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Decrease your idle CPU usage when developing typescript apps with this one weird environment variable



add this to your bashrc

export TSC_WATCHFILE=UseFsEventsWithFallbackDynamicPolling

By default, the typescript watcher configuration e.g. tsc --watch or whatever is run internally to a create-react-app typescript app (I see it in the process manager as fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin cpu usage) can have high idling (doing nothing...) CPU usage

This is because the default configuration polls for file changes (constantly asks the computer if there are changes every 250ms or so). There is an alternative configuration for this to change it to a file watcher so it receives file system notifications on file change. There is discussion here on this.

The main summary is that a env variable set to TSC_WATCHFILE=UseFsEventsWithFallbackDynamicPolling allows this


The issue thread shows that it can go from roughly ~7% idle CPU usage to 0.2%. This corresponds with what I see too after applying this! Detailed docs for typescript discuss some of the reasoning being not making this the default


It claims that some OS specific behaviors of file watching could be harmful to making it the default. For example, that (maybe?) on linux, it may use a large number of file watchers which can exceed notify handles (this is a setting I commonly have to increase in linux, guide here https://dev.to/rubiin/ubuntu-increase-inotify-watcher-file-watch-limit-kf4)

PS: if you have a package.json of a create-react-app --template typescript or something like this then you can edit the package.json to apply this automatically

-"start": "react-scripts start"
+"start": "cross-env TSC_WATCHFILE=UseFsEventsWithFallbackDynamicPolling react-scripts start"

Phew. I can already feel my laptop running cooler...or at least I can sleep more soundly knowing that my readers adopt this and save some CPU cycles for planet earth...and hopefully don't run into any of the caveats

Edit: It may be worth it to note, the 'UseFsEvents' part of this uses the node.js fs.watch API and the polling based API is based on fs.watchFile

Fun table of how the watchers are implemented on different OSs [1]

On Linux systems, this uses inotify(7).
On BSD systems, this uses kqueue(2).
On macOS, this uses kqueue(2) for files and FSEvents for directories.
On SunOS systems (including Solaris and SmartOS), this uses event ports.
On Windows systems, this feature depends on ReadDirectoryChangesW.
On Aix systems, this feature depends on AHAFS, which must be enabled.

And in general, these should all respond more or less the same, but there are small corner cases that are discussed https://nodejs.org/docs/latest/api/fs.html#fs_availability

Disclaimer: it may be worth reading the reasons that typescript does not have this enabled by default before pushing this into your dev environment and all your teammates, but as far as I could tell, it seems ok!