Misc scribbles

Here are some various projects that I've worked on


See also my google scholar for publications

Awesome lists

I like to keep track of various awesome or odd or interesting things in these repos. Please add your favorites with PRs :)


  • github burndown a shiny app to plot "burndown" style statistics on github issues (2021)
  • githubgraphjs visualize your Github Actions build times (2020)
  • travigraphjs visualize your travis-CI build times (2019)
  • tumblrgraph visualize tumblr reblogs with cytoscapejs (2017)
  • resort visualize sorting algorithms (2017)
  • ontograph visualize ontology (OBO) files (2016)


  • dotfiles - also has various other details on my setup



  • gratiotquest multi-player websocket RPG where you are a pheasant running around a MS Paint world (2018)
  • slap happy retrofitted a arcade cabinet with a raspberry pi (2018)

Coursera classes


MAFViewer plugin for JBrowse 1 viewing multiple genome alignment of C. elegans

GWASViewer for JBrowse 1

Tumblrgraph showing the reblog graph

Ontograph showing gene ontology terms

Github burndown chart showing the closing of issues over time

A high-resolution export of the logistic map fractal from my logistic_chaos_map renderer (full res)