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How I learned to hate ORM (especially for data import scripts)


When I was tasked with making a new application for our websites, I was given several CSV files with some expectation that these files could basically be just loaded into a database and jumped into production really quickly. If you are using R and Shiny to make a data visualization dashboard, especially if it is read only, this can actually be a reality for you: load those CSVs and just pretend you're a full featured database. I had to actually create some read write functionality though. This was sort of experimental for me and I'm not that well versed in databases, but I wanted to share my experience

When I started, I chose grails/groovy/hibernate/GORM as a platform to use. This quickly turned into pain when I tried to make a data importer using grails also.

Each CSV row from the source file would have to be turned into many different rows in the database because it represented multiple relationships, example:

Initially I made my data importer in grails, and was hardcoding column names knowing full well this was really inflexible. At the same time I was also trying to "iterate" on my database schema, and I'd want to re-import my data to test it out, but it was really really slow. I tried many different approaches to try to speed this up such as cleanUpGorm, StatelessSessions, and other tricks, but it would take 10-20 minutes for imports on a 100KB input file.

What I basically realised is that for bulk data import

  1. Using the ORM is really painful for bulk import.

  2. If you can pre-process your data so that it is already in the format the database expects, then you can use the CSV COPY command which is very fast

  3. If you can then abandon the ORM mentality and even ignore it as a convenience factor, then you can embrace my database system itself

Overall, after all this work, it just seemed like ORM treats the database as a danger and something to be heavily abstracted over, but I actually found joy in learning how to treat my database as a first class citizen. Soon I started gaining appreciation of

I am pretty happy this way, and although I miss some things like criteria queries which are very powerful, I am happy that I can interact with my database as a friend

At the very least, due to the fact that I now pre-process the data before database loading, I can now import large amounts of data super fast with the CSV COPY command