Misc scribbles

Photos of vacation


From Aug 1st->Aug 18 I did a road trip from the South Carolina to New Mexico. I flew out and met my partner who had driven there earlier to help her mom out at the house.

It was a great trip

Route stops

amazing results from the sea turtle rescue at the charleston, SC aquarium

my partner Leah at edisto beach state park

more edisto, the beach has many dead and standing dead trees on the beach

more edisto

more edisto

wetlands near bowen's island SC

a worn down house with a mural, and fallen traffic signal in SC

photo of a butterfly from wedding site near charlotte, NC

our weird airbnb cabin in near charlotte, SC which was a civil war era cabin from virginia moved in it's entirety to NC

new orleans skyline from a weird industrial art park

care bear in new orleans

reality continues to ruin my life

wild "surf n turf po boy" (right) and a more conventional muffalata sandwich (left) in new orleans, had while hiding from a rain storm

city park, new orleans

large oak, new orleans city park

apple snail eggs in new orleans city park, an invasive species https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/entertainment_life/home_garden/article_775fb018-5268-11ea-8f75-f7e8fb8525fe.html

placard describing "pit beef", a baltimore sandwich from the southern museum of cooking

engraving describing some native american beach early "bbq" method (gator and dog possibly visible) from the southern museum of cooking

history of bbq from the southern museum of cooking

hot brown sandwich, placard from the southern museum of cooking

our airbnb in new orleans, in a very cool mansion in the garden district

more airbnb

more airbnb

more airbnb

our airbnb hosts in junction, TX gave us tickets to the rodeo there, a one night only event. lot's of cowboy hats

goats near socorro caverns

peacocks (including an albino?) near socorro caverns

mule ears, big bend nat'l park

dung beetle, big bend nat'l park

canyon at big bend nat'l park

fire in valentine, tx. note, my feet are very muddy from trying to wade in the rio grande

cooking on the fire in valentine, TX

metal grave placard, el paso, TX

duck pond, truth or consequences, NM

back in ABQ, fermenting some hot peppers we got on trip

me in city park, new orleans

me at the mule ears, big bend nat'l park

cows at big bend nat'l park

(wild?) horses at big bend nat'l park

me in the canyon at big bend nat'l park

beezle celebrating my birthday (8/17) on return to ABQ