
MIC10MItochondrial contact site and Cristae organizing system
MLO1Mitochondrially LOcalized protein
MNP1Mitochondrial-Nucleoid Protein
MKK1Mitogen-activated protein Kinase-Kinase
MEC1Mitosis Entry Checkpoint
MAD1Mitotic Arrest-Deficient
MIF2MItotic Fidelity of chromosome transmission
MBP1MluI-box Binding Protein
MUS81MMS and UV Sensitive
MOT1Modifier of Transcription
MOT2Modulator Of Transcription
ZIP1molecular ZIPper
MON1MONensin sensitivity
MGL2MonoacylGlycerol Lipase
MCH1MonoCarboxylate transporter Homolog
MAM1Monopolar microtubule Attachment during Meiosis I
MPS1MonoPolar Spindle
MCD4Morphogenesis Checkpoint Dependent
MFG1Morphogenetic regulator of Filamentous Growth
MHF1Mph1-associated Histone-Fold protein
MPP6M-Phase Phosphoprotein 6 homolog
MOB1Mps One Binder
DCP1mRNA DeCaPping
MTR10Mrna TRansport defective
MTR3MRNA TRansport
MFM1Mrs2 Function Modulating factor
MTH1MSN Three Homolog
MIT1Muc1 expressed Independent of TEC1
MSL5Mud Synthetic-Lethal
MSL1MUD Synthetic Lethal
MUM2MUddled Meiosis
MUB1MUlti Budding
MBA1Multi-copy Bypass of AFG3
MDG1Multicopy suppressor of Defective G-protein
MDL1MultiDrug resistance-Like
MRD1Multiple RNA-binding domain
MBF1Multiprotein Bridging Factor
MVB12MultiVesicular Body sorting factor of 12 kilodaltons
MPE1Mutant PCF11 Extragenic suppressor
MPH1Mutator PHenotype
MLH1MutL Homolog
MSH1MutS Homolog
MLC2Myo1p Light Chain
ITR1myo-Inositol TRansporter
MLC1Myosin Light Chain
MLP1Myosin-Like Protein
NRP1N (asparagine)-Rich Protein
NGK1N-acetylGlucosamine Kinase
NDE1NADH Dehydrogenase, External
NCP1NADP-Cytochrome P450 reductase
NHA1Na+/H+ Antiporter
NBP1Nap1 Binding Protein
NBA1Nap1p and Bud neck Associated
NNF1Necessary for Nuclear Function
NFI1Neck Filament Interacting
NCS2Needs Cla4 to Survive
NCB2Negative Cofactor B
NST1Negatively affects Salt Tolerance
NAG1Nested Antisense Gene
NAN1Net1 Associated Nuclear protein
NTE1Neuropathy Target Esterase
NTH1Neutral TreHalase
NFT1New Full-length MRP-type Transporter
NIF3Ngg1p-Interacting Factor
NMA1Nicotinamide Mononucleotide Adenylyltransferase
NPT1Nicotinate PhosphoribosylTransferase
NPC2Niemann Pick type C homolog
NCR1Niemann-pick type C Related
NFU1NifU-like protein
NOB1Nin1 (One) Binding protein
NTR2NineTeen complex Related protein
NIT1NITrilase superfamily
NNK1Nitrogen Network Kinase
NRS1Nitrogen-Responsive Start regulator
NMT1N-Myristoyl Transferase
NSL1Nnf1 Synthetic Lethal
NSE3Non SMC Element
NAS2Non-ATPase Subunit
NCE101NonClassical Export
NEL1Non-ERES Localized Sec23 homolog
NKP1Non-essential Kinetochore Protein
NHP10Non-Histone Protein
NEJ1Nonhomologous End-Joining defective
NQM1Non-Quiescent Mutant
NMD2Nonsense-mediated MRNA Decay
NMD3Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay
NSE1Non-SMC Element
NSA1Nop Seven Associated
NCW1Novel Cell Wall protein
NAT1N-terminal AcetylTransferase
NTA1N-Terminal Amidase
NBL1N-terminal-Borealin Like protein
NSI1NTS1 SIlencing protein
NTO1NuA Three Orf
NAB2Nuclear polyAdenylated RNA-Binding
NCL1NuCLear protein
NUF2NUclear Filament-containing protein
NAB6Nucleic Acid Binding protein
NET1Nucleolar silencing Establishing factor and Telophase regulator
NOC2NucleOlar Complex associated
NIC96Nucleoporin-Interacting Component of 96 kDa
NSP1NucleoSkeletal-like Protein
NAP1Nucleosome Assembly Protein
NBP35Nucleotide Binding Protein
NVJ1Nucleus-Vacuole Junction
NDL1NuDeL homolog
MGT1O-6-MethylGuanine-DNA methylTransferase
OLA1Obg-Like ATPase
OCT1OCTapeptidyl aminopeptidase
OYE2Old Yellow Enzyme
OAF3Oleate Activated transcription Factor
OAF1Oleate-Activated transcription Factor
OLE1OLEic acid requiring
OLI1OLIgomycin resistance
OPT1OligoPeptide Transporter
OTO1ORFan?Toxic when?Overexpressed
ORC1Origin Recognition Complex
OAZ1Ornithine decarboxylase AntiZyme
ORT1ORnithine Transporter
HOB2ortholog of Drosophila HOBbit
OSM1OSMotic sensitivity
OCH1Outer CHain elongation
OTU1Ovarian TUmor
OMA1Overlapping activity with M-AAA protease
OPI1OverProducer of Inositol
OPY1Overproduction-induced Pheromone-resistant Yeast
OMS1OXA1 Multicopy Suppressor
OAC1OxaloAcetate Carrier
OCA1Oxidant-induced Cell-cycle Arrest
OXR1OXidation Resistance
OSI1Oxidative Stress Induced
ORA1OxidoReductase of Alcohols
ODC1OxoDicarboxylate Carrier
OSH2OxySterol binding protein Homolog
PRK1p53 Regulatory Kinase
PBP1Pab1p-Binding Protein
PCH2Pachytene CHeckpoint
PAN5PANtothenate biosynthesis
ABZ1para-AminoBenZoic acid (PABA) biosynthesis
PMD1Paralog of MDS3
PNO1Partner of NOb1
PSK1Pas domain-containing Serine/threonine protein Kinase
PRY1Pathogen Related in Yeast
PXL1PaXillin-Like protein
PBY1P-BodY associated protein
PBP2Pbp1p Binding Protein
PEA2PEAnut shmoo mutant
PAL1Pears And Lemons
PEF1Penta-EF-Hand protein
PNT1PeNTamidine resistance
MXR1peptide Methionine sulfoXide Reductase
PNG1Peptide N-Glycanase
PTH4Peptidyl tRNA Hydrolase
PTH1Peptidyl-Trna Hydrolase
PWP1Periodic tryptophan (W) Protein
PAC1Perish in the Absence of Cin8p
POS5PerOxide Sensitive
PCD1Peroxisomal Coenzyme A Diphosphatase
PXA1PeroXisomal ABC-transporter
PIP2Peroxisome Induction Pathway
PEX14PEroXisome related
PIF1Petite Integration Frequency
PET100PETite colonies
POP2PGK promoter directed OverProduction
PNS1pH Nine Sensitive
PAD1Phenylacrylic Acid Decarboxylase
PHA2PHenylAlanine requiring
FRS1phenylalanyl (F)-tRNA Synthetase
PRR1Pheromone Response Regulator
PFU1Pheromone, F-box, Ubiquitination
PRM1Pheromone-Regulated Membrane protein
EFR3PHO Eighty Five Requiring
PCL1Pho85 CycLin
PLP1Phosducin-Like Protein
POA1Phosphatase Of ADP-ribose 1"-phosphate
PHM6PHosphate Metabolism
PHO11PHOsphate metabolism
PAH1Phosphatidic Acid phosphoHydrolase
PGC1Phosphatidyl Glycerol phospholipase C
PGS1PhosphatidylGlycerolphosphate Synthase
PSD1PhosphatidylSerine Decarboxylase
PRM15Phospho Ribo Mutase
PCM1PhosphoaCetylglucosamine Mutase
PCT1Phosphocholine CytidylylTransferase
PCK1Phosphoenolpyruvate CarboxyKinase
PLB1PhosphoLipase B
PMI40PhosphoMannose Isomerase
PPT2Phosphopantetheine:Protein Transferase
PPE1Phosphoprotein Phosphatase methylEsterase
PRS1PhosphoRibosylpyrophosphate Synthetase
PAR32Phosphorylated After Rapamycin
PIL1Phosphorylation Inhibited by Long chain bases
PHR1PHotoreactivation Repair deficient
PIC2PI Carrier
PKR1Pichia farinosa Killer toxin Resistance
PXR1PinX1-Related gene
PKH1Pkb-activating Kinase Homolog
KCS1pKC1 Suppressor
PMA1Plasma Membrane ATPase
PLM2PLasmid Maintenance
PSY1Platinum SensitivitY
PDR1Pleiotropic Drug Resistance
PSG1Pma1 Stabilization in the Golgi
PSH1Pob3/Spt16 Histone associated
POB3POl1 Binding
PCC1Polarized growth Chromatin-associated Controller
RNA14poly(A) mRNA metabolism
PAB1Poly(A) Binding protein
PAN1Poly(A)-binding protein-dependent poly(A) riboNuclease
PFS2Polyadenylation Factor Subunit
PAA1PolyAmine Acetyltransferase
PGD1PolyGlutamine Domain
PES4Polymerase Epsilon Suppressor
PBS2Polymyxin B Sensitivity
PYP1PolYol Phosphatase
PUB1PolyUridylate Binding
PER33Pore and ER protein, 33 kDa
POM152POre Membrane
PMS1PostMeiotic Segregation
KCH1Potassium (K) regulator of CcH1
PBR1Potentiates Bioactive compound Response
PAM1Pp2A Multicopy suppressor
PDS1Precocious Dissociation of Sisters
PML1Pre-mRNA Leakage
PRP19Pre-RNA Processing
PAM16Presequence translocase-Associated Motor
PTA1Pre-Trna Accumulation
PCP1Processing of Cytochrome c Peroxidase
PFY1ProFilin of Yeast
PUT1Proline UTilization
PRO1PROline requiring
POF1Promoter Of Filamentation
PWR1Promoting Watson RNA
PFS1Prospore Formation at Spindles
PBN1Protease B Non-derepressible
PBA1Proteasome Biogenesis-Associated
POC4PrOteasome Chaperone
PCI8Proteasome-COP9 signalosome (CSN)-eIF3
KIN28protein KINase
PAT1Protein Associated with Topoisomerase II
PRT1PRoTein synthesis
PAI3Proteinase A Inhibitor
PRB1PRoteinase B
PIM1Proteolysis In Mitochondria
PUG1Protoporphyrin Uptake Gene
NTC20Prp19p (NineTeen)-associated Complex
PDH1prpD Homolog
PHD1PseudoHyphal Determinant
PUS1PseudoUridine Synthase
PIN2Psi+ INducibility
PSO2PSOralen derivative sensitive
PBI1PSTB2 Interacting protein
PTI1PTa1p Interacting protein
PHS1PTPLA Homolog involved in Sphingolipid biosynthesis
PCA1P-type Cation-transporting ATPase
PUF2PUmilio-homology domain Family
PNP1purine nucleoside phosphorylase
MCY1putative Mitochondrial CYsteine synthase
PTK1Putative serine/Threonine protein Kinase
PUP1PUtative Proteasome subunit
PDP3PWWP Domain-containing Protein
PNC1Pyrazinamidase and NiCotinamidase
PDX3PyriDoXine auxotrophy
PPR1Pyrimidine Pathway Regulation
PDA1Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Alpha
PYC1PYruvate Carboxylase
QCR2QH2:cytochrome-C oxidoReductase
QRI5Quasi-Renownless Information
QDR1QuiniDine Resistance
RDH54RaD54 Homolog
RFS1Rad55 (Fifty-five) Suppressor
RCK1Radiation sensitivity Complementing Kinase
RAD1RADiation sensitive
RBH1Ran Binding domain Homolog
RLF2Rap1 protein Localization Factor
RIF1RAP1-Interacting Factor
RIF2Rap1p-Interacting Factor
RNA1rapid cessation of net RNA accumulation
RCE1Ras and a-factor Converting Enzyme
RAM1RAS protein and A-factor Maturation
RPI1Ras-cAMP Pathway Inhibitor
RAI1Rat1p Interacting Protein
RRM3rDNA Recombination Mutation
RMI1RecQ Mediated genome Instability
RET1Reduced Efficiency of Termination
RED1REDuctional division
ROX1Regulation by OXygen
REE1REgulation of Enolase
RAV1Regulator of (H+)-ATPase in Vacuolar membrane
RFX1Regulatory Factor X
REH1REI1 Homolog
RGD1Related GAP Domain
RUD3Relieves Uso1-1 transport Defect
RSC1Remodel the Structure of Chromatin
RAF1REP Antagonizing Factor or Recombinase Activating Factor
RFA1Replication Factor A
RFM1Repression Factor of Middle sporulation element
RDR1Repressor of Drug Resistance
RAP1Repressor/Activator site binding Protein
INN1required for INgressioN
RMD1Required for Meiotic nuclear Division
REI1REquired for Isotropic bud growth
RFT1Requiring Fifty-Three
RSN1Rescue of Sro7 at high Nacl
ROK1Rescuer Of Kem1
RBL2Rescues Beta-tubulin Lethality
RCR1Resistance to Congo Red
REG1REsistance to Glucose repression
RGR1Resistant to Glucose Repression
RSF1ReSpiration Factor
RCF1Respiratory superComplex Factor
RIE1Restoration of Impaired growths of ERMES-lacking cells
RGT1Restores Glucose Transport
RTC1Restriction of Telomere Capping
RER1Retention in the Endoplasmic Reticulum
RET2RETrieval from ER
RTG1ReTroGrade regulation
ROT1Reversal Of Tor2 lethality
RSP5Reverses Spt- Phenotype
RAX1Revert to Axial
ROG1Revertant Of Glycogen synthase kinase mutation
RHB1RHeB homolog
RDI1Rho GDP Dissociation Inhibitor
RGL1Rho1 GEF Localizing
ROM1RhO1 Multicopy suppressor
RDL1RhoDanese-Like protein
RGD2RhoGAP domain
RIB1RIBoflavin biosynthesis
RPP1Ribonuclease P Protein
RNY1RiboNuclease from Yeast
RAT1Ribonucleic Acid Trafficking
RNR1RiboNucleotide Reductase
RKI1Ribose-5-phosphate Ketol-Isomerase
RKM1Ribosomal lysine (K) Methyltransferase
RLP24Ribosomal-Like Protein
RDT1Ribosomally Detected Transcript
REA1Ribosome Export/Assembly
RSA1RiboSome Assembly
RBG1RiBosome interacting Gtpase
RIA1RIbosome Assembly
RQT4Ribosome-Quality control Trigger factor
RIT1Ribosylation of Initiator tRNA
RPE1Ribulose 5-Phosphate Epimerase
RNQ1Rich in asparagine (N) and glutamine (Q)
RIP1Rieske Iron-sulfur Protein
RIO1RIght Open reading frame
RKR1RING domain mutant Killed by Rtf1 deletion
RCL1Rna 3'-terminal phosphate Cyclase Like
PAF1RNA Polymerase II Associated Factor
RBS1RNA-Binding Suppressor of PAS kinase
DEF1RNAPII DEgradation Factor
RLI1RNase L Inhibitor
RTS1Rox Three Suppressor
RUP1Rsp5-Ubp2 interacting Protein
DIB1S. pombe DIm1+ in Budding yeast
SSP120Saccharomyces Secretory Protein
SAH1S-Adenosyl-l-Homocysteine hydrolase
SAM1S-AdenosylMethionine requiring
SGF11SaGa associated Factor 11kDa
SIP18Salt Induced Protein
SNT1SaNT domains
SIZ1SAP and mIZ-finger domain
SMN1Scavenger MonoNucleotidase
SAF1SCF Associated Factor
SLO1Scoco-Like Orf
SHH3SDH3 Homolog
SHH4SDH4 Homolog
SFH5Sec Fourteen Homolog
SEH1SEc13 Homolog
TIP20SEC20 (Twenty) Interacting Protein
SBH1Sec61 beta homolog
SMP1Second MEF2-like Protein
SAR1Secretion-Associated, Ras-related
SFB2Sed Five Binding
SVP26Sed5 Vesicle Protein
SHB17SedoHeptulose 1,7-Bisphosphatase
SFA1Sensitive to FormAldehyde
SHE1Sensitivity to High Expression
SRG1SER3 Regulatory Gene
SHM1Serine HydroxyMethyltransferase
SER1SERine requiring
PAU1seriPAUperin family
SES1SEryl-tRNA Synthetase
SET1SET domain-containing
SDC1Set1c, homolog of Dpy30 from C.elegans
SHS1Seventh Homolog of Septin
SDA1Severe Depolymerization of Actin
SAG1Sexual AGglutination
IMH1shares with Integrins and Myosins significant Homology
SGO1ShuGOshin (Japanese for "guardian spirit")
SWS2Sick Without Securin
SIT1Siderophore Iron Transport
SPC1Signal Peptidase Complex
SIR1Silent Information Regulator
SUN4Sim1 Uth1 Nca3
SBE22similar to SBE2
STV1Similar To VPH1
STB1Sin Three Binding protein
SAP1Sin1 Associated Protein
SAP30Sin3-Associated Polypeptide
SAW1Single-strand Annealing Weakened
SAN1Sir Antagonist
SIF2Sir4p-Interacting Factor
SCC2Sister Chromatid Cohesion
SAP155Sit4 Associated Protein
SIS1SIt4 Suppressor
SKA1SKi Associated factor
SLH1SKI2-Like Helicase
SUS1Sl gene Upstream of ySa1
SGM1Slow growth on Galactose and Mannose
SGN1Slower Growth on Non-fermentable carbon sources
SME1Sm protein E
SCR1Small Cytoplasmic RNA
SMB1SmB/B' homolog
MMP1S-MethylMethionine Permease
MHT1S-Methylmethionine-Homocysteine methylTransferase
SYH1SmY2 Homolog
SFH1Snf Five Homolog
STH1SNF Two Homolog
SAK1Snf1 Activating Kinase
SIP1SNF1-Interacting Protein
SMD1snRNA Sm binding site protein D1
SAD1SnRNP Assembly Defective
SNO1SNZ proximal Open reading frame
SCW10Soluble Cell Wall protein
SAS10Something About Silencing
SAM35Sorting and Assembly Machinery
SOM1SOrting Mitochondrial
SPH1SPa2 Homolog
STP1Species-specific tRNA Processing
SPE1SPErmidine auxotroph
SLC1SphingoLipid Compensation
SLI1Sphingosine-Like Immunosuppressant resistant gene
SPA2Spindle Pole Antigen
SRC1Spliced mRNA and Cell cycle regulated gene
SEN1Splicing ENdonuclease
SFP1Split Finger Protein
SRF1Spo14 Regulatory Factor
SMA1Spore Membrane Assembly
SAE2Sporulation in the Absence of spo Eleven
SPR1SPorulation Regulated
SGA1Sporulation-specific GlycoAmylase
SFM1Spout Family Methyltransferase
SQS1SQuelch of Splicing suppression
SND1Srp-iNDependent targeting
SND2SRP-iNDependent targeting
SKY1SRPK1-like Kinase in Yeast
SEG1Stability of Eisosomes Guaranteed
STF1STabilizing Factor
SMP3Stable Maintenance of pSRI
SMU2Stalled Monosome Ubiquitination
SIM1Start Independent of Mitosis
SPG1Stationary Phase Gene
STT3STaurosporine and Temperature sensitive
SKM1STE20/PAK homologous Kinase related to Morphogenesis
STP22STerile Pseudoreversion
SUT1Sterol UpTake
SAY1Steryl Acetyl hYdrolase
SSE1Stress Seventy subfamily E
STI1STress Inducible
SDP1Stress-inducible Dual specificity Phosphatase
SSA1Stress-Seventy subfamily A
SMC2Structural Maintenance of Chromosomes
SVL3Styryl dye Vacuolar Localization
SIC1Substrate/Subunit Inhibitor of Cyclin-dependent protein kinase
SDH1Succinate DeHydrogenase
SFC1Succinate-Fumarate Carrier
SNF1Sucrose NonFermenting
STL1Sugar Transporter-Like protein
SLF1SuLFide production
SOA1SulfOnAte transport
SSY1Sulfonylurea Sensitive on YPD
STR2Sulfur TRansfer
SLP1SUN-Like Protein
SHR3Super high Histidine Resistant
SFG1SuperFicial pseudohyphal Growth
SOD1SuperOxide Dismutase
SUM1SUppresor of Mar1-1
SPN1Suppresses Postrecruitment functions gene Number 1
SED1Suppression of Exponential Defect
SUF16SUppression of Frameshift mutation
THO1suppressor of the Transcriptional defect of Hpr1 by Overexpression
SAC1Suppressor of ACtin
SPT10SuPpressor of Ty
SUB1SUppressor of TFIIB mutations
SSO1Supressor of Sec One
SHY1SURF Homolog of Yeast
SVF1SurVival Factor
SHE2Swi5p-dependent HO Expression
SWP82SWi/snf-associated Protein
SIN3Switch INdependent
SWI1SWItching deficient
SWC3SWr Complex
SYO1SYnchronized impOrt or SYmpOrtin
SLU7Synergistic Lethal with U5 snRNA
SOV1Synthesis Of Var
SEY1Synthetic Enhancement of YOP1
SHO1Synthetic, High Osmolarity-sensitive
SYF1SYnthetic lethal with cdcForty
SLD2Synthetically Lethal with Dpb11-1
TCP1Tailless Complex Polypeptide
TPK1Takashi's Protein Kinase
TIP41Tap42 Interacting Protein
TOR1Target Of Rapamycin
TBRTTAT1 and BAP2 Regulatory Transcript
TAF1TATA binding protein-Associated Factor
TLC1TeLomerase Component
TEL1TELomere maintenance
TEN1TElomeric pathways with STn1
TIP1Temperature shock-Inducible Protein
TSC10Temperature-sensitive Suppressors of Csg2 mutants
TEP1TEnsin-like Phosphatase
TAG1Termination of AutophaGy
TEM1TErmination of M phase
FCP1tfiiF-associating component of Ctd Phosphatase
THI72THI7 homolog 2
TBS1ThiaBendazole Sensitive
TPC1Thiamine Pyrophosphate Carrier
THI11THIamine metabolism
TSA1Thiol-Specific Antioxidant
TRR1ThioRedoxin Reductase
TUM1ThioUridine Modification
THP2THO2 - HPR1 Phenotype
THP1Tho2/Hpr1 Phenotype
THP3THO-related Protein
TCB1Three Calcium and lipid Binding domains (TriCalBins)
THR1THReonine requiring
THS1THreonyl tRNA Synthetase
TYC1Tiny Yeast Comet
TVP15Tlg2-Vesicle Protein
TMH11TMem14 Homolog of 11 kDa
TMH18TMem205 Homolog of 18 kDa
TAH18Top1T722A mutant Hypersensitive
TAH11Topo-A Hypersensitive
TDA1Topoisomerase I Damage Affected
TOF1TOpoisomerase I-interacting Factor
TCO89Tor Complex One
TUS1TOR Unique function Suppressor
TOH1TOS One Homolog
TAH1Tpr-containing protein Associated with Hsp90
TED1Trafficking of Emp24p/Erv25p-dependent cargo Disrupted
TMT1Trans-aconitate MethylTransferase
TAR1Transcript Antisense to Ribosomal RNA
TFA1Transcription Factor A
ADA2transcriptional ADAptor
TAO3Transcriptional Activator of OCH1
TRM10Transfer RNA Methyltransferase
TRE1Transferrin REceptor like
TRE2Transferrrin REceptor like
TAE1Translation Associated Element
TIM10Translocase of the Inner Membrane
TAM41Translocator Assembly and Maintenance
TUL1Transmembrane Ubiquitin Ligase
TMN2TransMembrane Nine
TPN1Transport of PyridoxiNe
TRK1TRansport of potassium (K)
TNA1Transporter of Nicotinic Acid
TEC1Transposon Enhancement Control
TRS120TRapp Subunit
TCA17TRAPP Complex Associated protein
TPS3Trehalose Phosphate Synthase
TPS1Trehalose-6-Phosphate Synthase
TEX1TrEX component
TGL2TriacylGlycerol Lipase
TCM62TriCarboxylic acid cycle Mutant
TGL1TriGlyceride Lipase
TGS1TrimethylGuanosine Synthase
TDH1Triose-phosphate DeHydrogenase
TPI1Triose-Phosphate Isomerase
TMC1Trivalent Metalloid sensitive, Cuz1-related protein
CCA1tRNA CCA-pyrophosphorylase
TAN1Trna AcetylatioN
TRM11TRna Methyltransferase
THG1tRNAHis Guanylyltransferase
TRZ1tRNase Z
TAD1tRNA-specific Adenosine Deaminase
TYW1Trna-YW synthesizing protein
TAT2Tryptophan Amino acid Transporter
TLG1T-snare affecting a Late Golgi compartment
TBF1TTAGGG repeat-Binding Factor
TSR1Twenty S rRNA accumulation
TOD6Twin Of Dot6p
TAP42Two A phosphatase Associated Protein
TEA1Ty Enhancer Activator
TYE7Ty1-mediated Expression
YPD1tYrosine Phosphatase Dependent
TAT1Tyrosine and tryptophan Amino acid Transporter
TDP1Tyrosyl-DNA Phosphodiesterase
TYS1TYrosyl-tRNA Synthetase
USB1U Six Biogenesis
USA1U1-Snp1 Associating
URN1U2-U5-U6 snRNP, RES complex, and NTC interacting protein
BCS1ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase (bc1) Synthesis
QCR10ubiQuinol-cytochrome C oxidoReductase
UBA1UBiquitin Activating
UCC1Ubiquitination of Citrate synthase in the glyoxylate Cycle
UBS1UBiquitin-conjugating enzyme Suppressor
ULA1Ubiquitin-Like protein Activation
UBA3UBiquitin-like protein-Activating enzyme
UMP1Ubiquitin-Mediated Proteolysis
UBP1UBiquitin-specific Protease
ULP1UbL-specific Protease
UGP1UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase
UGO1UGO (Japanese for fusion)
UIP3Ulp1 Interacting Protein
USE1Unconventional SNARE in the ER
URB1Unhealthy Ribosome Biogenesis
UGX2Unidentified Gene X
UFE1Unknown Function Essential
UME1Unscheduled Meiotic gene Expression
USV1Up in StarVation
UPF3UP Frameshift
ULI1Upr-L-Inducible gene
UAF30Upstream Activation Factor subunit
UPC2UPtake Control
UNG1Uracil DNA N-Glycosylase
URC2URacil Catabolism
URA1URAcil requiring
UPA1Urb2 particle associated methyl-transferase
URE2UREidosuccinate transport
URH1URidine Hydrolase
UGA1Utilization of GAba
VOA1V0 Assembly protein
VAB2VAc8p Binding
VBA1Vacuolar Basic Amino acid transporter
VCX1VaCuolar H+/Ca2+ eXchanger
VAM10VAcuolar Morphogenesis
VAC7VACuolar segregation
VLD1Vacuole Localized Dsc protein
VAC14VACuole morphology and inheritance mutant
VAS1VAlyl-tRNA Synthetase
VAN1VANadate resistance protein
VRG4Vandate Resistance Glycosylation
VMS1VCP/Cdc48-associated Mitochondrial Stress-responsive
VIK1Vegetative Interaction with Kar3p
VEL1VELum formation
VHR1VHt1 Regulator
VHS1Viable in a Hal3 Sit4 background
VHT1Vitamin H Transporter
VFA1Vps Four-Associated
VTI1Vps10 (Ten) Interacting
VTA1VpsTwenty Associated
VTS1VTi1-2 Suppressor
WRS1W (tryptophan) RS (tRNA synthetase)
WTM1WD repeat containing Transcriptional Modulator
WAR1Weak Acid Resistance
WBP1Wheat germ agglutinin-Binding Protein
WIP1W-lIke Protein
WWM1WW domain containing protein interacting with Metacaspase
XPT1Xanthine Phosphoribosyl Transferase
BRX1Xenopus laevis Brix (Biogenesis of Ribosomes in Xenopus) homolog
XBP1XhoI site-Binding Protein
XRS2X-Ray Sensitive
YBP1Yap1-Binding Protein
YAF9Yeast homolog of the human leukemogenic protein AF9
YAK1Yet Another Kinase
YOS1Yip One Suppressor
YOP1YIP One Partner
YIF1YIP1-Interacting Factor
YIP1Ypt-Interacting Protein
USO1yUSOu - transport in Japanese
ZEO1ZEOcin resistance
ZDS1Zillion Different Screens
ZPR1Zinc finger PRotein
ZPS1Zinc- and pH-regulated Surface protein
ZNF1ZiNc Finger protein
ZIM17ZInc finger Motif protein of 17 kDa
ZRT1Zinc-Regulated Transporter
ZAP1Zinc-responsive Activator Protein
ZIP2ZIPping up meiotic chromosomes
ZNG1Zn-regulated GTPase metalloprotein activator
ZOD1Zone Of Disparity