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Misconceptions your team might have during The Big Rewrite


Disclaimer: I enjoy the project I am working on and this is still a work in progress. I just had to rant about the stuff I go through in my job here, but it does not reflect the opinions of my emplorer, and my personal opinion is despite these troubles we are coming along nicely

I joined a team that was doing the big rewrite in 2018. I was involved in the project before then and knew it's ins and outs, and frankly think it's still a great system. In order to break it's "limitations" a grand v2 gets started. I think my team has been good. My tech lead is really good at architecture. Where I really resist kind of "writing new architecture that is not already there", he can pull up entirely new concepts and abstractions that are all pretty good. Myself, I don't much enjoy writing "new architecture" if there is something already there that I can use, and I'll try to refer to the existence of an existing thing instead of creating new exotic stuff.

Now, what happened during the big rewrite so far. 4 people on the team, 2 years in

Persistent confusion about sources of slowness in our app

confusion about what our old users needs are

but what does all this imply?

there are persistent confusion about what the challenges we face are, what the architectural needs are, what our user stores are, what our new v2 design goals are, and more. It's really crazy