Misc scribbles

Cognitive reframing


A big part of my recent career has not been technical but emotional learning

This has been very hard, but the benefits are worth it

A lot of it is mental reframing


  • Make a mental note of things you are grateful for, can do this before a meeting to make sure you go in with a positive attitude
  • Deep breathing, especially if you feel anxious
  • Try not to drop bombs of negativity during a meeting, and at least consider your tone when saying things
  • Don't try to complain about things that are broken too much. It is mean and cruel and demoralizes everyone

#In your off time

  • Try not to dwell on the things that are broken. You are smart. You will fix them in time. It doesn't help to put your anxiety levels so high

#Remote work anxieties/feeling appreciated

  • If someone isn't getting back to your issues, don't take it personally. Try reviewing their code, or check in with them
  • If you don't feel appreciated, also try not to take it personally. Instead, try to exude positivity in your own life
  • Try not to be a hero programmer https://incident.io/blog/no-capes

This cognitive reframing is extremely important and you can apply it to many areas of your life. You tell your own personal story, and what goes on in your head makes it to the real world through your behavior.