Misc scribbles

Photos of life


I started this post to try to talk about things that make me happy. It's not really a happiness though that I wanted to talk about, it's just about living life...sometimes it's a struggle and that can be rewarding also. So here are some photos of everyday things

sunset from backyard. my house is adjacent to an "abandoned" golf course so it's just a big open space

a dog named remy i saw at the dog park visiting parents. remy has a funny habit of herding other dogs around

the sky from my parents backyard

my parents dogs zoe (right) and tux (left). my parents walk them everyday and it's great to join them

the place I live is a house that we rent. unfortunately and the owners are letting the place fall apart due to leaks in the roof

a salad I made with jicama, carrot, greens, and orange on july 4th

some hazy sun before a rainstorm in NM

some sun after the rain

cooking purple potatoes

after cooking the purple potatoes

hummingbird hanging out in the backyard

a fresno pepper from my weird backyard garden (all plants potted with these felt bags, works fairly ok)

beezle hanging out in his favorite spot, on top of a box spring in the hallway

the belt I made for myself from a piece of leather that i found in a shop when I visited toronto pre-pandemic (more pics from making it https://imgur.com/a/Ff5Mn3l)

fruit and yogurts

making a drip irrigation system for my weird garden. the sunrise timer was particularly funny. I put the battery pack in backwards and it didn't work, and took it apart to fully understand the mechanism (had to see how the battery contacts touched the inside of the system to see it)

pork belly

bibimbap with pork belly

some little tomatoes. these were eaten by caterpillars shortly after taking these. battling these little critters has been a learning experience

chicken thighs

jamaican jerk style sauce

using a meat thermometer+grill...been a real level-up

cooked, perhaps overly so, but quite juicy still due to brining

my funny backyard setup, the bowl makes little sounds when it rains (sound recording https://cmdcolinphotos.s3.amazonaws.com/out.mp3)


cooked down some strawberries that my neighbor gave me, she's awesome

beezle in his tree

my brother came to visit me, synthesizering around the breakfast table

beezle playing the synth

making some kimchi and saurkraut. these got quite bubbly and active, quite fun to make. should get some airlock jars

my brother and I visiting the dry river bed of the rio grande in south albuquerque

more dry rio grande. note that many the irrigation ditches around the rio are flowing full...

the rio grande north of albuquerque is still flowing

very tiny purple flowers